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 Something In His Eyes.

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Cyrus Nielsen


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PostSubject: Something In His Eyes.   Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:12 pm

"That kid is staring again." Ryker VanDeKamp snickered as he nudged his friend Cove Braxton.
They were close friends but they were constantly fucking with one another.
"Yar jus fuckin' with me..." Cove grumbled.
"Am not! Dude, look."
Cove waited a moment longer before he did peek over to see Leon looking at him, like Ryker had said.
"Damnit." Cove muttered. The boy was freaking him the hell out with the constant staring.
"It's what you get for being so darn pretty." Ryker smirked.
"Yar one ta talk, VanDeKamp." Cove retorted, knowing how much his friend despised his last name.
"Shut up." Ryker grumbled. "It's Cruz."
"Not what it says on yar birth certificate." Cove shrugged.
"Fuck you. Ima go tell him you want to go on a date with him."
"Hell no. Don't ya dare."
"I will." Ryker grinned.
"Knock et off." Cove whined, punching Ryker lightly in the arm. Well lightly for him wasn't that light at all.
Ryker hissed, thumping his friend in the back of the head.
"Fine. Oh shit, he's getting the camera." Ryker couldn't help but laugh. He found it funny as hell how much the slow boy weirded Cove out.
"Nawt the camera." Cove groaned, putting his head in his hands. "He's pessing meh off..." He grumbled lightly. Leon had done nothing really but it didn't take much to piss Cove off.
"So go tell him that."
"Maybe ah will." Cove stood up, making his way over to take a seat beside Leon.
"Um, h-hi..." Leon stammered slowly, glancing at the boy.
"What's weth the camera?" Cove pointed at the camera, not bothering to greet the boy.
"I... just like to take pictures..."
"Of me?"
"Pretty things..."
"Ah'm not pretty."
"Yes you are..."
"Ya need ta knock it tha hell off." Cove said firmly. It creeped him out.
"M'sorry..." The boy murmured, his face a deep red.
"Good." Cove stood and walked back over to Ryker, changing the subject.
"He's still staring." Ryker pointed out after a few minutes.
Cove groaned but said nothing more.
Later on in the day, the boys had gotten bored and were playing a game of truth or dare by themselves.
"Truth." Ryker chose, lying back on the floor.
"Who was yer first fuck and how old were ya?"
Ryker nearly panicked. He searched his mind for a name, any name.
"Uh, I dunno her name. I was... 12."
"Well what'd she look like?"
"Um, blonde hair... brown eyes... i don't know."
"Ya do anything else with her?"
"Not much."
"Why not? Lame."
"I was only 13, Cove. Cut me some slack."
"Ah thought ya were 12?" Cove arched an eyebrow.
"U-uh, yeah. 12. That's what I meant..."
Cove frowned. Something sounded off.
"What'd she look like again?"
"Blonde hair... blue eyes. Not anything special."
"A second ago ya said brown eyes."
"Uh..." Shit.
"Ha!" A sly grin spread across Cove's handsome features. "Yar a virgin!"
"Will you quiet down!?" Ryker exclaimed, looking around to make sure no one had heard.
"Ryker's a virgin!" Cove sang softly, laughing his ass off.
"Shut the fuck up." Ryker glared at his friend.
"Ah can't believe ya never fucked someone."
"Whatever. Your turn."
"Dare." Cove nodded, still grinning from ear to ear over the new information he'd learned about his friend.
"Go try to get in camera boy's pants."
"Really?" Cove chuckled, glancing over at Leon who was indeed, still staring at him, the camera by his side.
"Yeah. Go." Ryker nodded, shooing him off. "Maybe you can fuck the stalker out of him." He snickered.
Cove rolled his eyes, not crazy about this, but he couldn't turn down a dare.
So he walked over to Leon, a much nicer look on his face than he had last time.
"Hi..." Leon looked away, quickly putting his camera back in his pocket, not wanting the boy to be mad at him.
"Hey Leon. Ah'm real sorry about earlier. Why don't cha come back in tha guest room weth meh and ah'll let ya take all the pictures ya want." He smiled sweetly at the boy.
Leon smiled back at him, nodding eagerly, not even understanding what Cove was doing as the boy pulled him into the guest bedroom.
They sat on the bed together and Leon slowly took out his camera, snapping a picture of Cove grinning brightly.He took a few more of Cove making different faces before Cove gently took the camera.
"How about one like this?" Cove leaned in, pressing his lips to Leon's and snapping a picture before he pulled back.
Leon's eyes were wide.
