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 Brynn McDaniels

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Brynn McDaniels


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PostSubject: Brynn McDaniels   Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:23 am

Brynn stood, his eyes squinted shut, shoulders cocked back as he eyed the target. He put the slightest bit of pressure on the trigger, ready to fire.
“Ya got this.” His grandfather Dustin murmured in his ear, massaging the blonde boy’s shoulders. Brynn said nothing, his eyes locked in on the target, giving no warning before he pulled the trigger, the loud gunshot sounding even through his ear plugs.
After the bullet was shot, the two of them ran forward to the target one hundred feet away to see the bullet lodged directly in the center.
“Yes!” Brynn thrusted his fist in the air, laughing as Dustin picked him up, spinning him around.
“C’mon, let’s go again!” Dustin ran back to the shooting line with his grandson.
Together, they practiced for the rest of the night, Brynn shooting all of his targets perfectly.
The next day, Brynn was up bright and early, up at his other grandpa’s house, Quincy. He was out in the backyard, with the little bit of workout equipment Quincy had. He had the punching bag, a treadmill and a bar for doing chin ups.
It was only five o’clock in the morning but Brynn was always up this early, doing exercise of some sort.
He was currently beating the fuck out of the punching bag, his dirty blonde hair tied up in a ponytail that was now damp with sweat. He was in only a pair of small shorts, his bare chest glistening with sweat.
From his constant exercise, he had some nice muscles and did get hit on by girls or twinky boys sometimes but he didn’t want them. He wanted to be dominant, just not in the bedroom.
From the time he was little, he sat around at gettogethers watching all the submissive men be so weak and dependent on their lovers. Men like Ezra, Angel, and Toni bothered him. If their lovers weren’t there, they’d be dead the second someone tried to hurt them. Everyone could tell from Brynn’s girly personality when he was younger, he was going to be a bottom. They all assumed he was going to grow up to be a twink but Brynn refused to be like that.
He would be capable of protecting himself. Never would he depend on another man for safety. He was going to prove that you could take it up the ass and not be a total wimp.
He took pride in the fact that he’d never be raped, never be tortured or anything like that. Just like the dominant men in the family, that would simply never happen to him because he could defend himself. He’d taken countless self defense classes and knew every trick in the book. He’d heard about that Trever guy. He dared the man to try and hurt him. He’d teach him a thing or two.
He continued slamming his fists into the punching bag over and over. He was so into it, he didn’t notice someone creep up behind him.
Suddenly, arms snaked around his waist, grabbing him tightly. Brynn’s eyes widened and he nearly panicked before he quickly snapped out of it, jamming his elbow into the person’s stomach. The person was shocked, their grip loosening just long enough for Brynn to spin around and tackle his attacker. Brynn sat on the man’s chest and pulled out his gun before realizing who it was.
“GRAMPA!” Brynn exclaimed. “What the fuck!?”
“You’re getting too good.” Quincy groaned as Brynn moved off of him, laughing his ass off. Quincy slowly stood.
“You have to fight me!” Brynn exclaimed, bouncing up and down eagerly.
“Hell no. Child, I would kill you.”
“Pfft, no you wouldn’t.” Brynn scoffed, a hand on his hip.
“For someone so strong you are so fucking gay.”
“But ima kick yo booty! Now let’s go gramps.” Brynn nodded, punching Quincy nice and hard in the jaw.
Quincy’s eyes widened.
“Child, I know you did not just hit me.” And it had actually hurt a bit. Damn kid.
“I sure did. Whatcha gonna do about it?” Brynn held his fists up in front of his chest, circling Quincy.
“Kid, you don’t wanna do this.”
Brynn swung and hit him again.
Quincy groaned before lunging forward, kicking Brynn’s legs out from underneath him, sending the young boy to the ground.
“Fucker.” Brynn cursed but got right up, surprising Quincy as he kicked his leg up, right into Quincy’s crotch.
“That was low.” Quincy moaned in pain but clotheslined the boy, slamming him into the ground once again.
They kept going and Quincy of course wasn’t trying his hardest but the young boy shouldn’t be able to take him as well as he was right now. It was quite surprising but made Quincy proud of the boy. It was one less person he had to protect.
“Alright, I surrender.” Quincy chuckled. He was currently on the ground on his stomach, Brynn was on his back, a knee digging into his spine and the gun pressed to his temple. He could throw the boy off easily if he needed to but most men could not and even if they could, Brynn may just be able to pull the trigger before they did.
“Aw yeah, I kick ass.” Brynn did a dance, shaking his ass as he hopped off of Quincy and ran into the house, leaving the larger man on the ground, shaking his head.
The kid sure was something.

