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 I Dare You.

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Brynn McDaniels


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PostSubject: I Dare You.   Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:51 pm

The title is from this song I love by Jeffree Star Very Happy

Okay so I'm not going to go into much detail with this because we're going to thread it eventually but I wanted to write more with Brynn and show you his softer side because you didn't seem to like him much. I'm not sure if you didn't like him or you were upset about your puppy but either way, I hope this helps. Another reason I'm not going into too much detail is because we've never used Briley and I have absolutely no clue how to write him. So I'm sorry I'm going to probably skip his parts a bit >< But this was the only thing I could think of to write Brynn so hereee.
I also don’t know if you wanted Briley to be friends with Cove and Ryker but they don’t have to be in the actual thread, they were just the first people I thought of.
And you said something about not liking how Brynn held his own with Quincy, Lane and Dustin. If Quincy was really trying he could definitely take him, he just doesn’t want to hurt him since he’s his grandson. And with Dustin and Lane, I don’t think they’re as strong as Quincy so he is capable of putting up a fight but same with them, they’re not trying their hardest.
(I just had to throw in the Quincy part at the end because I enjoy the way their relationship is in my head. Brynn looks up to him a lot. Smile


The family was gathered at Mike and Alex's place as they did every once in a while, (far too often if you asked Briley.) So Briley was up in his room with Cove and Ryker. They'd gotten bored but none of them wanted to go join the others in the living room so they decided to play a game of Truth or Dare.
"Dare." Briley nodded, lying back on his bed, arms folded behind his head.
"Alright... lemme think." Ryker hummed He thought for a moment before consulting with Cove. The two whispered for a moment before nodding. "Ya gotta go ask someone out. Someone downstairs."
"Ew." Briley groaned but stood, making his way down the stairs where everyone else was, his two friends on his heels. "Who?"
"Let us pick." Cove nodded, glancing around the room, whispering with Ryker some more.
"Brynn." Ryker spoke finally, a triumphant smirk on his face.
"Are you serious?" Briley groaned. He didn't like the boy and Cove and Ryker knew that. He thought the boy was too big to be sexy as a bottom. And he was always wresting around like an idiot.
"Yup." Cove grinned. "And if he says yes, you have to go on the date. And if he asks for another, you have to do that too. You're stuck with him until he breaks it off."
Briley reluctantly stepped over to the boy who was sitting on the couch beside that Lane guy Briley hated.
"Hey... Brynn, right?"
"Um, yeah?" Brynn's brow furrowed as he looked Briley over.
"Well I was just wondering if sometime you'd want to go out and get something to eat with me?"
"Oh." Brynn blinked, looking quite surprised. "Sure, I'd love to." He grinned brightly.
"Great. Tomorrow night okay?"
"Yeah, that sounds good."
"What time should I pick you up?"
"Around... sevenish?" Brynn raised an eyebrow and Briley nodded.
"Alright, it's a date."
Brynn flashed him a huge smile before Briley walked away.
"I hate you guys." Briley grumbled, hands in his pockets.

