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 For The First Time.

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Cove Braxton


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PostSubject: For The First Time.   Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:39 am

Okay, so I enjoyed the idea of Cove being Briley's first so I wrote thiss Smile I hope you enjoy it! It's like midnight and I'm tired right now but I had to finish this so the end is really shitty and horribly written >< But I had to finish it before I went to bedddd. I also am too tired to read over this so if something doesn't make sense, that's why. Sorryy, and I still hope you like it and I think I butchered Briley's character but I hope you like it anywaysss!


“C’mon Cove!” Briley pleaded.
“Uh uh. Ain’t happenin!” Cove shook his head firmly, looking back at his friend.
“Cove, man, please.”
“Yer pushin’ yer luck, Riley!” Cove growled. He had a tendency of calling his friends by their last names when he was angry with them, not like Briley’s sounded much different though.
“Coveeeee.” Briley whined.
“Shut up.”
“No! Please dude?”
“Ah am not lettin’ ya fuck me!”
“Why not?” Briley pouted playfully, folding his arms across his chest.
“Because!” Cove exclaimed incredulously.
“C’mon, man. I told you. I got a date next week and if he wants to fuck, I’m not gonna look like some amateur.”
“Briley, ah suggest ya shut up before ah make ya shut up.”
“And I’d rather have my first be someone I know. Cove.” Briley groaned.
*Thirty Minutes Later*
Cove grumbled to himself as Briley pressed him against the bathroom wall, slipping his shirt off over his head.
“Ah cannot believe ah let ya talk meh inta thes…” Cove shook his head as the cool air hit his chest. He’d never admit it but there was a growing knot of nervousness forming in his stomach. He’d never bottomed before and quite frankly he’d never planned on it. It was painful and if he cried in front of Briley, he knew the boy would NEVER let him live it down. He had no clue how but Briley had convinced him to do it. That boy could talk anyone into anything.
“It’s not gonna be that bad, man.” Briley reassured as he undid the buckle on his pants, letting Cove undress himself.
When they were both nude, Briley stepped in the shower, turning it on and letting the warm water wash over him before Cove stepped in as well.
They both agreed this was best to get themselves as horny as possible and used to each other’s bodies before they actually had sex.
Cove stood there for a moment, his eyes narrowed at one of his best friends.
“I’ll be gentle, man. Promise.” Briley let his normally joking tone turn into a serious one, his eyes sincere as they locked with Cove’s.
Cove sighed, reluctantly nodding his head before grabbing the soap.
“Let me.” Briley nodded, grabbing the bottle and squirting some into a rag. “Turn around.” He commanded and Cove did as he was told. With one hand, Briley began rubbing down Cove’s back and shoulders with the rag, his other hand coming down to rest on the boy’s waist. He washed Cove’s upper half before slowly moving down, caressing his ass.
Cove made a small growl of protest.
“Will you calm down?” Briley rolled his eyes. It was very sensual… and Cove did look good. He glanced around and gave a smirk of satisfaction at the forming erection in between Cove’s legs. He gently placed a hand on Cove’s neck, tilting it to the side so he had room to work as he leaned his head forward, his lips resting on Cove’s collarbone, moving to trail up and down the boy’s neck.
Cove wet his lips, slowly getting used to Briley’s lips on him, trying to think of him as a lover instead of a friend. He grunted softly as Briley sucked on his neck, leaving a trail of hickeys from behind his ear, all the way down to his shoulder.
Briley stepped around Cove so they were facing each other. They locked eyes as Briley continued washing his friend, trailing the rag down his chest, refusing to look away. When he was finished washing the boy’s chest, he took the soapy rag and trailed it down Cove’s stomach, moving to his thighs, slowly caressing the area before he did what he knew Cove had to be anticipating. He wrapped his hand with the rag in it around Cove’s throbbing hard on, slowly stroking it up and down, covering it in soap.
Cove moaned, bucking his hips lightly into the hand working him. Briley did this for a few moments, keeping a slow pace before putting the rag down. Cove stepped under the water, rinsing off before he turned back to Briley.
