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 Don't Touch Him.

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Cove Braxton


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PostSubject: Don't Touch Him.   Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:55 pm

Cove grumbled softly as he turned over in the bed, reaching his arm out and grabbing Leon, tugging him close.
“Mmm…” He murmured something Leon couldn’t make out as he sat there, his camera in one hand.
“What?” He asked softly, his cheeks still turning a dark red every time he thought of what they had done the previous night.
He’d refused to go the whole way but god, the places Cove’s mouth had been made him shudder to think about…
“Ah said, what are ya doin’ up, love?” Cove yawned as he rubbed his eyes, propping his head up on his hand to look at Leon. “Et’s like six en tha mornin’, put tha damn camera away.” He shook his head.
“Didn’t sleep much…” Leon mumbled lightly, toying with the settings on his camera, snapping a quick picture of Cove. The covers came to just below his hips, a few pubes just barely visible. Leon’s face flushed.
He shuddered, shaking the dirty thoughts off immediately. Ew….
“Really? Ya seemed pretty tired last night…” Cove grinned lightly, his own eyes alight with the pride of their activities.
Leon didn’t quite respond, giving a small nod of agreement instead.
Cove simply chuckled, letting his eyes slip back shut as he tried to doze off again.
“Put tha camera away.” Cove grumbled into the pillow. He got no answer but it was silent so he ignored it.
“Hmm?” Leon asked softly.
“Knock et off.”
Several minutes passed and Cove was nearly asleep.
Click… Click.
“Leon!” Cove growled, his anger slowly building.
“Sorry…” Leon murmured.
Cove said nothing more, once again dozing off.
Cove snarled, sitting up and without thinking, his arm flung out, backhanding Leon across the face with so much force he fell off the mattress onto the floor.
When Cove glanced down and saw the boy curled up on the carpet, he felt a small twinge of regret in his stomach but he was just not the type to apologize. He did reach down and scoop Leon up though, sitting him back on the bed.
Leon said nothing for a while, looking down at his feet.
“I want daddy.” He said softly.
“Leon, calm down…” Cove sighed.
“I want daddy.” Leon repeated simply, his voice just as quiet as before.
“Leon-“ Cove began but this time he was cut off.
“I. Want. Daddy.” Leon emphasized every word, his voice getting just a bit louder.
“Fine.” Cove growled, stomping as he grabbed just a pair of jeans, not in the mood to dress completely so he went without underwear, and shirtless. He slipped the jeans on, folding his arms impatiently as he leaned against the doorway, watching Leon shyly slip his own clothes from the previous night on. He then stormed out to the car, taking the wheel as Leon slid into the passenger’s seat. He drove rather recklessly to Angel and Gabriel’s house, occasionally glancing over at Leon, judging just how bad the huge bruise on his face was going to piss Cade off. He didn’t like what he came up with.
But he would hold his ground. He was far too stubborn to admit he’d been wrong, just like his father.
He pulled up in front of the house, getting out of the car and following Leon to the front door. Leon knocked and soon, Kelton popped his head through the door.
“Baby!” He grinned and hugged his son, before noticing the bruise. He glanced up at Cove, his eyes narrowing. “Cade!” He called. “Leon’s here!”
Cade ran to the door in seconds and he too lifted Leon, embracing him before noticing the bruise. He blinked a few times and ran a gentle hand over it.
“Sweetheart, why don’t you come back to the kitchen with me and talk? We’ll make brownies.” Cade smiled sweetly.
“Can gramma help?” Leon grinned softly.
“Course.” Cade beamed at him, yelling for Angel and disappearing into the kitchen with Leon.
Cove plopped on the couch, folding his arms behind his head, noticing Kelton eyeing him.
“Whatcha staring at?” Cove grumbled.
“You better watch yourself boy.” Gabriel spoke as he stepped in the room, sitting beside Cove on the couch to keep an eye on him.
“How ‘bout you watch yarself, old man.” Cove smirked lightly at the much larger man. He and Gabriel didn’t have a too close relationship but they often joked around, Kyndal wanted Cove to know the older man.
“I’m gonna shove my foot right up your ass if you don’t knock it off.” Gabriel chuckled, rubbing his knuckles over Cove’s head in a light noogie.
