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 Red Lipstick

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Brynn McDaniels


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PostSubject: Red Lipstick   Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:21 am

I wrote this like forever ago. I was obsessed with the song Red Lipstick by Ke$ha and this ish what happened hehehehe I didn't know if you'd like it so I didn't post it but I hope you will because I'm quite proud of it.


Asher wore a large smirk as he stepped up on the stage and was handed a microphone. He looked around the crowd, finding the perfect guy to sing to. He loved innocent guys and he could just tell this dork was such a virgin.
“Ya can't take your eyes off me, oh
Better get your hands off me
I know you find me irresistible
But hey, keep it under control
I see you offering me again and again
You’re wicked obvious, the way you’re staring.” He was looking straight at the nerdy guy who had begun to realize this and was blushing, trying to make himself look away from Asher.
“You got me wondering what it is?
What could it be that makes me so captivating?
My sexy hair
My vixen eyes.” He ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair and then batted his eyelashes, winking.
I really think it's my ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-my
Red lipstick
Say you love me in my red lipstick
You wanna touch me in my red lipstick
Get all up on me in my red lipstick
Works like magic!” No, he normally did not go around in red lipstick but this song was too perfect for him to not sing it. So tonight, his lips were a deep crimson red. He began looking around for other nerdy boys.
“Red lipstick
Can't ignore me in my red lipstick
Quite the seductress in my red lipstick
Gotcha begging boy again
When I wear my red lipstick.” He found another, all he had to do was stare as he sang and sure enough the boy was squirming in his seat. He stepped off the stage at this point, walking towards the first guy he’d spotted.
“Red's the color of passion, of lust
Got the color of evil and blood painted on me
With the soul intention of getting your full attention.” He winked, his fingers running over the guy’s crotch under the table. He then made his way to the other guy.
“Now that I got you exactly where I want
I get to tease you baby
Now I get to taunt
In the nature of my crimson colored lips, feeling quite devilish.” He ran his tongue over his lips seductively at this one, heading to a third across the room.
“I got you fucked
You've been hypnotized
And I'm really sure it’s thanks to
Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-my red lipstick
Say you love me in my red lipstick
You wanna touch me in my red lipstick
Get all up on me in my red lipstick
Works like magic!” He kissed this one’s cheek, leaving a signature red mark.
“Red lipstick
Can't ignore me in my red lipstick
Quite the seductress in my red lipstick
I gotcha begging boy again
When I wear my red lipstick.” A fourth boy blinked, in complete shock as Asher grabbed him and kissed him square on the lips, deeply, staining his lips to match Asher’s. The next part was quieter, almost a whisper as Asher slowly pranced over to yet another boy.
“Whatever Asher wants
Asher gets
And little man, little Asher wants..” He paused, leaning into the boy and whispering the next word, “You.” He now made his way back to the stage.
“Red lipstick
Red lipstick
Red lipstick
Do you want some of
Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-my red lipstick?” He blew a kiss at the crowd.
“Say you love me in my red lipstick
You wanna touch me in my red lipstick
Get all up on me in my red lipstick
Works like magic
Red lipstick
Say you love me in my red lipstick
Just wanna fuck me in my red lipstick
Get all up on me in my red lipstick
Works like magic!
Geez Louise baby,
Stop looking at me like that
Ya got a little drool, right there on your sweater
What’s the deal?
You’re freaking me out
I mean, come on
It’s not like I’m really that hot
Okay well, ya know, maybe.
Okay, fine but still.
Seriously just don’t touch me
Don't touch me, okay?
Red Lipstick.” He stared at the first boy he’d spotted for the last part, winking after the song was over though. He dropped his mic and walked over to take a seat at the bar, just waiting. Didn’t matter how long it took, it’d happen.
“The usual, Veronica.” He winked at the girl at the bar. They’d become friends, pretty good friends actually since Asher was always here picking up men.
“Nice song.” She smirked as she handed him a sex on the beach.
