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Trever Murdock


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PostSubject: Springsteen   Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:01 pm

Barry shook his head, glancing over at his young lover who was turned to the back seat, playing with there three year old child. He had been with Blaine for some time now, and he loved the boy dearly, loved him like he never thought he would love anyone else. His truck was old, he had gotten it when he was sixteen, and even after all the years and all the stops at autoshops, he still had it. He listened as Blaine spoke the Brice in that one mushy tone everyone always spoke to babies in. It actually bothered him, the irritating voice the boy had when speaking to the child. The large man moved his hand, turning up the radio to drown the boy out, his face turning into one of awe as he heard the song playing...
It took him back...

To this day when I hear that song
I see you standin' there all night long
Discount shades, store-bought tan, flip flops and cut off jeans
Somewhere between that set and the sun
I'm on fire, I'm born to run

Barry was back in his teens all of a sudden, washed away in his memories. Memories of the very first time he had set eyes on Trever Murdock. He had been at the hospital, the day he had first acquired his head injury. They had put him in the childrens waiting room before letting him go, he had been grumbling about how stupid it was, and thats where he saw him. Trever was in a wheel chair, his dirty blonde hair pushed back and held with some cheap dollar store shades, a deep tan he had gotten from days of truly back breaking work under the sun with his father, flip flops he wore because he couldnt afford any real shoes, and a pair of ripped and tattered jeans that barely clung to his small frame. Barry would never forget the very first time he had heard that voice.
“It’s ridiculous in here.”
The boy had smiled to him, a light smile that even though wasnt all that large, lit up his world and burned into his mind.
He didnt know what it was about the boy but he was on fire, he wanted to know him. Trever was different, like a drug, and it didnt take anything but that smile to pull Barry in and assure that he was going to stay close.

You looked at me and I was done, just couldn't stop.
I was singin' to you, you were singin' to me
I was so alive, never been more free
Fired up my daddy's lighter, we sang oh woah woah
Stayed there till' they forced us out,
Took the long way to your house,
I can still hear the sound of you sayin' don't go.

After there chance meeting, Barry had found himself over at the Murdock home every day almost. Spending time with Trever and his little brother Rhett. Barry wondered why he was so drawn to the boy, but his thoughts were always put away any time he found Trever looking at him.
He was done.
He knew it.
He didnt fight it, he enjoyed the boy, he had a friend...Kinda had a family with the two boys. But it hadnt been long before he had wanted more from Trever. He remembered one time on his Seventeenth birthday, Trever had gotten him a small cake, and he had sang happy birthday to Barry in the dark of the night, after Rhett was fast asleep. They had gone out to a bar when the small boy was out, they stayed there and ordered drinks as Trever continued to sing in Barry's ear until Barry had joined in with him, no one had sang happy birthday to him since he had been a baby. And he truly appreciated it. They sat up most the night, singing random numbers together, enjoying each others company.
Trever laughed at Barry, listening as the man hit a high note he couldnt rise to.
"You sound like a dying animal!"
Barry had rolled his eyes, lightly shoving the boy. "Oh yeah? Well you sound like cats when they are being raped by barbed kitty penis!"
"Ill show you." Trever stuck his tongue out, pressing himself close to Barry as he found some good music on the aged jukebox sitting in the corner of the bar. "Sing with me?" Trever smiled at him, watching as Barry pulled a lighter from his pocket, the only thing his father had ever given him. And he hadnt even really given it to him. Barry had taken it one night so he could light a fire and he just never gave it back. He struck the lighter, watching the flame as the song began, and together they sang "oh woah woah"
The two stayed for hours, until the security found out they were underage and threw them out. On the drive back home, Trever leaned onto Barry, watching the trees from the window as Barry took them the long way home, through the thick woods surrounding the premises.
Barry grunted as he parked the truck, glancing over at Trever as he got out.
"Well. I guess im gonna go on home..." He didnt really have a home to go to, he just went to the park and camped out. And till this day, Barry would never forget the sound of Trever's voice as the boy got out of the truck and took his arm, whispering softly into the night.
"Dont go..."

