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 All for Nothing.

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Lane McCormick


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PostSubject: All for Nothing.   Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:03 am

Lane groaned softly, his eyes blurry as he tried to focus them. He hurt, that much he knew, the problem was, that he didnt know WHY he hurt. The man slowly brought a hand up to his face, feeling wetness on his cheek. It was strange, the man thought slowly, he wasn't crying, that much he knew.
He never cried.
Faintly he heard a person, heavy breathing, rattling sobs, and the rain falling from the sky.
Maybe thats why he was wet.
Speaking of being wet, he actually felt his bones chilling, cool water sinking into his skin through his clothes.
Why was it raining on him...
Where was he?
"L-Lane!" He heard a voice, so familiar but he just couldnt place it. "L-Lane please! P-Please!" The voice continued, Lane just didnt understand. Who was talking to him? Why was near him, crying. Where was he?
He felt hands, smaller than his but not really small pressed into his chest, right on the spot where all his pain was coming from. That one spot on his body was warm though.
He cringed, feeling his chest aching as a string of coughs ripped from his throat. Trying to get air that wasnt coming, he felt more warmth on his face, in his mouth.
It tasted metallic...
He just didnt know, and he still couldnt see. He felt cold, his body was freezing. Pain was radiating from him, and he just wanted to go to sleep, he wanted to sleep and know where in the hell he was.
His eyes opened, rolling into the back of his head as he arched his back, he felt himself coughing more, he felt as if he was being stabbed in the chest.
He couldnt breath.
Lane wanted to see, he wanted to know what was going on.
He wanted to flinch as he felt something warm on his chest, warm and and soft though it kept shaking.
"O-Ohhhh...." Lane moaned once more about his pain, hearing the cries intensify. He heard his name, heard it over and over and he just didnt know why, all he knew was that he was so cold...He wanted to sleep...
"L-Lane please!P-Please no...D-Dont go...." The man heard more sobbing, he felt himself being lifted and gently rocked against a trembling form, also wet, but it was so much warmer than he felt.
It was nice.
"L-Lane..." The cries were fading. Lane didnt understand why, all he knew was that he felt like he was floating, he felt himself slipping away, away so that he could rest.
He was tired of being cold.
It was hard to breath anyways, he was to tired to keep trying...
Lane gave one last jolt before he stilled, finally remembering what had occurred, right before he was gone, he just slipped away.
It had been late, He had taken his lover, his Devin out to see some movie the boy had been wanting to see so badly. Lane had went with him, smiling as he watched the boy talk excitedly about the movie after they had left the theater. Even as rain began to fall, Devin wanted to walk, claiming he loved being in the rain. Lane had simply smiled at him, walking his lover home, his arm wrapped tight around Devin, protectively as they ventured down the quiet streets. The man had been on edge since they felt the theater, he just didnt feel right, but when he heard the thudding behind him he knew, he knew he had been right.
Something was off.
He turned, glancing behind him to see a man running up to them, wearing a black ski mask, holding a large gleaming black hand gun.
Lane immediately moved, turning and shoving Devin behind him, ignoring the boy as he questioned what was wrong, hearing the panic in his voice as he noticed the gun that was now being aimed at them.
"I-I want your money!" The man demanded thrusting the gun at the couple.
Lane calmly nodded his head, slowly moving one hand into his pocket and pulling his wallet. "Listen here buddy, you can have my wallet, I have three hundred dollars in here, you can have it...Just keep calm..." Lane tossed it to the man, making sure to stay infront of his lover as the man checked his wallet, rummaging through it with one hand while he still held the gun in the other.
Once done, the masked man looked up, nodding at him.
"One other thing though, I cant have any witnesses." He shrugged, firing the gun straight at the two men.
Lane didnt even have to think about it, his body just knew and he was moving, making sure that Devin was going to be safe, guarding his lover like he had promised himself he would always do.
The masked man shot five times, each one aimed differently as the man tried to hit Devin also, but it was in vain, Lane was fast, many years in the army forcing him to be quick on his feet. He took every one of the bullets, not staggering once as they penetrated his body and stuck themselves inside him. The man was working on reloading his gun when he heard the sirens began.
A good semeritain had called the cops when they had driven by and noticed what was happening.
The man cursed under his breath, turning on his heel and darting off and away from the sounds of police coming to the rescue.
But they were too late...
Lane had stood a moment, a moment that had given Devin hope that maybe he was okay.
"Lane!" The boy spoke, his body trembling in fear as he began to touch the mans shoulder, just as Lane's body gave out, the man plummeting into the awaiting concrete.
"Lane!" Devin had gasped, dropping to his knees and trying to look the man over, his eyes feeling with tears as he watched his lover bleed out, moaning in pain as he did so.
This could not be happening!
"L-Lane....P-Please." Devin felt his eyes stinging as tears pricked them. He urgently tried to move, covering a spot in Lanes chest where the blood seemed to be gushing from.
It didnt help.
The warm substance oozed through his fingers.
Devin let out a heart wrenching cry, shaking his head in disbelief.
Lane could do this to him! He just couldnt.
He finally noticed all the wounds, Lane had been shot in his neck, his abdomen, his stomach, and twice in his chest.
Devin shook his head, watching his lover arch up in pain, blood from his coughing splattering on his face, his handsome face. Devin couldnt help himself, he rested his hand on Lane's cheek, just watching the man as he struggled to breath, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.
"N-No!" Devin wailed into the night sky, pulling Lane into his arms to rock the man, his eyes darting around as rain splattered around him.
He felt Lane jump one last time, before becoming still, resting limply in his arms, and he knew...
Devin held the man close though, he refused to believe it.
His strong Lane, the man who stole his heart, the man who had just saved his life.
The boy was close to hysterics.
As the rain fell down, and the night went on, Lane McCormicks life came to a halt.
All for what?
Nothing but a lousy three hundred dollars...
All for nothing.

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All for Nothing.
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