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 Little moments

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Lane McCormick


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PostSubject: Little moments   Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:40 pm

Lane sighed softly, watching Cameron play around the park with a few other small children she had just met. She was good at making friends, she had gotten that from her mother, from Sarah.
Ah Sarah...
Lane smile as he let his thoughts drift over to the women he had loved so much.
She was amazing, or she had been. Lane had loved her since the beginning. They had been high school sweethearts, and really began dating in the middle of his eighth grade year. He had watched her grow and bloom. Her blond hair slowly draping over her shoulder. Her blue eyes with there certain spark about them. Oh how he had looked into her eyes many nights and found himself feeling at home with her.
But all things come to pass, Lane was a witness of this.
Cameron would have loved her mother, and Lane knew that had Sarah lived, she would have been a mother anyone would like to have, she was just a wonderful person like that.
How he missed her.
It ate at him many nights, it was no fair. They had decided to have a baby together, yet she was the one who paid the price, not him.
He glanced up as he heard Cameron squeak, her tiny body accelerating as she sped down a slide, a big yellow eye sore if you asked him, but it seemed to be pleasing his daughter. Once at the bottom she urged her new friends to slide down and meet her, before she was off to the rusting swing set. The park had been around for sometime, since he had been a little kid. Lane was not all that old though, only twenty seven, but if he was right, his mother had mentioned playing on the same park. The park was nice though, adorning a peaceful feel to it. Large willow trees, older than most people he knew, provided shade and protection. Also managing to keep a light breeze blowing on the warm sunny days. Truly Lane wished he could spend more time here but he had somewhere to be. He had a lot to do before he was shipped back off, across seas. Lane had made his career in the Marines. He was one of the few, the proud, you know? He wished he could be around more for his daughter, he had already been majoring in his career four years even before Cameron was born. He had counted on Sarah to be home with her while he was away, but nothing ever seems to turn out like he had previously planned.
"Cameron!" Lane called out softly, beckoning the girl over as he slowly stood, taking his time as if moving was an effort and it was sometimes for him, he had trouble with his knees, he had for some times now. Ever since playing basketball in high school where he had torn a tendon, it had been painful for him. Not because his knee hurt, but because he couldnt finish out playing his season.
Lane hated leaving anything unfinished.
He watched his child bounce over to him, with every step, her blond pig tails swung over her shoulders, patting her on the back. She was a beautiful child, the model American girl. Her skin creamy and tanned being she spent so much time in the sun, her eyes piercing blue, more so like her fathers than her mothers though, Sarah's eyes had a lighter touch to them. Cameron was small, elegant though and she geld herself with a certain type of grace only her mother had owned.
"What is it daddy!?" Cameron's voice was high and playful as she came to a stop in front of him, she body still seeming to vibrate.
"We need to get going, I promised your grandmother that you would be home to do your homework by four, and its already half passed three." The man leaned down, lightly tapping her nose with his index finger, something he had done since she had been a toddler.
"Awhhhh But daddy!" Came the shrill whine Lane had expected from her.
"Awhhh But Cam!" Lane mimicked her, his lips stretching into a large grin at hearing her giggle. He wrapped her up in one arm, lifting her up to his chest and then gently moving her around his chest, landing her on his back.
"Alright, hold on tight Cam." His voice was light but serious as he instructed her, though he was holding onto her himself as he began trotting off with her. She adored when he gave her piggy back rides, it was always the best ride in the world to her.
Her pleased laughter filled the large park, and by the time they had made it to Lane's old 1996 Chevrolet, her face held a pink tint, one that was sure to slash with the blue of her eyes and force when to jump out on her face.
Her father lowered her from his back, and onto the cement while he readied the front seat for her use. Once he turned and offered her a hand up, she was quiet, watching him.
"Something wrong Cameron?" Simple questioned as he placed his hands under her arms, hoisting her up and into his truck.
"Mmm, I love you daddy." Her tiny shoulder rose and fell with a shrug. "Just felt like telling you."
Yes, she warmed Lane's heart, always did.
"Love you too Princess."
These little moments with his daughter...
He lived for them.

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Little moments
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