When I think about you, I think about seventeen
I think about my old jeep, I think about the stars in the sky
Funny how the melody sounds like a memory,
Like a soundtrack to a july saturday night.

Blaine was lucky he wasnt in Barry's head as the song continued. He thought about when he was seventeen, all the good times he had with Trever in his old truck, laughing and loving. They had done a lot in that truck. He had made love in it, slept in it, and just made memories in it. He thought about the stars in the sky on the fourth of July he had made love to Trever, under the fireworks and the open skies. That song brought back such memories... Like the soundtrack to the first love if his life.
He was back where he had been the happiest, with Trever...
Even as the boy had gone on about how much he hated Bruce Springsteen.

I bumped into you by happenstance,
Probably wouldn't even know who I am
But if I whispered your name I bet, still be a spark.
Back when I was gasoline, and this old tattoo had brand new ink,
And we didn't care what your momma thinks about your name on my arm.

They had fallen out after there break up. Barry could stand to be around Trever anymore knowing he had to let the boy go. He missed him dearly and he didnt think he would ever see him again...
But he had.
He and Trever had gotten close all over again, just by running into each other at a park. Trever had been sitting on the swings, watching Rhett as he played with Misery and Angel in the park. Barry normally wouldnt have paid any mind but hearing Rhetts voice, it was unmistakable. And when he spotted the..man..on the swings, he knew instantly.
He had the same fame, tall and lithe, with just enough muscle to make the man sexy. His blond hair carried more color, a sign it was newly washed. The man sported the same tan he always had as he lightly swing back and forth, watching his brother. Barry had just walked by, Trever didnt seem to notice him...
Until Barry had crept up behind him, his breath ghosting over Trever's neck as he spoke the boys name tenderly.
He felt the spark as he heard Trever's sharp intake of breath.
Trever hadnt moved, just breathing, wondering if he was dreaming, but seeing the mans arm drape over his shoulder, the key tattooed on his wrist with Trever initials seemingly carved into it left no doubt in his mind.
And they remembered...
Back when the tattoos ink was new and fresh, they had been so proud of there matching antidotes of love.
And he remembered lightly wondering what his mother would have said about it...
Trever just moved his hand, taking Barry's hand in his, locking there fingers so Barry could see the lock on Trevers wrist, Barry's initials staring back at the larger man.
"Miss you..."

Baby is it spring or is it summer,
The guitar sound or the beat of that drummer
You hear sometimes late at night on your radio.
Even though you're a million miles away,
When you hear Born In The USA,
You relive those glory days so long ago.

Barry sighed softly as he focused back on the road, the song slowly coming to an end, but not before he wondered what Trever would think if he heard the song.
There old song...
But Trever was wondering the same about Barry, he had been outside with Toni and his babies when he heard the song come on the radio...,But it was no different from any other time Trever thought of Barry.
His memories always took him back to that song as well...

When you think about me, do you think about seventeen
Do you think about my old jeep, think about the stars in the sky
Funny how the melody sounds like a memory,
Like a soundtrack to a july saturday night.

Trever thought of seventeen, he thought of sitting til the man out at the beach, on the hood of that old Jeep where Barry first kissed him. He thought about the stars in the skies as he ran from Barry, trying to disappear into the woods until the man fond him, then and there throwing him against the tree and taking him...Trever still had scars from where the bark cut into his back as they made sweet passionate love.
After Trever had slid down the tree, his breathing quick and shallow and Barry still had yet to pull out.
"I-I love you..."
"I love you too..."
Always will....

Oh woah woahh oh
Oh woah woahh oh
Oh woah woahh oh oh oh
Funny how the melody sounds like a memory,
Like a soundtrack to a july saturday night.
Oh Springsteen
Oh woah woahh oh
Oh woah woahh oh
Oh woah woahh oh oh oh

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