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 Pretty Pictures

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Angel McDaniels


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PostSubject: Pretty Pictures   Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:12 am

Joss smiled at the boy sitting with him, Leon was quiet, it was odd, and for once the boy was not taking pictures with his camera. Joss wondered what may be up with the boy but he didnt ask, he knew the boy was different, Autistic, and a little slow. His father Trever, didnt want him around the slower boy but Joss liked him, so he was around him anyways.
"What'cha lookin at?" Joss raised a brow, following the boys gaze. Leon was focused over to the other side of the room, his eyes on the one and only Cove Braxton, Joss's first cousin. Joss watched with a perturbed glare while Leon slowly rose his camera up to his face, obviously his intent being to take a picture of the rowdy Braxton boy. Joss just shook his head at his friend.
"You dont LIKE him do you?"
"H-Huh?" The smaller boy made a noise, not moving from his position with the camera, the boy only stopped when a slender figure got in the way of his camera.
"And what are you doing R'tard?" Jasey propped a hand on his hip, looking the two boys over with a gaze that implied that he was better than them.
"I-I was t-takin p'tures." Leon murmured, blinking at the other child. "P'ease Move." He tried to lean around the other boy to take more pictures, only to be interrupted again, this time by a figure that was not quite as skinny, but around the same height.
"Hey Leonardo!" Junious smiled at him, giving a small wave of his hand. Junious truly was beautiful to Leon, he loved taking pictures of that boy also. But even though being extremely attractive, Junious was more of a nerd than anything, he was awkward around people and he didnt like confrontation, mainly because his personality disorder got him into more than he normally could handle.
"Hey J'ne." Leon nodded, once more moving to get around him to take more pictures of Cove, but to the boys extreme dismay, Cove was now with another person, a boy who seemed like he wanted to do more with Cove than take pictures. Leon gave a small frown, lowering his camera.
"Awh..." He sighed, Leon's voice was different, it was not as timid as it seemingly should be, he usually sounded to be mumbling or really tired all the time, and his words came out oddly at times. He did take pictures, but not to be a stalker. he just liked taking pictures of pretty things.
"Stalker." Jasey rolled his eyes, moving once more in front of the boy. "How about you take pictures of me, im pretty!" He winked happily, only to swat at the boy once he notice the way Leon was crinkling his nose up to him.
"No wonder your a r'tarded brat, you dont know what real beauty is." Though irritated, Jasey just pouted on the seat beside Joss.
Leon sat back down, continuing to watch Cove until the boy finally got tired of it, storming over and glowering in Leon's face.
"Ya got ah starin problam do yah?"
Leon just gave a sweet smile.
"Y'ur pretty..."
Cove snorted, starting to retort when Junious spoke up.
"He was only taking pictures. Like a stalker." The boy added a second later.
Joss rolled his eyes at the boy, how stupid.
"Go away Cove. Or you could stay here." He added again to the end of his sentence.
Joss just shook his head, standing and moving in front of Cove.
"Get off it dude, leave the kid alone." Cove was the type to argue, but Joss being Trevers child gave him some edge, plus Jasey was there and Jasey is just very cute.
Either way, Joss knew it would be a long day.

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Pretty Pictures
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