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 Of Flames and Families.

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PostSubject: Of Flames and Families.   Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:37 am

So its really late and I dont have it in me to read over. I hope you enjoy Alex!

Mike awoke with a start, the burning in his lungs forcing from his slumber. It was only then that he noticed it was horribly hot in there home...Hot and black. Almost like it was just really smokey.
It was then that he realized he could clearly hear the sound of the fire alarms going off, and the treacherous calls of his family as they cried out.
Something was wrong.
He immediately reached over to his side for Alex, but the other side of the bed was empty...
Alex was gone.
Something was WRONG.
And Mike knew exactly what the moment he opened his bed room door and fire began to reach for him.
His home was burning...
"ALEX!" Mike exclaimed, his head whipping around. "Rick! Kevin!! JAY!!" He was so lost, he couldnt see anything through the angry flames that rapidly reached closer and closer to him. Sweat had already sickened his body even before he had woken up.
They had just had a get together...His family...they were all here...
Where were they? He couldnt get past the fire engulfing the hallway to his room so he might could see. But his ears assured him some of his family were still alive inside the home, he could hear them crying out names of loved ones also.
He just wanted his husband, his husband and his babies.
Mike had totally forgotten. He had just gotten out of the hospital after having his newest child. That was the whole reason they had the getogether...
Mike back stepped a few times to the crib that sat beside his bed. He hurriedly threw the tiny blanket off the small bed to see his new born.
Deadly silent...
A baby should not ever be so quiet, especially with all of this going on around him.
"Baby!" Mike reached into the crib, snatching the baby out.
He was limp.
"O-Oh no...." Mike felt his head spinning. The baby was so still...
He panicked, lightly shaking the child. He patted the baby on its butt, he patted the childs chest...
But nothing...
"NO!!!" Mike hadnt even noticed the flames inching closer to him, his baby was not moving...
No. Mike would not accept that. His baby was NOT dead.
Mike hissed as he finally realized the fire had almost come into contact with his back, already working on turning his bedroom into nothing but burnt wood and ashes.
He screeched as he backed himself into a corner by the window, instinctively looking out at the yard.
Relief entered his body as he noticed some of his family outside on the lawn, calling for others, rushing to get help.
He spotted Zac and five of his children. He noticed Blake holding Austin and Jaydon. He could clearly see Chris outside with Dewayne and Lance. Gabriel was standing alone outside panicked, Rhett holding him in his arms to keep him from running back inside, Kyndal in his other arm and Cove in Kyndals.
But where was Alex? And Rick...Dustin...Quincy...Biddy...They were missing. And he knew even more than that were not counted for outside.
His thoughts were cut short though as he felt the fire licking his arms.
Mike yelped, sliding down the wall and clutching the body of his infant in his arms. His long sleeved night shirt had caught fire on the arm, and managed to burn him severely before he had put it out and the smutt from the smoke coated his body.
Mike found it hard to breath, the smoke in his lungs making it harder and harder.
Maybe that would kill him before the fire.
He had been on the top floor of his home, with no way out but the window, which was a long shot. He knew if he jumped he would die anyways.
Plus all the children would see...
So he did all he could. He crouched down and tried his best to protect his new born from the fire as long as he was able...
It was over....
Alex's eyes snapped open, a piercing cry cutting into his sleep. He recognized the cry as Jaydon's.
Needless to say he was immediately up and on his feet, speeding down the stairs to Jaydon's room that was on the first floor.
If only it was that simple.
He quickly learned the reason for the crying, for fire was engulfing already most of the down stairs, and he now knew why his son was squalling so.
Alex was blocked off from the room, fire was in the entryway, but he was not going to give in. His son needed him...
So Alex grit his teeth and sprinted through the flames, forcing away the pain from the fire as he lept through. His eyes were blurred from the smoke yet he could still make out the form of his baby. His baby AND Austin who was being held by Jaydon.
Alex almost tripped getting to them, roughly turning them each over to check for injuries of any kind, not finding any he wordlessly snatched them up, his eyes quickly finding a new exit route. He opted to kick the window out, his foot going through the window and connecting with Blake's face. Blake had been struggling to open the window from outside to get to Austin being the doorway was in flames. Glass sliced the mans face but he didnt feel it. Blake just jumped back to his feet, his hands picking Austin from Alex's grip.
No thanks was necessary.
Alex took Blake by the arm, running farther into the yard with the other man, away from the burning home and too an already forming group outside.
"H-Hold Jay for me please?" Alex pressed his son to Blake without an answer. He didnt have to look more than once. He knew they were missing people. He turned back to the home only to be met with Chris's tear streaked face, Dewayne holding him in his arms tightly. Brody right behind Dewayne, Chance's hand grasped tightly in his. Alex glanced over just to see Dustin headed back into the home.
"A-Alex..." Chris choked out, reaching for his best friend. "R-Rick, h-have you seen R-Rick?"
Regrettably Alex shook his head. He hadnt seen Kevin either....
He was almost going to add Zac when he noticed Quincy kick through a burned wall of the home, Zac in his arms and a child over each shoulder; Jude over the right and Sean over the left. For a large man Quincy was quick, sitting Zac down in the grass and sitting his children with him.
He paused and looked Sean in the eyes.
"Sean. Do NOT go back in that house." It was an order.
"But Daddy! I gotta find Dayton and Cyrus!" Sean refused to just leave them in there, they were his life.....
"Ill find Dayton and Cyrus. You stay here with your mother and Jude, PROTECT them for me baby..." And with that promise, he pressed a kiss to Sean's forehead before turning back to the flaming building.
He was gone with no further words.
Alex was in shock, he couldnt think....
Until he heard Mike's cries piercing through the rest of the panic.
Alex's head whipped up to there bed room window, just in time to glance Mike's body moving through the room.
He knew then he had to go, he just had to.
And he thought no more about it, rushing into the home with no trace of fear evident in his body or mind.
He would save Mike, or he would die trying.