Brynn didn’t feel he needed a man… that didn’t mean he didn’t want one…
He was a virgin still but he’d gone out on several dates, kissed a few times but none of the relationships had worked out well.
Tonight he’d been out on a date and was now back at the boy’s house. He didn’t plan on having sex, he just wanted to spend some more time with the boy, get to know him a bit better.
Too bad his date had other plans. When they got back to the home, they went up to the bedroom to talk. Things immediately got steamy, the boy had his hands all over Brynn and Brynn didn’t really mind. He was responsive but he’d made it very clear at the beginning of the night that they were not going to fuck. The boy was respectful of Brynn’s wishes at first… and then his hands began to slip below the belt.
“Nope.” Brynn took the boy’s hands in his own, keeping them off of him.
“C’mon Brynn…” The boy smiled, slipping out of his jeans.
“No way. Not on the first date.”
“Just come on babe… It’ll be fun.” He reached for the zipper on Brynn’s pants.
Brynn just sat there for a moment, seeing how far the boy would go.
“I’m telling you. I don’t want to do this. Get off of me.” He said, his voice firm, waiting to see if the boy would stop.
He didn’t.
Brynn let him go, giving him time to change his mind and do the right thing. They were both completely naked, the boy was about to push into Brynn before Brynn took control.
He elbowed the boy’s ribs, turning around and slapping him as hard as he could across the face.
“How fucking dare you.” He spat. And just like that, the tables had turned. Brynn had the boy pinned to the mattress. “You know, I could fucking rape you right now.” Brynn shook his head. “But I’m not a piece of shit like you.” He punched the boy hard before getting up and dressing, making his way out of the home.

Now, Brynn sat on the floor in front of his grandpa Dustin, leaning into the man’s chest as he listened to the men talk.
They were at one of the family gettogethers again. Brynn always preferred to spend his time with men like Dustin, Quincy and Lane. He admired them for protecting their lovers and family. He’d always had a bit of a crush on Lane as well. But unlike some people, he didn’t get all flustered around the man. Lane was like family… just very damn attractive family.
Brynn typically acted very feminine and yet he was one of the best fighters Quincy knew, and that was definitely saying something. He kept to himself usually other than his grandfathers and Lane.
Brynn was always practicing, working on getting stronger. He was constantly pestering the older men, asking them to fight him. None of them wanted to hurt the boy so they didn’t try their hardest but eventually they gave in and gave him a good fight.
Lane was Brynn’s favorite to fight with of course. They wrestled and Brynn loved nothing more than the feel of the man’s sweaty skin against his own as they rolled around. It took all he had not to get an erection but trying to win the little wrestling match was a pretty good distraction…
Brynn had actually won a few times against each of them. Quincy usually just let the boy win though.
Brynn moved to lay back in Lane’s lap, his feet propped on Dustin’s chest.
They were talking about something Brynn had been interested in… but that interest was all gone the second someone walked into the room.
Briley Riley.
The boy was… breathtaking. The way he walked, with an air of confidence around him. He gave Brynn butterflies, something that he thought was very hard to do.
“Brynn?” Lane nudged the boy who was very obviously staring at Briley. God, he was gorgeous…
“Huh?” Brynn said, his eyes not leaving the boy.
“What are you looking at?” Lane followed his gaze, suddenly realizing and laughing loudly. “My god, you’re such a chick.”
“Shut up.” Brynn punched him in the arm but continued watching.
“Ya got a little drool there.” Lane teased, earning him another punch. “Ouch. You’re so damn violent.”
He got no response as Brynn was still mesmerized by Briley.
“Why don’t ya just go talk to him?”
“Hell no.” Brynn shook his head.
“You’re so weird sometimes. I still can’t picture you taking it up the ass.” Lane snickered.
“And why not?” Brynn raised an eyebrow, hands on his hips.
“Because, you’re like… tough. But then again you act like a chick so…”
“You suck McCormick.”
“And you suck DICK.”
“Yes I do, thank you very much. But I hope you don’t spend your time trying to picture me with a dick up my ass.”
“Don’t make me seem like a perv.” Lane groaned. “You know what I meant.”
“Oh? I don’t think I did.”
“Old man.” Brynn mocked, sticking his tongue out. Lane tackled him and they were off, wrestling around, knocking each other into things throughout the home, bumping into people. Soon, everyone had gathered to watch. This was a common thing, no one panicked or anything.
The fight came to an abrupt end when Lane lifted Brynn up and threw him, not expecting the boy to go so far. But he did fly a good bit, slamming right into a young boy.
And that boy happened to be Briley Riley.
Brynn groaned, not thinking much of it until he realized just whose lap he was laying in right now.
“Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“ Brynn trailed off as he climbed off of the boy. He never apologized for shit like this but he’d never introduced himself to this boy before and he didn’t want his first impression to be like this…
The boy looked pissed as he simply stalked off. Brynn sighed heavily, leaning back into Lane as the man wrapped his arms around Brynn’s waist.
“Thanks a lot, ass…”
“Sorry, Brynn. I didn’t mean to toss you into him.”
“I know. It’s whatever.” Brynn nodded lightly. “I still love you I guess.”
Lane rolled his eyes, cursing as Brynn threw him over his shoulder, carrying the older man back to their spot on the floor.

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Brynn McDaniels
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