Briley grabbed Cove’s shoulders, roughly pressing the boy back against one of the shower walls. He gripped the boy’s face in his hands, his lips crashing down on Cove’s before the boy could protest. Cove attempted to shove him off at first but Briley held his face with his strong hands, his thick thighs pressing Cove’s lower half against the wall, keeping him still. After a moment, Cove ceased his struggle, responding slowly at first but soon he became more open to the idea. Instead of letting Briley’s tongue explore his mouth, his own wet muscle rubbed against Briley’s. They wrestled for dominance for nearly ten minutes, the makeout session getting more passionate with every second. It was unclear what came over them but they’d stopped being tentative with touching the other. They were full on groping the other as their mouths battled, their erections pressed against each other’s stomachs. Briley finally won the struggle for dominance, smirking lightly as he pulled back, biting Cove’s lower lip.
“Bend over.” Briley nodded.
“Ah thought weh said weh weren’t gonna do et en here?”
“We’re not, just bend over.” Briley insisted, popping his friend’s rear.
Cove grumbled but bent over, his butt jutting out, his hands resting on the wall in front of him. Briley licked his lips as he eyed the boy’s plump ass. He reached out both hands, each of them grabbing a cheek, massaging them lightly. His entire body was already nice and wet so he took his index finger, sliding it down the crack, gently running over Cove’s tight pucker, ignoring the grumble of protest as Briley slid a finger inside. He rubbed around slowly, stroking Cove’s walls until he could tell Cove eased up a bit at the feeling.
“Alright, let’s continue this in my room…” Briley nodded, figuring they were both hard enough. He was sure his dick would fucking fall off if he didn’t get off soon.
Cove nodded lightly as Briley turned off the faucet, stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel, tossing a second one at Cove who caught it as he too stepped onto the tile floor. Cove dried off lightly before tying the towel around his waist, looking up to see Briley had done the same and was now watching him intently, a signature conceited smirk on his handsome face.
It caught Cove slightly off guard as he eyed his friend. He hated to admit… Briley looked damn good as he stood there, bare chested, water dripping from his muscular form as his damp hair hung around his face.
“Whatcha lookin’ at there?” Briley asked, the amused tone in his voice letting Cove know that he knew exactly what Cove had been looking at.
“Ah hate ya, Riley.” Cove growled.
“Sure didn’t two seconds ago.” Briley shot his friend a wink before exiting the bathroom, leading Cove up to his bedroom, being sure to look the door behind them when they got inside.
As they got in the bedroom, that knot in Cove’s stomach formed again. Especially when Briley abruptly lifted him, carrying him over to the bed and laying him down.
Briley sat at the bottom of the bed by Cove’s feet, lifting one leg and slowly, starting at the toes, kissing every inch of skin there was.
“Jus’ get on weth et.” Cove groaned.
“Do you want me to just shove my dick up your ass? I didn’t think so! Now shut up and let me get you horny so it’s more enjoyable for you, damnit.” Briley shook his head, continuing to kiss Cove’s thighs as he watched the boy’s dick twitch in anticipation. Finally, Briley pressed his lips to the head of the dripping member, letting the precum spread over his mouth. Cove moaned, slightly shocked as Briley let the fat cock slide into his mouth.
“Briley…” Cove blinked, licking his lips.
Briley simply winked up at him as he sucked his friend off. Normally, he wouldn’t be caught dead with a dick in his mouth but he had to make Cove feel good… and it wasn’t so bad.
He bobbed his head on Cove’s dick for a few minutes, enjoy the moans and groans heard from above him before he pulled back. He pressed one final kiss to the head before standing, grabbing the lubricant from a drawer in the bedside table and sitting back on the bed. He squirted a bit onto his fingers, getting them nice and wet before spreading Cove’s legs wide, moving in between them. He pressed one finger to Cove’s tight hole, slowly moving it past the ring of muscle. Cove’s nose twitched and Briley found it a bit endearing, a smile once again taking over his features. He slid the finger in as far as it would go, moving it around and stroking Cove’s walls gently, rubbing around until he found Cove’s prostate, jabbing it. Briley snickered as Cove jumped a bit, making a pleasure yelping sound.