Mike was unconscious by the time Alex lunged through the flaming doorway, his eyes quickly scanning the room and finding Mike crumpled on the floor.
Alex dashed through the fire, falling to his knees beside his husband and quickly taking Mike in his arms as anger flared inside him.
How had he forgotten to get Mike?
But he knew in his heart it wasnt his fault, his baby had needed him and he had responded, if not Jaydon would be dead.
He knew better than the window, so he took Mike up and turned back toward the fire that was eating his home. He had to get out.
So he ran, as fast as his legs would take him, dodging holes in the stairs and random spots of flames as he did so.
He would make it.
He had to.
Alex was so relieved when he found himself outside, falling to his knees outside the home with Mike in his arms.
He wasted no time laying Mike down in the grass and prying the prone infant from his arms. Alex's eyes watered as he looked the baby over, the child was so limp...
"M-My baby..."
Alex's attention quickly averted to his lover, seeing the same pain reflected in Mike's eyes.
"I...Im sorry Michael."
Alex rarely ever called Mike by his full name.
Mike didnt even have to ask after that, he knew...He had known all along his baby was not going to live through this, the smoke was too much for his little lungs to process...
knowing it still didnt stop the blood curdling cry that escaped him, even as Alex scooped him into his arms and held him tightly, rocking him back and forth.
Briley had only been two weeks old...