He wasn't happy about it but the next night at 7:15, he was at Brynn's door. He had to make Brynn wait for him at least a bit.
He got out of his car and knocked on Brynn's door, waiting a good five minutes before Brynn came to the door. Two could play at the waiting game.
Brynn smiled though when he finally did open the door. And Briley was a bit taken aback. The boy looked... stunning.
But he still didn't like him.
Brynn's blonde hair was flowing around his shoulders. He wore a gray V-neck shirt with a leather jacket and some plain torn up jeans. He wasn't trying to impress Briley. That was something unheard of. But Briley appreciated it. And the simple outfit really did make the boy look nice. But the jacket really clung to Brynn's muscles that were just too big for Briley's liking.
Before he knew it, Brynn was embracing him. He didn't like how strong the boy's arms were or how Brynn was only a bit smaller than him. He liked feeling dominant and in charge.
But right now he had to take him out and try to be the worst date ever, hoping Brynn wouldn't want another one.
He walked Brynn out to the car, not opening the boy’s door like a gentleman. He simply got in himself, letting Brynn open his own door.
By the time they reached the restaurant and ordered, Brynn had confused Briley so much. Brynn was different. He was large but yet, his hair felt so soft, like a woman's. He carried himself proud and tall, like a top but then he smelled like fucking strawberries. He spoke up for himself confidently but he did it in such a feminine, high pitched voice. It was confusing the shit out of Briley. He didn't know what to think of the boy.
Finally, they’d finished their meals and Briley was so ready to go. It really hadn’t been that bad but he was so stubborn, just like his parents. He was determined not to like the boy and to make Brynn not like him either.
He felt around in his pocket and groaned.
“Damnit Brynn, I’m sorry. I forgot my wallet. Do you mind?” Briley said, shrugging his shoulders. Making the boy pay should do the trick and piss him off nicely. And this would have worked with most boys. But not Brynn.
“Oh that’s fine.” Brynn nodded, pulling out his own wallet, glancing at the bill. It was a huge price. The restaurant was rather expensive and Briley had purposely picked the most expensive things on the menu. “I’m not a chick, I can pay.” He gave a light smile.
Briley watched with wide eyes as the boy took nearly all of the money out of his wallet and placed it on the table, never losing his smile.
“You… really don’t mind?” Briley frowned.
“Not at all. It’s not a big deal. I don’t mind.” Brynn nodded. “I had a good time.”
Briley just stared at him, feeling a bit bad now… But he really hadn’t brought his wallet.
“I can pay you back.”
“No, it’s fine. Really.” Brynn smiled, kissing the boy’s cheek. Briley couldn’t help but notice how soft his lips felt and he was overcome with an urge to kiss him. But that was ridiculous.
“Well thanks.” He took Brynn’s hand, holding it lightly and leading him back outside to his car, this time holding his door open.
“Thank you.” Brynn nodded as he slid into the car gracefully for someone so muscular.
The drive home was quiet other than the radio playing softly in the background. Briley was steering with one hand, the other resting on his knee. Brynn slowly let his own hand reach down and grip Briley’s.
Briley tensed at first but soon let it go. Not like it was that bad really. He continued driving until he reached Brynn’s home. He pulled up front.
“Walk me to my door?” Brynn smiled softly. He looked so shy and hopeful in that moment that Briley wasn’t a dick. He nodded with a grin, opening Brynn’s car door once more and taking the boy’s hand again, leading him up to the door. They paused for a second before that urge took over Briley again. He leaned in and firmly pressed his lips to Brynn’s soft ones. The boy responded with surprising vigor. His lips were soft, sure, but they were also strong. Brynn kissed him deeply, taking just as much control as Briley.
This made Briley even more determined to take control. He pressed Brynn up against the door of the McDaniel’s home, pinning his arms above his head.
Brynn was caught off guard but went along with it, their tongues battling for dominance. For a first kiss, it was getting very steamy… and neither of them really wanted it to end.
But finally, the door was swung open, causing Brynn to stumble a bit since he’d been leaning against it for support. He held onto Briley to keep himself upright as he glanced back to see his father standing in the doorway, his arms folded and a protective look on his face. Riley wasn’t intimidating by any means but that was his BABY being mauled by that boy’s tongue, damnit.
“Hey daddy…” Brynn kissed his father’s cheek.
Riley just glared at Briley as he wrapped an arm around Brynn’s waist.
“I was just going, sir.” Briley nodded at Riley before giving Brynn a quick hug and walking back to his car.
“Wait! Briley!” Brynn jogged after him.
“Yeah?” Briley glanced back at him.
“You wanna go out again sometime?” Brynn asked with that small smile Briley had grown a bit fond of in the few hours they’d spent together.
“Sure.” Briley nodded. “When?”
“Tomorrow?” Brynn grinned shyly. He really wanted to see the boy again.
“Sounds great. Same time?”
“Yeah!” Brynn nodded happily. “I… had a great time today…”
“Me too Brynn…” Briley gave the boy a light smile, pecking his lips once more before getting in the car and driving off.
Brynn happily jogged inside, rolling his eyes at his father.
Over the next few months, Brynn and Briley went on dates regularly, they were practically inseparable.