Asher smiled and shrugged as he sipped the fruity drink.
“I’ll never understand why you go after those nerds though. Look around. That guy over there so wants you! He’s HOT.”
Asher glanced over to where she was gesturing. Sure enough, there was a large muscly guy with his eyes glued to Asher.
“Eh, he’s alright. You don’t get it, V. I love fucking innocent guys. Sure, they’re not the best in bed but they’re amusing as hell.” He smirked. “Its fun knowing they’ve never been touched like that. And with nerds, they’ll probably never have someone as good as me again. I love knowing that. And they’re not going to tire me out too much anyways. I might come back when I’m done with the five of them.” He hummed.
“You’re a weird fucking teenager.” She paused and then rolled her eyes. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
Asher looked to see what she was talking about. He laughed as he saw all five of the nerds approaching him from different directions.
“It works every time.” He shook his head as he smiled back at them, waving his fingers cutely as Veronica simply shook her head. He heard them arguing amongst themselves over which one Asher really wanted. He let this amuse him for a few minutes before deciding to break it up. He spun around, surprising them. “Boys, relax. All of you can have a turn.” He smirked, reaching out to run his finger over one’s lips.
They were speechless. Asher let out a laugh, standing up and taking two of their hands, gesturing for the others to follow as he led them out of the bar to his home, just down the street a bit. They were crowded around him as if attracted by some magnetic force. Like, if they got too far away they’d collapse on the spot, dead.
Asher took them to the bedroom, loving this. Loving the fact that he had five more than willing men at his service any time he wanted it.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Strip.” He smirked, lying back on the bed and folding his arms behind his head. He watched them intently as they undressed, giggling to himself. He often got groups of guys like this. The one with the smallest dick went first so Asher felt as tight as possible for him.
He watched to see just how small they all were.
“Hmm, lucky you. You’re first.” He winked as he stood up and stripped himself, running his hands down a boy’s body. His dick was about four inches. Boring. Oh well. “What’s your name?”
“Hmm…” Truth be told he did like the name Craig. But he sure as hell wasn’t telling him that. “Then come here Craig.” He smirked, his arms circling the boy. “Wait, before we get started…” He pulled back, glancing at them all. “Are any of you younger than sixteen?” He refused to fuck anyone younger than him. None of them spoke up. “Good. Also, while I’m talking, I have one rule but if you break it, you’re out. You don’t cum until I do. And if you cum from watching me fuck other guys, you don’t get your turn. Kay? Good.” He smiled sweetly and once again glanced at all their dicks, at full attention already. Nothing caught his eye. One was 5.5, the next was 6, the next was 7.5 and then finally…
“Damn. Ten inches. Nice.” He licked his lips and trailed his hand down to stroke the guy’s erection. “And you’re a virgin with that thing?”
The boy nodded, blushing lightly at the hand on his member.
“You ever been touched at all?”
“No…” He appeared to be ashamed by this.
“Good. I’ll be your first, and best time. You’ll never find someone as good as me.” He winked. “Sorry for your luck but you gotta go last. Best for last, after all.”
The boy looked flattered, grinning brightly at Asher.
Asher took one more glance at the large cock, licking his lips before climbing back on the bed.
“Get the hell in me, Craig.” Asher snickered, rolling over onto his stomach, his ass in the air. He barely felt it as the four inch dick was slid inside him. That thing was going to do nothing for him. He commanded Craig though, telling him to move faster and harder. He gave screams although the pleasure wasn’t that great. This kid was going to have to work hard if he wanted Asher to cum. He was trying, Asher was proud of him for that. But it just wasn’t doing much. He also needed to work on his sex noises. Animalistic calls were coming from the boy as he moved his hips as fast as he possibly could, his face a bright red. Finally, he managed to hit Asher’s prostate.
“Uh! Right there! Come on!” Asher cried and Craig looked shocked that he’d done something well. He did keep hitting that spot though.
“Can I cum yet?” He asked, his face contorted in determination.
