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 If Only He Knew...

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Leon Johnson


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PostSubject: If Only He Knew...   Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:28 pm

Biddy smiled at his exboyfriend, shaking his head.
"Higgy, your such an idiot." Burd couldnt help himself, he always found a smile for Higgy when the man was not hitting him, he even found one for him at time when he was.
"But I need to go, Blake it waiting for me, but it was nice seeing you Hig." Biddy hugged his old lover lightly before bouncing from the bar, leaving his friend Gabriel behind.
They had gone out to a club, just the two of them since Gabriel was lonely, he missed his baby daddy. And though he was eight months pregnant and at a bar, he was fine, no one was bothering him, and no one was smoking, and he didnt drink anything, he never really did.
But he sat there even after Biddy had gone. He missed Gabriel so much, he had been gone for a month...
And he felt like like was too dull to be lived without his body guard.
He was paying no mind as Higgy slid up to him, well until the man began nibbling on his neck.
"Hey!" Gabriel hissed, his hand coming down hard on Higgy's cheek out of habit.
Wrong thing to do that was.
Higgy immediately retaliated, his fist coming down hard atop the crown of Gabriel's head, making the boy bite his tongue hard, actually splitting the pink muscle. Higgy then shoved him out of his bar stool and onto the ground, moving to kick him hard in his inflated belly.
Gabriel simply gasped as he felt tears welling in his eyes.
He didnt move as he heard security pulling Higgy away, and people trying to check on him, but he was focused on the warm water seeping from him.
His water...
Oh God.
He felt contractions coming on.
"I-I need a hospital!" He gasped out, blood from his tongue feeling his mouth as his head throbbed.
He had told Gabriel he would stay safe....
What would he tell him now?
He wouldnt have even wanted to leave if he felt he had a future with his friend..
If only he knew...
If only Gabriel knew how much the younger man loved him, how much the younger man wanted more than a friendship.
If only...

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If Only He Knew...
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