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 The Last Goodbye.

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Brynn McDaniels


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PostSubject: The Last Goodbye.   Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:15 am

I am tired as fuck right nowww. But I had to stay up and finish this for you <3 I'm guessing you fell asleep so in the morning I hope you enjoy reading thiss. Sorry for all the flashbacks hehehe the point of this was sort of showing their old relationship. I just really enjoyed itttt I love you
I also have a thing for the idea of Rhett/Toni so i may do that sometime bwahaha
I love you and really hope you enjoy this because I wrote it just for youuu <333

Barry sighed, looking down at the limp body in his arms. How could this have happened? His best friend. Gone. Just like that…
It hurt. Barry’s heart was constricting painfully in his chest. Trever had been there for everything… For the longest time, Trever WAS his everything. The only thing he cared about…
Sure, he had Blaine, Brice, Angel, Kelton and even Gabriel now but in his darkest days, Trever was the only one he cared about, the only one that made him even remotely happy.
They’d just finished Trever’s funeral. It hadn’t been at a church or anything fancy, no one wanted Trever’s body in their church. He was a bad man, and that was well known. So they had it at Barry’s home since it was rather large anyways. But not many people came. Blaine, only because he had to, Toni with the kids, Rhett, Kyndal, Perry and of course, Barry himself.
It hadn’t taken long at all with such a small amount of people. Rhett and Toni stayed a bit longer, Rhett even playing nice and letting Toni sit in his lap and cry into his chest. Trever and Rhett had both made promises to each other that if one died, the other would take care of their lovers and children, although Rhett didn’t think Kyndal would need much care.
Rhett planned to make good on that promise. Even if it meant getting three new kids, pretty much. With three new people in the house, Rhett’s temper was sure to be at an all time high, but even he knew if he laid a hand on Toni or Trever’s kids, the man would find some way to haunt his ass.
They had stuck around for a while but now Barry was alone. He had taken the body out in the backyard where he was supposed to be digging the grave right now. He had it dug but he just… couldn’t say goodbye just yet.
He wanted Trever back… he wanted his best friend, damnit.
He’d been doing so well, trying not to cry. He sighed as the first tear drop fell on Trever’s face.
“You suck, making me cry…” Barry frowned. He held the body close to his chest, never wanting to let it go. He didn’t want to believe Trever was really… gone.
He let his eyes slip shut, hearing the wind rustling leaves around them. It made him remember that first time they’d met. A smile took over his handsome features. He was so glad that day had happened. If not, who knew where he’d be right now?
Barry grumbled to himself, kicking a rock across the road. He’d been kicked out of his home about a week ago. He had nowhere to go… He was only fourteen, he didn’t know what to do. He’d just been wandering around town, sleeping anywhere he could find. One night it was a tube slide at a children’s park, another it was under a tree beside the highway.
He had no money, no food, nothing. He hadn’t eaten since he’d been kicked out. He was starving, dirty, tired and fucking angry. He needed to get money somehow…
Then it came to him. It came to him as he saw a girl across the road, walking by herself. She was tiny, easy to overpower, even for a young boy like him. He pulled the hood on his jacket over his head, slowly crossing the street and walking up to her. She didn’t even notice until he grabbed her and pulled her off behind a tree.
“Give me your money!” He snapped, looking around anxiously. The girl let out a scream but frantically reached into her pocket. She was about to hand it to him when someone knocked into Barry from behind, throwing him to the ground.
The girl’s boyfriend had been just across the street and had seen Barry grab her. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy. And he was a grown man while Barry was still working on puberty.
He beat the fuck out of Barry, punting him in the skull nice and hard, tearing a huge gash in the boy’s head. Once he was content and his girlfriend told him that was enough, they walked off, leaving Barry on the ground.
He felt like he was dying… Eventually, someone must have heard his moaning and groaning because within a few hours, an ambulance was called, taking Barry to the hospital.
He was cleaned up and taken care of but the doctor was pretty sure nothing was seriously wrong with him. But while they ran some tests, Barry was taken to the children’s play room where the sick kids waited.
There were toys everywhere and a television turned to some kids station playing an annoying cartoon.
“I’m not fucking three years old.” Barry grumbled after the nurse who’d brought him in here. He wasn’t a fucking child and he didn’t want to be in here with the little snot nosed brats.
He glanced over at the sound of a light snicker to see a boy around his age, in a wheel chair with dirty blonde hair and stunning green eyes. He couldn’t deny his immediate attraction to him. But the last thing he needed right now was a boyfriend. He couldn’t even care for himself.
“It’s ridiculous in here.” The boy nodded, a light smirk on his features.
“Yeah…” Barry nodded. “Are you in here often?”
“All the time.” He shrugged. “I have back problems. I’m not normally in this wheelchair by the way. Only for the day. You look rough. Are you okay?”
“I’ll be fine… “ But he was cringing at the sound of the boy’s voice. Every tiny noise was making his head throb… They didn’t know yet but this would never stop. Something had really been messed up in his head…
