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 Light My Candle

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PostSubject: Light My Candle   Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:09 am

Alright well, I was watching this movie, Rent and this song made me think of Sage and Lane a bit. I got bored so I decided to write it. It's like sort of in context so here ish the clip from the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlVBOxVCjCU Sage would be the girl (Mimi) and Lane ish the boy (Roger) Razz
Anyways, enjoy Very Happy


Lane stretched his arms out, cracking his neck before folding his arms behind his head, resting back on them. He propped his feet up on the coffee table, eyes slipping shut when...

Knock knock knock.

A low groan escaped his lips. He reluctantly stood again, his movements sluggish as he moved towards the door, swinging it open and examining the boy he stood there.
He appeared to be very young. He had long, thick black hair that fell just past his shoulders. Lane noted that he could have been pretty attractive if he wasn't so sickly looking. His eyes were sunken in and his skin looked clammy.
"Can I help you?" He arched an eyebrow as he continued to eye the boy.
"Got a light?" The boy cracked a halfhearted smile, extending a candle he held in between his two hands clasped together.
Lane nodded slowly, stepping back to let him in. His brow furrowed as he looked closer, trying to figure out what it was about the boy that had him so intrigued.
"I know you..." He murmured. "What's your name?"
"S-Sage Moore." The boy spoke. The tremble in his words, Lane noticed, was from his body shivering violently.
"You're shivering." He frowned, extending a hand and holding Sage still by his shoulders. "I'm Lane McCormick."
"It's nothing, they turned off my heat. So, about that light?" He asked softly.
He lived in the apartment just below Lane so naturally Lane was the first one he'd thought of to ask for this. He really was freezing since they'd cut off his heat when he was unable to pay the bill. Not to mention how he was constantly tripping over things in the darkness of his apartment. They'd cut off his power altogether...
A few moments passed and Lane still hadn't answered. He was too busy examining the boy, trying to figure out just why he looked so familiar.
"What are you staring at?" Sage questioned, a small smirk on his face.
"Oh, nothing. Your hair... the moon was shining off it." Lane shook his head, gesturing out the window to the full moon shining brightly into the room. "You look really familiar..."
Sage nodded slowly, glancing around as Lane grabbed his lighter. Sage's trembling got worse before he appeared to lose balance, nearly stumbling over his own two feet as Lane reached out and grabbed him.
"Are you alright? Think you can make it?" Lane frowned, lighting the boy's candle.
"M'fine... just haven't eaten much today." Sage shook his head. "At least the room's not spinning like it was earlier." He smiled, trailing off as he caught Lane studying him intently again. "What?" He sighed.
"Nothing." Lane grumbled, furiously shaking his head. "Your smile. It just reminds me of..." He frowned.
"Seems I'm always reminding people of someone. "Who is it?"
"She died... her name was Sarah." Lane sighed, turning away.
Sage took this as an opportunity to stub out the flame on his candle in between his index finger and thumb. He wanted an excuse to keep talking to this man....
"It's out again." He announced. "Sorry about your friend."
Lane turned back, flicking his lighter on and holding it to the wick of the burnt out candle.
"Not a problem.... Goodnight then." Lane smiled softly, waving the boy out.
He hadn't even taken his seat again when there was another knock at his door. This time though, there was a pause and then Sage let himself in, his face looking worried.
"It burnt out again?" Lane smirked, an eyebrow raised lightly. He'd sort of caught on to what Sage was playing at. And he didn't mind. Sage's smile... reminded him of Sarah so much for some reason. He didn't want it to leave.
"No... I think I dropped something..." Sage's brow furrowed, looking around in the room carefully.
Lane looked around a bit himself, noticing a small plastic baggie lying on the floor, full of a white powdery substance that he recognized as cocaine. He knew there had to be a reason he was shivering like that...
He slowly bent down and snatched it up, slipping it in his pocket.
Sage glanced up at him but Lane wasn't positive if he'd noticed or not. Sage got down on his knees, crawling around on the floor to try and find his stash.
"I swear I had it when I came in here..." He muttered.
Lane watched him, his eyes looking the boy over, especially his ass which was jutting out for the world to see, clinging to those tight jeans.
"You're staring again." Sage chuckled this time, feeling the man's eyes on him.
Lane blushed lightly, shaking it off.
"So, you really look familiar." He changed the subject quickly.
"Like your dead girlfriend." Sage nodded.
"Never said she was my girlfriend."
"Lucky guess." Sage shrugged with a wink.
"Anyways, that's only your smile. I swear I've seen you somewhere else..."
"You go to the Cat Scratch Club? I work there. I'm a dancer." Sage asked. He was a stripper at that sleazy club. Only for the cash...
"Yes!" Lane nodded as it dawned on him. He'd seen the boy there several years ago. After Sarah had died, he'd been a mess. A few drinks and a nice show had been what he needed to get his mind off of things. He'd gone to a male strip club, not wanting any of the female dancers to remind him of his Sarah but sadly, that was exactly what'd happened. Sage's damned smile... He'd never be caught at that club nowadays though. He was a respectable man. "They used to tie you up." He smirked, remembering the shows he'd seen the boy in.
"Hey, it's a living." Sage grumbled, but he couldn't help but smirk back.
"That must've been why I didn't recognize you... you weren't wearing your handcuffs." The man teased.
"Oh hush." Sage chuckled, shaking his head slowly, going back to his search on the floor.
"Why don't you forget that stuff?" Lane spoke up.
"What stuff?" Sage tried.
"Don't play dumb. Seriously, forget that. You look like you're sixteen for god's sake."
"I'm nineteen." Sage corrected. "And anyways, I'm old for my age."
"Y'know it's not as great as it seems. I used to shiver like that." When he was young.... young and stupid, like Sage was now.
"I have no heat, I told you that." Sage muttered.
"I used to sweat like that too."
"I have a cold. So what?"
"Sure, Sage. I used to be a druggie too, you know. Nothing good comes out of it. Trust me."
"I'm not a druggie!" Sage exclaimed. "I just like to feel good every once in a while, is that so bad?"
"No. But using this to feel good is." Lane sighed. "Come on. I can help you, Sage." Lane nodded, reaching out to take one of Sage's trembling hands.
Sage leaned in slowly until their noses were touching, softly pressing their lips together in a sweet kiss. After a moment, Sage pulled back.
"Thanks for lighting my candle." He murmured, backing up a few steps. He held up the small baggie he'd retrieved from Lane's pocket during their kiss, shaking it Lane's face with a small smirk before exiting the apartment, leaving Lane staring after him.
What a kid.

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Light My Candle
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