At first, Briley had strictly been doing it because of the dare but now… he… he hated to admit but he’d fallen for the boy. He was in love with Brynn…
And Brynn felt the same. He’d always wanted to talk to Briley but had never thought the boy would be interested. The day Briley approached him had been one of the best he could remember. He never thought he’d actually end up with his dream boy. He never felt he needed a man, or anyone to protect him but it felt nice, knowing he finally had someone he could count on…
Briley had grown to love everything about the boy. His manly aspects and the feminine ones. He adored the boy…
But he had yet to let Cove and Ryker know this. They thought it was just hilarious that he’d been with Brynn so long when he supposedly couldn’t stand the boy.
He’d been with Brynn for so long, in fact, that today was their one year anniversary. And Briley had actually put a lot of effort into this. The whole family was helping actually. They were happy for Briley and wanted to help out any way they could.
So tonight, Briley had told Brynn to come to his house at eight. He had the lights dimmed, the room only lit by lots of candles scattered around the room. The family had cleared out the entire living room. It was completely empty except for a small table with a red tablecloth, set for two.
Brynn soon arrived, dressed similar to the night they’d had their first date, nothing really special. He knocked on the door which Briley opened quickly, dressed in a nice black tuxedo.
Brynn embraced his boyfriend tightly, looking him over before speaking.
“Damn, I should have worn something better…” He smiled lightly and Briley just shook his head.
“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” He took Brynn’s hand and led him inside, grinning as the boy looked around the room with that adorable smile. “Happy anniversary, babe.” Briley kissed the boy’s lips softly, pulling out a chair and letting Brynn sit down.
“Happy anniversary…” Brynn nodded, a content look on his face as Briley sat down across from him.
“Our waiters will be here in a second.” Briley informed him and sure enough, a minute later Rick stepped into the room, Kevin right behind him, both of them dressed in typical waiter uniforms.
Brynn giggled lightly at how corny this was but also how incredibly sweet.
“Hello there. My name’s Rick, this is Kevin and we’ll be serving you this evening.” Rick gave one of his signature, dazzling smiles.
“Here are some menus.” Kevin piped up, handing each of them a piece of cardboard with several meals sloppily written in crayon. The children had been in charge of making menus. “Can I get you some drinks to start off?” Kevin hummed, taking out his small notepad to write down their orders.
“Yes, please. I’ll have a glass of red wine.” Briley nodded, his hands sitting in his lap properly.
“And I’d li-“ Brynn began but Briley cut him off, speaking for him.
“He’d like some wine as well.”
Most men would have been pissed off at being cut off like that, or some just didn’t like being ordered for but Briley had been with Brynn long enough to know that it turned the boy on to no end when Briley ordered for him. Plus, Briley had taken Brynn out to eat so many times, he knew that's what he would have wanted anyways.
“Alright, we’ll be right back with drinks and to take your order.” Rick nodded, giving yet another smile before the two walked off.
Brynn couldn’t help but laugh again as he listened to them bicker on their way to the kitchen.
“Don’t give him the fuck me smile, we’re trying to get him to like Briley more, not want you!” Kevin protested.
“What are you talking about, that wasn’t even close to my fuck me smile!”
“You mean you seriously know you have a fuck me smile!?”
The two continued but Brynn could no longer hear as the stepped into the kitchen to get drinks for the young couple.
“This is the cutest thing ever.” Brynn chuckled as Briley took his hand under the table.
“Yeah? Momma and daddy are the cooks.” Briley laughed, loving the dimples that appeared on Brynn’s cheeks.
“To be honest, I didn’t know you could be so cute.” Brynn grinned at his boyfriend, leaning over the table to kiss his cheek.
“I am pretty awesome.” Briley shrugged.
The rest of the meal went well, the food was great. The two laughed and talked through the dinner, as Alex, Mike, Rick, and Kevin eavesdropped from the kitchen. They thought the couple was just adorable.
After they were finished, Rick and Kevin returned to take their empty plates. They then removed the table and chairs so the room was now completely empty, soft music playing in the background.
Briley placed Brynn’s arms around his neck, his own arms going to rest on Brynn’s hips. They danced for hours on end, Brynn’s head on his boyfriend’s shoulder.
They really were cute.
Finally, after a while, Brynn spoke up.
“I… love you.” He said in Briley’s ear. It was the first time either of the young boys had said it…
Briley blinked several times but he knew he felt the same, he’d just been reluctant to be the first to say it.
“I love you too.” Briley smiled lightly, pressing their lips together. The kiss was deep and passionate, not ending for several minutes but Brynn eventually pulled back, speaking quietly, their eyes locked together.
“Take me up to your room… let me show you.” Brynn whispered, his polished nails running down Briley’s neck.
Briley was shocked. He’d been dying, wanting to have sex with his boyfriend but he’d known better than to ask or bug the boy for it.
If Brynn didn’t offer, you weren’t getting any. He wouldn’t be pressured into anything.
