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 Im Coming home...

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Rick McGuire Jr


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PostSubject: Im Coming home...   Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:38 am

Mike grinned softly. Today was fathers day and Mike had gotten something especially special for Rick. He waited until all the others gifts were open before he clapped his hands and got everyone's attention.
"Alright everyone...I now want to give Rick a special father's day gift from me. Rick, your a very good daddy no matter what you think and I have someone else who is willing to tell you that." Mike nodded, opening his bed room door and disappearing a moment later stepping out with a boy, he looked around thirteen. He was built and tall, with piercing blue eyes and light brown hair that was swooped to the side.
He looked just like Rick...
But he had Kevin's nose, and ears...
The boy waved at everyone, glancing at Mike who pointed over to Rick and grinned.
"Junior, Don't you have something to say?"
"Uh sure...Happy fathers day Rick." The nodded nodded at the man Mike was pointing to. The boy, Rick Junior most had guess didn't really remember any one. He was just here because he was curious about his real family. After running away, he had gotten lost and found by a nice women who had given him to the county's police offer. Then cops had found out his name of Rick McGuire and ran a search for all the McGuire's they had.
Rick, nor Chris were listed...
But they had found a McGuire and they had talked to the person. The person had come, looked at the boy and taken him home. Rick had lived with that person and their family ever since, coming to know them as mother, father and siblings..
A loud wail sounded out as Kevin realized that his mother had found his baby boy.
He had Junior on his arms in seconds while all Rick could do was stare with wide eyes at the child his mother had brought home.
His baby...
Kevin was sobbing, on his knees and hugging the boy close. The boy wrapped his arms around Kevin, giving a wild guess that this was his mother. He stroked the mans hair and looked out around all the people, not remembering anyone.
Not Kevin.
Not Rick.
Not Zac.
Not Jude....
"Ummm...Its okay sir." he spoke softly, Kevin only crying harder.
"I-Im your M-Momma!" Kevin cried into the boy's shoulder.
"Kay....Ummm...So..." Rick looked around at everyone. "Im Uh, Im Rick McGuire...Nice to meet you all?" The boy was not sure who these people were or if they knew him but hell, he had wanted to know his real family so he was going to see how it went.
Rick, the older one, the man slowly made his way over to his lover and their child who had been lost for so long. He fell to his knees beside Kevin, lifting a trebling hand and resting it against his son's cheek. "O-Oh....y-your real.." He spoke softly, his eyes watering as he touched the child he thought he would never see again.
"Yes, Im real." Junior nodded, blinking at the man.
There was another moment before Rick's hands were on him, one on the back of his head, and running through his hair. The other around his waist as he was slowly brought forward, into the mans arms, his face pressed on Rick's shoulder.
"O-Oh...My baby..." Tears slid down Rick's cheeks. His son was so big now...almost a teenager, he looked so different...
He smelled different...
The boy used to smell like his father, now he smelled foreign...
Yet familiar...
Where did Rick know that scent from....
I may finish this later,my rick sucksss
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Im Coming home...
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