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 What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

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Barry Brooks


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PostSubject: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger   Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:48 pm

Okay so this is just a little dumb thinggg. It's an excerpt from a longer fic but I don't like the other parts of it. This is the only thing I like about it so I figured I'd just post this part >< I may rewrite the whole thing eventually.
“Soh… can ah ask why ya didn’t go to yar prom? Kyndal’s said yar smart, and ya went ta high school?”
“Um…” Asher shrugged lightly, a bit confused as to why Rhett cared. “My high school years weren’t the best.”
“What do ya mean?”
“I mean… I was the only openly gay boy in an all boys school. You do the math.”
“Oh… ya were bullied?”
“You could say that.” Asher nodded.
“Was et bad?”
Asher paused before responding, giving Rhett a strange look. The man was being… NICE. This was weird.
“I guess so.”
“Yar givin’ short answers. Tha’ means et was.” Rhett pointed out. Even he wasn’t sure why he cared. He was simply curious…
“Well yeah… it was.” Asher sighed. “But I don’t dwell on things. It’s the past. I’m fine now. I have a great husband and a son. I’m happy. Who gives a shit what I’ve been through?”
“Yar stronger than ah think people give ya credit for.” Rhett hummed lightly, looking the boy over.
Asher smiled at the man.
“Thank you, I think.”
“Yar welcome.”
They sat there for a while, talking and somehow they both began opening up to the other about their past.
Rhett spoke about his brother being so sadistic, killing all their pets and eventually even their own mother.
Asher told Rhett about his childhood, being molested and brutally raped by his soccer coach and then he began to tell him about his high school years, something he never even told Kyndal, Joslin or Zac. The whole time, Rhett said nothing, just listening.
“It wasn’t bad at first. Just the usual shit, name calling, the occasional shove into a locker, that sort of thing. But eventually it progressed. I was beaten every day. It got so bad that I couldn’t walk the halls alone, they gave me a teacher escort. But even most of the teachers were homophobic, they pretended not to notice when boys would grab me and pull me away to a secluded part of the school. And when I was alone in the bathrooms… was the worst… I couldn’t go to the bathroom at all without them beating and raping me…” He swallowed lightly as he felt Rhett’s hand placed on his knee. “I eventually dropped out before I could graduate. I was the smartest person in that damn school too. Then, that’s when I started sleeping with men a lot… I liked innocent ones, virgins… like Aristotle… I wanted them because… they couldn’t hurt me. They weren’t strong enough to hurt me or they just didn’t know enough to want to. I was sick of being hurt by men.” He sighed lightly.
All the male figures in his life had hurt him, he’d never had a good role model. His father, Byron, all the boys in high school.
“Ah’m sorry.” Rhett frowned lightly.
“For what?” Asher laughed. “Not like you were there.”
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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
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