“Shut up.” Cove muttered as Briley continued to grin at him.
“You’re fun as a bottom, I think you should do it more often.”
“And ah think ya should shut yar trap.”
Briley said nothing more, simply continuing to press on Cove’s prostate over and over. During one of the moments where Cove was in pleasure, Briley quickly pressed his second finger in the tight hole. He felt a bit more resistance this time, also earning a hiss from Cove at how quick he’d shoved it in there.
“Sorry.” Briley’s apology was sincere, he’d promised to be gentle. “I’ll try not to be so rough with it.” He nodded, scissoring his fingers inside of Cove, watching the grimace on Cove’s face. He slowed it down a bit, stroking Cove’s prostate gently, letting his fingers ghost over it as he stretched Cove’s passage. Finally, he slowly added a third finger, watching Cove squirm even more uncomfortably.
“Shh…” Briley consoled softly, his free hand moving to run over Cove’s nipples, tweaking them lightly. Briley watched his soon to be lover underneath him, enjoying the look on his face as he fingered him. When he thought Cove was stretched a good bit, he began slowly sliding his fingers in and out, repeating the process over and over. It wasn’t long before he heard Cove’s first moan. It was quiet but it was there. Briley sped up the pace, hitting Cove’s prostate each time.
Cove groaned loudly this time, his eyes fluttering shut. His moans quickly grew louder and louder, filling Briley’s ears.
“Feel good, huh?” Briley spoke, his light laughter coming through in his words.
“Fuck ya.”
“You will in a second.” Briley winked as he removed his fingers, eyeing them for a moment before licking them clean.
“Weirdoh.” Cove shook his head as he watched his friend. He quickly went silent though as Briley moved so his dick was pressed to Cove’s entrance. Cove’s stomach flipped as he prepared for the pain to come.
“You ready?” Briley asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah.” Cove gave a firm nod of his head although Briley could detect the tremble in his voice.
“I promise, I’ll take care of you alright?” Briley frowned softly, taking Cove’s hands and interlacing their fingers.
Cove swallowed, giving another nod but saying nothing. Briley slowly slid the tip in, surprised at how much resistance he was met with.
Cove made a strange strangled sound, clenching his eyes shut.
“Do et quick.”
“You sure?”
“Posetive.” Cove nodded furiously.
Briley bit his lower lip in concentration as he thrusted forward, pushing himself ball deep inside of Cove’s ass.
“Oh!” Briley’s jaw dropped at the feel of the scorching heat around him. He’d never imagined how tight it would be. He almost couldn’t help himself, he nearly started moving right then. But he caught the pained look on Cove’s face so he paused, reaching down and caressing Cove’s cheek softly. “You okay?”
“Ah’m FINE.” Cove insisted, nudging Briley’s hand off of him.
“Stop that. I’m not gonna make fun of you for hurting. It hurts for everyone. So stop being a douche and tell me when you’re feeling alright and I can move.” Briley said firmly, resting inside his friend.
“Fine.” Cove sighed lightly, closing his eyes and waiting for the pain to subside. Briley waited patiently, beginning to feel a bit guilty as he watched Cove.
He was taking his friend’s virginity. He’d practically forced the boy to do it, bugged him until he agreed. But it was too late to fix it now so if he was Cove’s first time, he was going to make sure it was a damn good first time.
It took a few minutes but Cove soon nodded slowly.
“Ah’m good. Ya can move.”
Briley leaned in, capturing Cove’s lips as he withdrew his cock, slowly shoving himself back into the tight hole. It was a lot harder than he’d anticipated but it felt oh so amazing.
“Aw damn, Cove.” Briley moaned, his eyes shut with pleasure. “You’re so tight…”
“Talk ta meh like ah betch again and ah’ll keck yar teeth en.” Cove muttered at the comment about his ass.
“Would you rather be loose?”
“Ah’d rather ya nowt talk about my arse.”