“Do you see me cumming?!” Asher snapped. Yes he was irritable. He wanted fucking sex. “Harder!” He clenched his eyes shut, moaning lightly as his body was rocked, the bed shaking lightly with them. Asher groaned after a while, pulling Craig out of him and standing. He threw Craig back on the bed, the small guy trembling as Asher straddled his waist and without hesitation impaled himself on the small erection.
“Oh yeah!” Asher’s voice vibrated as he bounced himself hard and fast. “Oh my fuck..” He moaned softly, eyes slipping shut as he kept it going until he felt close to his release. When he was about to blow, he slowed down his pace. He stopped and rose up so only the tip of the cock was inside of him, then with as much force as he had, he slammed himself back down, a cry escaping his lips as the hard member stabbed at his prostate. His release began to spray out in neat ribbons. He jerked his cock quickly, spraying the white substance around the room. Craig immediately followed, his cum exploding inside of Asher’s hole. Asher yawned and stood, the soft member sliding out of him with a plop.
“Next.” Asher laid back down on his stomach. Without much interest, he let the next three take their turns in this position, facing away from him. Then it was time for the last one, the ten incher. Asher was excited for this one…
“What’s your name…?” He asked as he stood up from the bed. He wasn’t using the same position with this one. The rest of the boys had gone already. It was just the two of them left.
“Ben…” He nodded shyly.
“Ben baby, don’t be shy. I like you better than all of them put together.” He winked, arms winding around Ben’s waist. He was rather large, Asher’s head only came to his shoulders. His thick black hair was a mess of curls atop his head. He was cute in a dorky sort of way.
“You’re just so gorgeous… I’m nervous.” He confessed lightly.
“Aww, don’t be!” Asher laughed. How fucking adorable was he?! “C’mon.” He laid down on the bed on his back this time so he was facing Ben. “Mmm… you don’t know how bad I want you in me.” He shook his head. He’d had bigger but not in a while. He was craving some nice fucking. “See, this is proof I like you. I was on my stomach so I didn’t have to look at any of them. This is how I’m gonna fuck you.” He hooked his arms around Ben’s neck and his legs around his waist. “And did I do this to any of them?” He leaned up and captured Ben’s lips in a deep, sweet kiss. He was usually against kissing nerds, they got the wrong idea if you were too nice to them but he liked this one.
Ben was blushing lightly as Asher pulled back. He paused before kissing Asher again. This really took Asher by surprise as the boy’s tongue slipped in his mouth and he chose now to shove his dick into Asher’s ass. Asher gasped, clutching onto Ben tighter, his eyes clenched shut in passion as they kissed.
They broke apart after a moment.
“Damn! I didn’t see that coming.” He laughed. He liked this kid even more. He didn’t wait for Asher to tell him to fuck him. He took initiative and did it. He also kissed him without permission.
Asher could feel the warm member pulsating inside him, turning him on even more than he already was.
“Mmm, fuck, Ben.” Asher said screw his no kissing rule as he leaned up, his lips crashing against Ben’s. Ben began to move, slowly at first. Their tongues battled as sweat slicked bodies rubbed against each other, groans and moans filling the room. He never cared about making people’s first times special, he’d taken a lot of virginities. But this was different, he felt like he owed it to this boy… He wasn’t sure why.
Asher told Ben to stop moving after a while, telling him to just stay still. Ben did so and waited, watching Asher. Asher’s arms and legs were hooked around Ben so he began pulling himself up, sliding the cock in and out of him.
“Uh!” He moaned, picking up the pace, feeling the member tap his prostate lightly with each thrust. “Ben, god!”
Ben’s hands were braced on either side of Asher as he watched the boy pull himself on and off of his dick. God he was beautiful…
Their lips met over and over again, hands groping each other’s body. After a while, Asher let go of Ben, allowing the larger boy to take control. Ben picked up his pace, making sure he was brutal as he fucked Asher into the mattress with his large cock. Asher was taken aback as he cried out in pleasure, the dick tearing him in half.