“Seriously?” Briley couldn’t help the silly grin that spread across his face. He was a teenage boy, of course he was constantly horny. The thought of sex with something other than his hand sounded great right about now.
“Seriously.” Brynn giggled as Briley kissed him once more, taking his hand and leading him up to the bedroom.
Briley practically ran into his room, closing the door and locking it behind them, not needing nosy family members to ruin the night. He then swept Brynn off his feet, tossing him on the bed.
He caught the boy off guard but Brynn loved it, he adored being manhandled like that by Briley. Of course, only when he wanted someone to do it.
And Briley noticed this, saw the spark in Brynn’s eyes, that flash of lust. A sly smirk spread across his face. Yes, this would be a fun night…
He straddled his boyfriend, roughly grabbing both of the boy’s wrists in one of his own hands, pinning them to the wall above him. With his free hand, he began undressing the boy, tearing off his clothes as Brynn moaned underneath him. Music to his ears.
Brynn was already rock hard, it only made his erection throb more frequently as Briley thrusted his hips, grinding their packages together through the fabric of their clothing.
“Briley…” Brynn growled, his eyes filled with lust as he stared up at his boyfriend. “Don’t tease me…”
“What was that? Tease you some more?” Briley raised an eyebrow, flipping the boy over so he was lying on his stomach. He slowly thrusted forward once more, rubbing his erection against Brynn’s ass.
“Fuck…” Brynn’s voice was slow and sultry, his eyes slipping shut. He’d never felt this much desire before, never wanted someone as much as he wanted Briley in this moment.
(I really could not write smut at the moment so I gave up >< Skipping the rest of the sex scene.)
Briley groaned as he rolled off of his new lover, his spent cock slipping out of the boy’s hole.
Brynn’s eyes were closed as he gave heavy pants, his chest heaving up and down slowly.
“That was great…” Brynn sighed contently. He’d never been so pleasured before…
“It was for me too, trust me.” Briley chuckled, pressing a kiss to Brynn’s temple. He laid down beside his boyfriend, pressing his chest to Brynn’s still sweaty back, wrapping his arm’s around the slightly smaller boy’s waist. “Love you…” He murmured.
“Love you too.” Brynn smiled to himself, letting Briley’s body heat envelope him and lull him to sleep.
Brynn wasn’t sure how long they slept like that, but sometime in the middle of the night he woke, reaching over for Briley and frowning when he felt nothing but air. He yawned and rolled out of bed, grimacing at the stinging in his ass.
“Briley?” He called lightly as he slipped on his boxers from last night. He walked towards the door, putting his hand on the knob before he heard voices in the hall.
He wasn’t the type to eavesdrop but something… something made him stop and listen.
Cove had heard it was the couple’s anniversary so of course he had to come be a dick about it. He was under the impression that Briley still couldn’t stand Brynn.
“What did you want Cove?” Briley yawned.
“Ah came ta congratulate ya.” Cove snickered, patting the boy’s back.
“Oh shut up.”
“But seriously, ah did come ta piss ya off, but ah’m givin’ ya permission ta dump hem.” Cove nodded.
Brynn blinked at this. Why the fuck did Briley need Cove’s permission to break up with him?
“Actua-“ Briley started to speak but Cove continued.
“Ya put up weth him for a year, ah think the dare served et’s purpose.” Cove chuckled.
Brynn’s heart dropped as it began to sink in. He was a dare. Their entire relationship had been fake.
“But ah have ta be there when ya do et. Are ya gonna do it right now? He thinks he’s soh tough, ah bet you’ll make hem cry.”
Tears were brimming Brynn’s eyes but he was not going to give these assholes the satisfaction of seeing him cry. He hadn’t done it since he was little…
He quickly grabbed his clothes before yanking the door open.
“You wanted to hurt me? Well congratulations. You succeeded.” Brynn shoved his way past the boys, making his way through the home.
“Shit!” Briley cursed. This was going all wrong. “Brynn, wait!”
“Fuck you Briley!” Brynn exclaimed. “Oh, and just for the record, we are OVER.” He wouldn’t give Briley the chance to dump him either. Fuck that. He wasn’t running. He was walking at a normal pace, determined not to let Briley know just how much he was hurting.
He’d always refused to let a man hurt him but this was one pain that even Quincy couldn’t train him for.
Brynn made his way out the front door, slamming it shut as Briley chased after him. Now he broke into a sprint. He didn’t know where he was going until he arrived. His grandfather’s house. He quickly dressed the rest of the way, since he had been in only his boxers. He then knocked on the door lightly, not wanting to wake anyone. It wasn’t long before Quincy opened the door, taking one look at the boy before leading him inside silently.
They sat on the couch together quietly for a while before Quincy spoke.
“What’s wrong?”
“Are you okay?”
Quincy kissed the top of the boy’s head, but did nothing more. Briley would be dead already if this was any of his other kids or grandchildren. But then again, any of his other kids would be bawling to him right now. Brynn was different. If Brynn wanted Briley hurt, he would be sure to do it himself. No one would fight for him.

Okay that ended a little abruptlyy Razz I was gonna end it at the line up there about heartbreak but like I said, I had to throw in the little Quincy thing because I adore Quincy <3
Also, I wasn't sure if Briley was a virgin or not so I didn't really mention it Razz

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I Dare You.
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