One by one, Sean watched as his father delivered person after person from the home, and soon all of his brothers and sisters were counted for, sitting around his mother while his father continued to go back.
Go back just for Dayton and Cyrus.
Sean bit his lip in worry, his lithe body trembling as he waited.
And he waited...
And he waited and waited...
Quincy had blindly found his way through the home on sheer memory. He had not known where to find Dayton and his grandson, and he wouldnt have had he not tripped over Dayton who had been on his hands and knees in the living room of the home. He had been trying to make a break for the door when a large piece of roofing of fallen on him, knocking him to his knees. Dayton was hovering over Cyrus, protecting his son for the flaming pieces of dubris raining down on him. He cracked a light smile to his son as he felt burning wood slam into his back, almost making him lurch forward and crush his son.
"L-Listen baby...." His voice was strained and raspy, the fire inside his lungs from the smoke. "I-I want you to t-tell your momma I l-love him..."
Cyrus shook his head, tears tracking down his face. "N-No, you gotta tell him D-Daddy..."
Dayton knew his lover had been taken outside, he had noticed Quincy carrying him out.
The young man said no more on the matter though, just trying to stay up right.
He was thrown to the other side of the room when Quincy's foot connected with his ribs. No he had not meant to kick him but when he did he had done it with force.
"Dayton?" Quincy questioned loudly, reaching down when he felt Cyrus cling to his leg. "Dayton?" No answer. With an irritated huff Quincy knew he would just have to come back...
Cyrus was taken out to his mother with little thought, Quincy returning to the home moments later, not knowing that Sage had already passed him in the smoke, limping along with Dayton on his side to get out of the home.
As soon as they exited the home, the roof caved in.
Zac's horrified screech was unheard, drowned out by the hateful growling of Gabriel Johnson as he struggled against Rhett. The other man was holding onto Gabriel as hard as he could. Kyndal had no wanted him to go back inside, fearing that if he did he would lose Gabriel.
Why Gabriel was determined to go back?
Angel was nowhere to be seen.
"LET GO! I SWEAR IF F*CKING KILL YOU!" Gabriel raged, struggling with Rhetts grip.
"Ah'll let ya..." He owed it to him after this. He knew himself how it would be if Kyndal where the one stuck inside, he would be losing his head too. Gabriel could not be blamed for wanting to go back for the mother of his children.
Gabriel just struggled harder to get free. He had to save Angel, he couldnt imagine the smaller boy burning up inside that house, alone and afraid. He would not let it happen, Angel meant so much to him...
Rhett had made sure to get Kyndal out, and Cove also. He was not going to worry with anyone elses family before his own, so he hadnt and now he had his family at least.
Cove was sitting beside his father, his mother held tightly to his chest as they waited.
Rhett would hate himself later...But he had forgotten his brother had accompanied him to the gettogether that evening and that he had not seen Trever since they had gone to bed that night, the older had crossed his mind but he put it off. Trever was a big boy and he could fend for himself he had been doing it for years now.
Cade soon emerged from the building, slightly cooling Gabriel off. Kelton was on his back snugly and Leon was tucked under one arm, his hands severely burned. The small child had not understood that fire could kill you, he had enjoyed playing with the dancing heat.
Well until his father had snatched him up and spanked his bottom for the damage done to his small hands. Cade's other hand held tightly to the collar of Barry's shirt. The man had been knocked in the head by more falling roof when the bottom floor caved in and Kelton had thrown a fit until Cade had agreed to pull the larger man out. Cade made it to his father, pulling the man into his arms and stroking his hair.
"Shhhh daddy hush, wheres momma?"
Cade had not really noticed how odd Gabriel was acting he had passed it off as his father being weird again.
"I DONT KNOW!" That was the panicked answer he had received, Gabriel's chest heaving with the pain of worry.
The large man was silenced when Trever emerged from the home, Angel tucked in one arm, Blaine over his shoulder, and Toni under his other arm. Barry had just now regained consciousness, only long enough to see Trever's weakened smile that had been directed towards him, and then hear the rumble from deep within the home.
A blast followed soon after, a blast that sent flying scrap from the home slicing through the air and implanting itself in Trever's chest. It had been a fire poker that the blast had thrown forward. The tip just protruded through Trever's sternum.
The man thudded as he hit the dirt, everyone he had carried going with him.
"ANGEL!!" Gabriel tore away from his son, rushing to the body of Trever and snatching Angel up, his heart dropping into his stomach when he noticed the blood trickling from the smallers mouth.
He finally did notice the huge open wound in Angel's side.
A scrap of metal that had been in the explosion had cut into his body, and sliced through his ribs and his lungs.
Angel had faded soon after...
Barry found the same of Blaine when he picked the other boy up, expect Blaine had just not been able to handle the toxic smoke of the fire.
Well Toni hadnt even made it through the first ten minutes of the fire before his heart had given out from fear.