“Aw fuck! Ben!” He moaned, hips bucking lightly. He reached down to grab his own cock, pumping it lightly.
Ben whimpered lightly in pleasure, needing his own release so badly.
Asher screamed as he felt Ben began pounding into him even harder. Ben gripped his hips tightly as he tried to fuck him as hard as physically possible. Asher was in complete bliss.
So pleased that his release came faster than usual, spilling onto his and Ben’s chests. Ben cried out in relief as he came hard against Asher’s prostate. Asher moaned once more at this sensation before collapsing.
“That was good.” Normally, he made them pull out right away to avoid getting pregnant but Ben filled him up so nicely, it made him feel warm. Plus, if he got pregnant he’d either do adoption or abortion. He didn’t give a fuck. “Don’t pull out.” He shook his head at Ben, pulling the boy down to lay by his side. “You can spend the night…” He rarely offered that. He grabbed a blanket off the floor and wrapped it around them, purring and cuddling into the boy’s chest, letting the cock rest inside of him. Ben’s arms were nice and warm as they wrapped around him, holding Asher close to the boy’s bare chest.
Soon, they were both asleep, cuddling like that. Asher would have hated it if he saw just how in love they looked.
The next morning, Asher woke and Ben was not there. The hell? HE was the one who ditched in the middle of the night! But Ben’s shirt was still on the floor, maybe he was just in the bathroom or something.
“Ben?” He called, standing up and slipping on his briefs before heading out of the room. He stepped into the kitchen and blinked at what he saw.
“Damnit you weren’t supposed to wake up yet. I made breakfast..” He shrugged. There were two plates of food on the table. Sausage, eggs, bacon and pancakes. Damn.
“You can cook?”
“Yeah I guess. Its not bad. I like it. I got hungry and figured I’d make you something.”
“Well thanks.” Asher nodded lightly, sitting at the table. Ben took the seat across from him and they began to eat in silence. Once they finished, Asher realized it was past the appropriate time for a fuck to stay in your house. He knew it was time to tell Ben to hit the road but… He sort of didn’t want to. He’d had boyfriends before. They just never lasted long. They dated for a while, then Asher got scared of commitment and ran. He didn’t realize this cycle though.
He wasn’t sure of a boyfriend at the moment, he was having fun fucking every night. But… Ben was sweet…
“You want to stick around for a while?” He spoke up, looking down at his plate.
“Um, sure.” Ben grinned lightly as he ate his own food.
“Great.” Asher nodded, a small smile on his own lips.
The two did start a relationship. They were going great, fucking every night, Ben cooked for them. They’d almost been together for a half a year. This was the longest relationship Asher had ever been in… They’d just fucked and Ben was sleeping as he rested inside of Asher . Asher yawned, reaching over to the bedside table and grabbing Ben’s overnight bag, where he had Asher’s birth control. He rummaged through the bag, looking for it. He saw something that nearly made him shit himself. An engagement ring.
No. It couldn’t be his. No, no, no. This was going to ruin everything. Asher began to panic, his breathing heavy. He slowly slipped Ben out of him, pressing a kiss to the boy’s lips before hopping out of bed. He got dressed quickly and began packing up his things. He needed to go. Now. He had to move damnit. He liked this area. He moved all the time… when this happened. When he ditched a guy and couldn’t chance them finding him. He’d miss the friends he’d made around here. Like Veronica… He’d miss Ben too. He just couldn’t chance Ben proposing. He couldn’t say no to his face and break that poor boy’s heart.
He scribbled a quick note before running out the door, bags thrown over his shoulder.
The next morning, Ben awoke, wondering if maybe Asher had decided to make breakfast today. Then he felt the paper beside him. He frowned lightly as he read it. It was short, sweet and to the point.
“I love you. But I’m leaving. The house is yours, keep it. Goodbye <3
Love, Asher XOXO.”
The paper was signed with a kiss mark in bright red lipstick…

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Red Lipstick
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