“Well I’m sort of fucking it right now..” Briley rolled his eyes as he continued his slow pace, taking his time gently sliding in and out of Cove, clenching his teeth to keep from flat out screaming in pleasure. He’d never felt such intense pleasure. He’d jerked off, sure, but it was absolutely nothing compared to this.
“Cove!” He moaned loudly, throwing his head back as he couldn’t help but speed up a bit after checking if Cove was alright.
Briley couldn’t quite read the look on Cove’s face. His eyes were clenched shut and his lips were pressed tightly together.
“You alright, man?” Briley’s own voice shook with pleasured sounds.
Cove opened his mouth to answer, instead a shout passed his lips as Briley struck his prostate. A smirk spread across Briley’s lips as he realized Cove was only keeping his mouth shut so he didn’t moan so much.
“Like it?” Briley winked as he worked his hips harder, stabbing Cove’s prostate as many times as he could.
They both seemed to stop caring about anyone hearing them at about the same time, giving up on keeping quiet. Moans and shouts soon filled the large home. Cove hooked his arms around Briley’s neck, digging his nails into the boy’s back, needing something to hold onto as Briley fucked him. Briley was being as gentle as possible but Cove was going insane. He’d had sex before but never on bottom, this pleasure was a kind he’d never previously experienced and as much as he was against it, he was loving it. He cried out with Briley’s every thrust, his hips bucking up into his friend’s.
And Briley was quite enjoying himself. Apart from the immense pleasure of course, he was liking how much Cove was enjoying himself. It meant he was doing well. He hadn’t given Cove a horrible first time and Cove certainly was showing him a great time.
It wasn’t long before Briley felt that familiar warmth building in his stomach. It hadn’t been too long but it was only his first after all.
But that didn’t stop Cove from chuckling when he noticed the signs of his new lover’s climax. His thrusts were becoming erratic.
“That’s all ya can last?”
“I wouldn’t be talking. I’m not the one taking it up the ass and screaming like a bitch.” He punctuated each word with a firm thrust.
Cove glared but said nothing more, withering in pleasure underneath Briley. He too was close to the edge and Briley’s every movement was bringing him closer and closer.
“Can I do it inside you?” Briley asked, not pausing for a second.
“Ef ah get pregnant, yer payin’ far tha abortion.” Cove informed him.
“Fine by me.” Briley smirked before he let out a shout of pleasure as they reached their climax at the same moment.
Briley released his load deep inside of Cove, continuing to thrust as Cove’s walls tightened around him. Cove’s own cum spurted up onto both their chests.
Briley’s legs suddenly felt weak once they finished. He collapsed on top of Cove’s chest, rolling beside him and slowly pulling out, throwing an arm around Cove’s shoulders.
They laid there in silence for a few moments, panting heavily before Briley spoke up.
“So how was that?”
“Et was… amazin’.” Cove admitted lightly.
“I know.” Briley winked. “For me too though.” He nodded seriously. “Thanks, man.”
“Yar welcome, asshole.” Cove grumbled, but a smile was on his face showing that he was only kidding. “Et wasn’t too bad.”
Briley grinned at him and they laid there for a while longer before Briley glanced down at Cove’s ass, leaking blood and semen. He moved down and lifted Cove’s legs up again, letting his tongue trail over Cove’s hole, causing the boy to shudder. Briley simply smirked again, letting his tongue slide in the tight passage.
“Will ya get yar tongue outta my arse?” Cove chuckled lightly as he glanced down at Briley.
“Nah.” Briley winked and continued felching, getting his own semen out of Cove’s ass, sliding his tongue around inside of him. The sound of Cove’s shouts was music to his ears. It wasn’t long at all before Cove came again, his cum splashing Briley in the face this time.
“Ew, dude.” Briley shrugged, wiping it off onto his hand and licking it clean. He crawled back up beside Cove and plopped back down, slipping his arm around Cove’s waist and resting his chin in the crook of his friend’s neck.
Before long, Cove had fallen asleep. Briley looked up, watching him for a few moments before he too dozed off peacefully.
Sure, it hadn’t been a perfect, romantic first time but to them, this was much better than that anyways.

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For The First Time.
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