He didn't really know what to say... He just sat there as Cove kissed him again and again, each kiss getting more steamy. Cove knew how to get someone to want him... or make them so uncomfortable they couldn't really say no. He laid Leon back on the bed, sliding his shirt off before Leon blinked at him, shaking his head.
"Uh, no..." He didn't really know what Cove was doing but he didn't know what to do...
Cove pulled back, looking in the boy's eyes. Something about him... made Cove not want to hate him so much...
But what the fuck did he know?
he stood up and without another word, exited the guest room, going back to sit with Ryker who was flirting with Jasey.
Cove listened to their conversation with little interest.
"Ya wanna play a game?" Ryker grinned.
"What game?" Jasey asked cautiously.
"It's called Are You Nervous?"
"How do you play?" Jasey folded his arms across his chest.
"I do something and then I'm gonna ask you if you're nervous. I win once you say yes."
"Alright." Jasey knew this would not end well but he adored getting attention from Ryker. He would have the boy wrapped around his finger soon.
Ryker leaned in close, his lips moving down Jasey's neck, nipping lightly at his collarbone. He moved up slowly, licking up Jasey's earlobe.
"Are you nervous?" He whispered hotly.
"No..." Jasey did shudder though.
Ryker continued, this time his hands wandered, rubbing over Jasey's nipples through his shirt, tweaking one of them lightly.
"Are you nervous?" He smirked.
"Nope..." Jasey was smiling lightly himself.
This time, Ryker gently bit down on Jasey's flesh on his shoulder, his hand coming to a stop on Jasey's crotch, palming the smaller boy.
"Are you nervous?"
"N-no..." Jasey flushed, cursing himself mentally. He tried to act calm and collected, like he had everything together like his mother, especially around Ryker. But Ryker just had this effect on him. he melted when Ryker was around.
Ryker knew this next one was going to be pushing it. It could definitely get him slapped but he figured he'd go for it. He firmly gripped Jasey's ass cheeks, one in each hand, hoisting the boy up and sitting him back down in Ryker's lap. Ryker then, thrusted his hips upward a bit, grinding his boner against Jasey's ass.
"Are you nervous?"
Jasey's eyes were wide but he shook his head no.
"Nuh uh..."
Ryker was surprised that hadn't gotten him hit but if that hadn't, this next one definitely would.
He reached around Jasey's back, sliding his hand up the boy's shirt and stroking his back lightly before his hand crept down, sliding into the boy's pants. He moved further and further down, until he was groping the boy's bare ass. He then stuck a finger out, pressing it against Jasey's hole, stroking the boy's entrance as he felt it twitch under his touch.
"Are you nervous?" He smirked.
"Yes!" Jasey squeaked. That had made him nervous as fuck no matter how much he loved Ryker touching him like that.
Ryker laughed and removed his hand, popping the boy in the ass gently.
"I win." He kissed Jasey's cheek. looking and finally noticing Cove was back.
"Oh, hey man. Did ya get some?"
"Nah, heh didn't want to."
"Since when did that stop you?" Ryker laughed.
Cove shrugged, saying nothing as he simply thought. Something about that boy...
He looked up as he saw Leon exit the guest room, looking a bit dazed. He shot the boy a light smile.
"Whoa, what's up with that?" Ryker raised an eyebrow as he noticed the smile.
"None of yar business." Cove growled at his friend.
"You're acting weird."
"Yar face es weird." Cove retorted.
"Your mom is weird." Yes, they were both immature idiots.
Cove was too busy watching Leon. This time, he was the one staring. The boy had suddenly become incredibly sexy to him... With how much he loved that damn camera, Cove really wanted to make a fucking porno with the boy. Damn. That thought turned him on to no end.
Cove wasn't quite sure what had changed. It was still the same kid. Maybe it was the fact that he didn't want to fuck Cove. But either way, it made Cove want him suddenly.
"Earth to douchebag." Ryker nudged him.
"Will ya leave meh alone?" Cove groaned, shoving his friend back and into Jasey's lap.
"Whatever, loser." Ryker did leave him alone as he wanted, going back to flirting with Jasey. They were constantly flirting like this. Cove didn't know why they didn't just fuck already damn.
But right now, he was far too preoccupied with the little autistic boy...

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Something In His Eyes.
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