“What happened to you?” The boy frowned, wheeling over and gently tugging the boy to a chair. Barry sat down so they were eye level.
“I, um…” Barry trailed off. “I was jumped.”
“Some people are just assholes…”
“Tell me about it…” He wasn’t going to mention that he was the one who had really been at fault… trying to rob someone…
“So what’s your name?”
“Barry. Barry Brooks. And you?”
“I’m Trever Murdock.” He flashed a smile, his straight teeth practically sparkling.
Barry couldn’t help but smile back. He liked this boy…
*End of Flashback*
Barry grinned at the old memory. The two had talked for hours that day until they were both allowed to go home. They’d arranged to hang out the next day. That one day turned into many and it wasn’t long before the two were practically inseparable. Barry told Trever about how he’d been kicked out of his house and Trever let the boy stay with him and his brother whenever he wanted to. And when Barry wasn’t at his house, they met at a park where Trever brought him food when he needed it. Trever didn’t have much himself, since he was without parents as well but he tried. The two friends had both developed crushes on the other but neither of them said anything…
*Another Flashback*
Barry and Trever were currently at the park they usually talked at, Trever’s little brother, Rhett, who was eight years old was playing on the swing set as they talked.
Trever all of a sudden ran off somewhere, leaving Barry curiously glancing after him. After a while, Trever did not return so Barry went off in the direction he’d gone.
“Trev?” Barry called, peeking around in the forest until he saw Trever sitting on the ground, something in front of him. Barry wasn’t quite sure what it was.
“Don’t look!” Trever whined.
“Don’t scream.” Barry groaned, covering his ears as he stepped up to Trever, blinking at what was in front of him on the ground.
It was a stray cat. Trever had seen it and it’d just been too tempting, that’s why he chased after it. He was rather… sadistic. He enjoyed dissecting and torturing things…
The cat was dead now, cut open, several organs laying beside it on the floor.
“Great you think I’m crazy now. Which I am, but still.” Barry was his only friend… his only escape from Perry…
“Nah man, that’s really cool actually.” Barry plopped down beside him.
“You’re kidding, right?”
“Nope. Whatever floats your boat. You do this a lot?”
“Yeah actually.”
“Anything other than cats?”
“I did it to myself once… I tried to fix my back.”
“Ouch.” Barry grimaced at that.
Trever nodded but there was a goofy grin on his face. Barry was still going to be his friend even though he did creepy shit like this. He was ecstatic.
“You’re cute when you smile like a girl.” Barry teased.
“Your mom’s cute when she smiles like a girl.” Trever responded, sticking his tongue out.
Barry chuckled, grabbing a random part of the cat Trever had extracted and chucking at him.
Trever blinked, looking at him incredulously.
“Did you really just hit me with a cat stomach?”
“Whatcha gonna do about it?” Barry smirked, laughing as Trever tackled him to the ground. They wrestled around like the young boys they were. They did this for a while until Barry had Trever pinned.
“I win.” Barry proclaimed. He wasn’t sure what came over him but he leaned in and pressed their lips together.
Trever’s eyes were wide but he wanted this, he was just shocked. After a few seconds he responded, his arms wrapping around Barry’s neck.
*End Flashback*
Barry chuckled at this one, his thumb running over Trever’s cold lips, the color drained from them now, unlike that day. After that, the boys hadn’t started dating officially or anything… but they were pretty much together.
Barry still remembered that as one of the greatest days of his life. But not as great as the one that was now surfacing in his mind…
*Yet Another Flashback*
“Are you sure you want to do this, Trever?” Barry whispered, caressing the boy’s cheek. His cock was pressed to his best friend’s hole. Trever had sworn he wanted to do this but the second Barry had started prepping him he’d broken into tears. Barry had tried to go on with it but he was having second thoughts…
They’d been best friends for years now. Trever was now 16, while Barry was 17.
“I-I’m sure. Just g-go ahead…” Trever sniffled, his body trembling. He wasn’t a baby by any means but… he was sensitive when it came to his ass… he hated anyone touching it but… for Barry… he could do it. Barry was his everything now.
“Trever, we don’t have to. I promise.”
“I-I want to, damnit. Go on.” Trever tried to calm down but he just couldn’t. He repeated the words “I want this” over and over in his mind, trying his hardest to stop crying.
“I love you, alright?” Barry frowned as he quickly slipped into his new lover, his balls resting against the nicely shaped ass.
Trever gasped, the tears pouring down his cheeks. He hated this. But he wanted Barry to make love to him…
“Trever…” Barry wiped the boy’s tears away, pressing kisses all over his face. He was never so gentle. It was hard for him. He was used to being rough with people… It took all his restraint not to move.
“Barry s-stop… just move…”
Barry sighed heavily but he slowly pulled out of the boy until only the tip of his cock was inside before pushing back in completely.
He let his eyes slip shut, groaning lowly. It felt amazing but he couldn’t let himself get too into it or he’d lose himself and not be careful.
“Trever…” He moaned softly, his hips slowly working. He reached in between them and gripped Trever’s cock, jerking it quickly, trying to give the boy pleasure.
“You’re sweet…” Trever sighed, letting the pleasure override the pain. He slowly began to enjoy it. He reached up, throwing his arms around Barry’s neck, his hips bucking up into his best friend.
