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 Never Grow Up.

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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: Never Grow Up.   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:09 am

Im too tired to read over this so im sorry for mistakes.
Rick junior sighed softly, his soft brown orbs being reflected as he gazed out his bedroom window on this chilled November night. It was dark outside, the clouds had decided to hide the moon from the world tonight, leaving everything in darkness.
Junior felt so small compared to all the surrounding darkness, even if he could hear Alan downstairs in the living room. The man was slowly moving back into his normal habits, his little fling with Jude had certainly felt some marks on Alan's mind.
Another sigh escaped his lips as he moved to the window sill, sitting on the little ledge he had and gently pressing his hand against the icy window.
As he lost himself in the darkness, he could faintly hear a voice. It was warm, and it was singing....

Rick blinked his eyes open, the piercing squall of a child bringing out of his slumber. He forced his body to move and he sat up. In the darkness of his bed room he could faintly make out Kevin's prone form lying next to him, also the source of the thundering cries. He let out a small groan, pulling himself from the bed and trying his hardest to 'rush' over to his son before the child managed to wake Kevin and the rest of the family. Almost tripping once on his discarded pants, and stubbing his toe on the crib itself, he was able to gently lift the squalling child up and into his arms. The baby slowly came to a much quieter whine as he was cradled.
"God Junior, your going to wake Mike and Alex, then we're both going to cry." Alex was such a brat when he didnt get his beauty sleep.
Rick had to crack a smile at the thought.
Junior simply reached up for Rick's face, his tiny fingers connecting with the mans cheeks.
"Buahhh." The baby crooned softly, he didnt seem to be hungry or else the crying would have continued. No, Rick figured he had just woke in the dark and got spooked, no hard done.
Except to his precious sleeping time.
"Junior, im tired baby. You gotta sleep!"
The baby just kicked his feet lightly.
Armed with northing, Rick wracked his brain for a method to put his first born back to sleep.
He had nothing.
So he just took up singing.
"Your little hands wrapped around my finger, And it's so quiet in the world tonight." The words were sang softly, Ricks voice low as not to wake Kevin. "Your little eyelids flutter 'cause you're dreaming, So I tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light." As Rick sang, he did realize that even though he hated having any light in a room while sleeping, if Junior were to wake up again tonight or any other night, it may be key to not having the child bawl.
He put it on his 'to-do' list.
Rick glanced over at Kevin, the man stretching out and letting a slight moan escape him. Junior thought it the funniest thing obviously, as he made sure to giggle extra loud.
"To you, everything's funny, You got nothing to regret..." As Rick sang, his mind driffted over to Biddy who was sleeping in the room with Alex and Mike, and the day old baby curled up to Biddy's chest as the older boy snored away.
"I'd give all I have, honey, If you could stay like that..." Rick did want his son to stay pure, and to stay innocent. Oh, how he never wanted Junior to feel his pain. Maybe he was not the victim but it was his life and he was hurting too. No one seemed to care about his feelings though and he knew they probably shoulder being it was mostly his fault, but he still couldnt help but wish that someone would care for him for a change.
Rick sang with a little more heart.
"Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up, Just stay this little..."
He hoped Junior to be a little fool, a little fool to all the horrors of the world. If Rick could, he would take all the tortures of his and Juniors life so the child wouldnt have to feel an ounce of sadness in all his lifetime.
"Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up, It could stay this simple..."
If only.
"I won't let nobody hurt you, Won't let no one break your heart.."
Rick had to hold in a small chuckle at that. Yes he already knew if anyone ever hurt his baby, no matter who it was, he would break there face.
"No, no one will desert you, Just try to never grow up, never grow up...." Rick's voice faded off into nothing. He hadnt noticed but Junior had been sleeping soundly since the middle of the song.
The man left his eyes take in the child, his rounded face and plump lips. His deep brown patch of hair and his tiny nose.
Rick fell in love. He would love Kevin for his entire life, but nothing was like the love of a father and his child.
"Junior...Rick Junior..." The name made his heart swell. He brought the small infant up to give it a soft kiss to the forehead. He had began to lay it back into the crib but a small tug at his heart strings hauled his actions.
Instead he turned, keeping the baby in his arms as he did so. Junior could sleep with him and Kevin in the bed tonight.

Junior shook off the forlorn memory, and ignored the stinging of tears in his eyes.
He missed this man.
His daddy...
Junior shook of the salty tears and turned to his bed, laying down quietly in the darkness of his room.
In the back of his mind, he wondered what his father thought of now that Junior was growing up...
And he had no clue what was even taking place in his sons life.
With a pained hiss at the ache in his heart, Junior pressed the palms of his hands into his eyes, and quietly he sang to himself.
"Oh darling dont you ever grow up...."

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Never Grow Up.
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