Blake had been readying himself to re-enter the home. It had been to long and Biddy still had not come out.
Lucky before he had the chance to go back in, Higgy could be seem limping out, his leg twisted in an awkward angel, And Biddy's prone form hanging over his other shoulder.
Blake asked no questions as he moved himself over to the large man. He had slowly pulled Biddy's body from Higgy's broad shoulder and looked him over.
Biddy's face was twisted in agony, and his skin, once so beautiful was charred and partially falling off his flesh it was so burned.
Biddy had rushed into Jaydon's room where Austin had been, not knowing his son had already been evacuated.
Needless to say when the roof caved, Biddy had burned to death. Higgy had just happened to have been trying to get to him after hearing him crying out when the room fell, a piece of it falling on his leg and snapping it. Still Higgy had found he other boys body and brought it outside the home, before Higgy himself collapsed into Brayden. He rested his face in the nook of the boys neck and let tears flow.
Biddy was gone....
He had not made it there in time to save him.
The fire continued to flame.
Rick had woke the the sound of his lover cursing, it had been unbearably hot in the home but Rick had passed it off as Mike being unreasonably cold.
Not the case.
"Kev?" Rick pulled himself up, his eyes scanning the room over just to see Kevin slumped against the door, head in his hands.
"Kevin?" Rick's concered voice reached the other man. Kevin slowly lifted his head, relealing a large patch of burned flesh.
"KEVIN!" Rick burst from the bed, falling to his knee's in front of his lover, his hands holding Kevin's away from his face so he could see the burns.
Kevin had given birth to there second baby four months ago, it had gone with no complications...
"Wha?" Rick's brows furrowed, but soon he noticed the bundle in Kevin's lap. Rick reached down to pick it up when Kevin stopped him, shaking his head.
"N-No...D-Dont look...."
The child was nothing more but a shrivled up body...
"Wha?" Rick didnt understand.
Kevin reached up and hugged his lover around the neck, resting his lips next to Rick's ear.
"The house is on fire...." It was a silent whisper but it clearly was the reason Kevin, and his baby had been burned.
"What do you mean?" Rick demanded, he had failed to notice, well, until he wretched over the door just the be met with roaring flames.
The door was slammed shut with no further questions.
"Kev, we gotta go...." Rick looked down to his lover who shook his head.
"Kev...We HAVE to."
"What do you mean no?" Rick crouched down, lightly shaking his lover.
"I-I mean my baby is gone...H-He burned...A-And imma burn too..." Keivn had waited so long to have another child with Rick and now it was all gone...
A sharp pain caught Kevin off guard.
"What was that for!" Kevin growled up at Rick.
"For being dumb!" Rick shot back. "We gotta go Kev."
As they locked eyes, Kevin knew Rick was right.
Rick said nothing else, taking Kevin in his arms bridal style and kicking the door in. He braced himself hard, and let his legs lead the way.


The home rumbled and splintered, the fire sending its embers into the night. The family rested just outside on the lawn as the fire men finally found there way out to the home, just as Rick found his way from the home with his lover, Dustin following behind them. They had gotten lost in the flames, but where soon found by the distraught cow boy who had been looking everywhere for them, just so Chris wouldnt have to go through anymore grief than he knew the man would already endure. The flames were sprayed, and Rick laid Kevin on the grass, silently laying with him, head on Kevin's chest as they watched the fire, the thing that murdered there child, be put out and executed.
No one moved.
Not even when the fire was vanquished and the sun had risen. Where would they go anyhow?
Not like they had a still standing home to speak of.

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Of Flames and Families.
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