Cove whined and nudged him off, sitting in silence for a while until the door from the kitchen was swung open. Leon tentatively stepped through, a tray of brownies in his hands. He shyly extended the tray to Cove and his grandfather. Gabriel took one with a grin, thanking the small boy. Cove did as well, his lips gently pressing to Leon’s hurt cheek.
“Thank ya, love.” He whispered in the boy’s ear, a gentle arm sliding around his waist. Leon smiled softly at him as he watched Cove pop the brownie in his mouth.
Cove watched as the boy looked around for his camera until the sad look of realization washed over his face when he remembered it was still at Cove’s house.
Cove was about to say something when Cade popped his head through the doorway.
“Cove… can I talk to you in here?” His voice sounded strained, trying to keep calm. Cove stood and stepped over to the man, however not entering the kitchen.
“Well ah think weh can talk en here.” He smirked lightly.
Cade reached forward, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling him close, hissing in his ear.
“You get your ass in here right now.”
Cove glared but he did enter the kitchen with Cade, closing the door behind him and locking it.
“What?” He folded his arms. Not another second passed before Cade’s fist had connected with his jaw. Cove had been hit harder before but he hadn’t been expecting it so it’d put him on his ass. Cade now moved to hover over him.
“Just what the fuck gives you the right to put your hands on my son?” He growled.
“He’s MY boyfriend, ah’ll put my hands wherever tha fuck ah want on hem.” Cove moved to his feet, shoving Cade’s chest.
“Hell no you won’t.”
They both stepped closer until their chests and noses were touching.
“I have half a mind to tell you to go fuck yourself and leave my son alone, but-“
“But ya won’t, cause Leon loves meh.” Cove interrupted, a smug smile on his face.
Cade narrowed his eyes.
“You WON’T put your hands on him again.”
“Or what?”
“Oh, you don’t want to know what.” Cade’s voice was soft but there was an ominous tone in his voice. A tone that had Cove even considering to apologize.
“Ah’m real scared.”
“You should be, Cove. I WON’T have you hurting him.”
“You and what army is going ta stop meh?”
“Cove, I’m fucking serious. You won’t put your hands on him again, hear me?”
“Ah hear ya loud and clear. But who says ah’m going ta listen?” He smirked.
Cove grabbed him and shoved him against the wall, taking a butcher knife and pressing the tip against Cove’s throat.
“Cove. If you have any intelligence in that big head of yours, I suggest you stop being a smart ass and listen to me.”
“Yar fuckin’ crazy, aren’t ya?” Cove laughed nervously, glancing down at the knife, keeping his neck erect to avoid getting cut.
“Maybe I am. But you’re also fucking crazy if you don’t listen to me now.”
“Ah’m not gonna listen to yar insane ass.”
“You’re a lot stupider than I thought.” Cade shook his head. “I could kill you right now and you’re still too stubborn.”
“Ya could kill me, but ya won’t. Cause like ah said, Leon loves me. And ya won’t hurt hem like that.”
“I don’t give a rat’s ass if he loves you or not. If he cared that much about you, he wouldn’t have told me you hit him.”
“Cade, did heh also tell ya what weh did last night?” Cove smirked. “Ah touched hem, heh LET meh touch him. Heh wanted meh to. Heh loves me Cade. And ya know et.”
Cade’s stomach churned at the thought of his baby doing sexual things like that… He wanted to believe Cove was lying but he could tell he wasn’t.
He dropped Cove and the knife, shoving the boy aside.
“Ah was a bit surprised. Heh’s pretty good at suckin’ cock.” Cove smirked, earning him another fist to the jaw.
“Shut your damn mouth, Cove Trever Braxton.”
“Oh, pullin’ out tha middle name now, ah bet yar serious.” Cove snickered.
“Yeah I am, you know I think I might go pay Misery a visit. Maybe give Trever a birthday present early.” Cade shrugged, knowing he needed a different approach to get to the boy.
“Ya wouldn’t.” Cove glared.
“I think I would. Now, are you going to hurt Leon again?”
Cove was silent, his eyes blazing.
Cade picked up his phone, dialing Trever’s number slowly until Cove snatched the phone from him, slamming it down on the counter and knocking Cade over, putting him on his ass.
He placed a large foot on Cade’s chest, putting a bit of pressure down on him.
“Fine. But don’t plan on seeing him any time soon.” Cove snapped before storming out of the room, grabbing Leon’s hand and tugging him out of the home completely.

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Don't Touch Him.
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