Trever’s moans slowly joined in with Barry’s small growls and grunts. He’d never been made love to like this. He’d never been with anyone willingly…
His nails raked down Barry’s back as he cried out lightly. It just kept getting better, especially when the man began to strike his prostate over and over.
“Barry, fuck…” Trever cursed.
The noises were making Barry’s head throb so badly but he could care less at the moment. He only cared about pleasuring Trever…
And he continued to do just that, his hand working the man’s cock while he thrusted into him.
Before long, both men were close to the edge. Barry had been for a while but he needed to make sure Trever was going to get his release too. So he waited and kept working until he felt Trever’s walls tighten around his member.
“Barry!” Trever called as his release sprayed up onto his chest.
“Shit, Trever!” Barry exclaimed, the tight walls milking him for all he was worth as he spilled his cum deep into Trever’s passage.
He quickly slipped out of the boy. They didn’t need a baby right now. He laid down beside Trever, his arm wrapping around the man’s shoulders as he threw a blanket over them.
“We made love…” Trever panted lightly, a smile taking over his handsome features.
“Yeah we did.” Barry chuckled, leaning over to press a sweet kiss to Trever’s lips. “It was amazing. Thank you.”
“Thank you for not hurting me.”
“I could NEVER hurt you…” Barry shook his head, his lips lingering on Trever’s. He loved the boy so fucking much…
*End Flashback*
Barry couldn’t wipe the smile off his face until he thought of what had come after that… The only reason they were not still together today…
*Last Flashback, I swear <3*
The year after they made love was great for the couple. They were closer than ever. But they were just teens, only kids really. Not many teen relationships lasted and this would be no different…
Trever’s sadistic nature was getting worse. It became almost an obsession. He’d began to capture PEOPLE. Human beings and torture them. It made Barry a bit sick quite honestly but he got over it. He loved Trever no matter what his… “hobbies” were.
But Barry had a hard time getting past something else: his violent nature. They’d only made love a few times since the first, but each time it got progressively harder for Barry to hold back. The last time, just a few days ago, he’d nearly lost it. He’d given in a bit, just a bit rougher than usual. He didn’t even know if Trever had noticed. But Barry sure as hell had.
He couldn’t chance it. Couldn’t chance hurting the only thing he’d ever loved.
He wasn’t looking forward to it but he knew he had to break things off. He’d been sort of avoiding Trever since they’d last had sex. He wanted to burst into tears just thinking about it, he couldn’t face the boy yet…
Finally, after nearly a week, Trever had insisted on seeing him, wanting to know what was going on.
They were sitting at that same park they’d shared their first kiss, worry on Trever’s face as he watched Barry who was staring at the ground.
“What’s your deal?” Trever sighed heavily.
“I… we gotta break up, alright?” Barry went straight to the point, still refusing to meet Trever’s eyes.
“What? Why?” Trever blinked, trying not to act as hurt as he really felt.
“I can’t… I don’t want to hurt you, Trever.”
“The only thing that’s gonna fucking hurt is leaving me.”
“You don’t get it Trever… I just can’t.”
“Damnit Barry, you can’t do this.” Trever’s heart was aching, as was Barry’s.
“Yeah I can. I have to. I love you too much. Now come here.” Barry opened his arms which Trever reluctantly moved into, laying back in his friend’s chest.
“I love you more…”
“No way.” Barry shook his head, leaning down and pressing a deep kiss to Trever’s lips. They didn’t pull back for a long time, both of them hating it, but knowing that this was their last kiss….
*End Flashback*
Barry sighed, in tears again, just like he’d been earlier.
He didn’t even think Trever was aware of this but…That moment was why he’d become so bitter… the reason he felt the need to have a bitch and hurt people… If he couldn’t have Trever, he didn’t want ANYONE. He was hurt and angry and he needed sex so a sex slave seemed like the right way to go…
Blaine was his everything now but he’d never truly lost those feelings for Trever…
Trever was his first love and his best friend… things were never going to be the same with him gone…
If he’d never broken things off with Trever, would they be in this same situation today? Would he have Trever with him right now, in his arms where he belonged?
Barry didn’t know. But he certainly didn’t want to think about it.
He didn’t realize he’d been out here for hours now. Blaine was getting worried but he didn’t want to bother his mister meanie pants… especially when he was this upset. He would comfort him when he came inside…
Barry slowly stood up, his tears now falling on Trever so fast and hard it looked as if he’d been in a rainstorm. He carried the man over to the grave he’d dug.
“I still love you, you know that?” His lips trembled as they were pressed to Trever’s one last time… “I always will.” He gently lowered Trever’s body to the ground, standing back upright and looking down at it again. He had the urge to simply lay down there with him… it sounded better than the alternative of going on without him.
But he had to be strong. Always… He let out a heartbroken sob.
“Goodbye, Trev… I love you…” He then lifted the first shovel full of dirt back into the hole. He continued until he’d finally buried the body of his former lover.
Words couldn’t describe the pain in his chest. But he held his head up high, knowing Trever would have something smart assed to say about this if he was here.
He had to go on without Trever, no matter how much it hurt…

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The Last Goodbye.
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