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 Of Pretty People and Fist Fights.

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PostSubject: Of Pretty People and Fist Fights.   Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:13 am

"Ryker please!" Jasey squeaked lightly, grabbing onto his boyfriends arm with a resolve to stop him before he did something dumb. They were getting ready to go to a get together, and they had been arguing about Jasey's confidence, and how it always lowered when he thought about his mother. Honestly it worried Ryker and he was tired of having to be asked if he didnt find Gabriel more attractive than Jasey, it was insane!
And he had finally just snapped and demanded to know what the deal was. He hated knowing his lover was so bothered by his looks. Jasey had been like this through there entire year-long relationship. Ryker tried and tried to let it go but he couldnt anymore.
Though in a way he wished he had. Jasey had indeed told him the roots of his problem, and it stung Ryker to his very core. He knew in his head his actions would not be smart but he had to do something, take his anger out in some way, and why not on the source.
As Ryker yanked away and exited the home, in a hurry to Mike's house, Jasey regretted telling him the reason behind his insecurities.

*The reason behind Jasey's self consciousness*

Leon sat perched in his fathers lap, giggling softly as he played with the small film camera his mother had given him as a present, really just to keep him busy while he and Cade visited with everyone, but to Leon it was simply the neatest thing in the world. He immediately figured out how to use it, well with a little help from Cade, but the idea is that he had it going rather well. He sat happily, clicking away at his camera when anything that was pretty came into view. So far he had taken a picture of his friend Junious, and his mom and dad, and as soon as Gabriel McDaniels, now known as Gabriel Pierce, waltzed into the room, he had to have a picture of him too. He took one of just Gabriel, the one of Gabriel hugging his grandpa. He was experiencing true bliss as he did this, his small camera flashing with delight.
Until Jasey Ray Pierce stepped into the view of his camera, halting his picture taking in the quick.
"Hi!" Jasey waved happily, his tiny hand waving back and forth as he bounced on the balls of his feet. "Im Jayyysey!" The child was sweet, polite, and eager to make new friends. "Wha's your name?" The child questioned curiously, his almost grey eyes bright on Leon.
"Mmmmm." Leon blinked at the knew child, tilting his head to the side. "M' W'on."
"Won?" Jasey perked sweetly, his smile growing. "Wice to mweet you Won!"
The smaller slowly leaned around Jasey, shaking his head as he did so.
"M' n'me is' W'on!" In his mind he was pronouncing it correctly, it just didnt leave his mouth right, words never did. '"Thats wha I swaid willy! Won!" The Pierce child was nodding with bounce, even as Leon huffed softly, moving around to take more pictures.
"Take one of mwe Won!" Jasey asked loudly, but still trying to be nice as he struck a childish pose.
Leon didnt even glance at him, shaking his head no before he continued on, his camera flashing away at Jasey's mother.
The rejected boy frowned dejectedly, a small hand resting on his hip.
"And why nowt?" Jasey sounded more hurt than anything as he asked.
Leon just sighed, he was going to have to stop in his picture taking...
'"Cawse y'uwr N'wt P'weety." The boy stared at Jasey with a blank expression.
"I am sow!"
"Mhmmmm." Leon simply shrugged, he had never lied a day in his life.
"Wew, if yower taking pwictures of "pwetty" things, how tome you det my mwomma awnd nowt mwe?"
"Yur Mowmma ish p'weety." Leon murmured gently, looking Jasey over once more.
"I am two!"
Jasey's eye brows furrowed, fat tears welling in his eyes at his stomped his foot.
"Twake it bwack! I AWM SOW PWETTY!"
Leon just stared.
"S-Say yuwer sowrry you i-idiowt!" The smaller boy hiccuped as the tears fell.
"S'owwy." Leon stared on blankely.
"N-Now yuwer nowt! Y-Yowu...RWETARD!!!"
Leon still didnt react, but every head in the room turned to Jasey as he screamed at the autistic child.
Gabriel's mouth fell open in a perfect "O"
He could not have his child going around calling other children names like that, especially SLOW children.
"Calvin." Gabriel took a deep breath, not embarrassed but troubled by this. He honestly did not care what anyone else thought about it.
"Deal with him or I will." And he would, he had not problem disciplining there children, Calvin just didnt like him 'over working' himself, doing anything that really involved much effort.
The dominant male frowned at his lover, then over at Jasey.
He didnt want to SPANK his baby...
"Calvin." Gabriel spoke once more, urging him on.
The man sighed, realizing he had no choice. He stepped over and took Jasey's hand, leaving him into the guest room and giving him a firm pat on his butt, not hard enough to hurt him but hard enough to sting.
Jasey gave a wail of pain though, the stinging felt even worse when he knew he did NOT deserve it. The boy simply cried harder, trying to struggled away from his father but only earning one more lick as Calvin finally lead him back out and over to Leon.
"Say sorry to him!"
Jasey had never looked at a person so hatefully, but he always minded his father.
"Im SWORRY Won."
Clavin blinked down at his son.
Was Jasey STILL mocking the boy?
"Jasey!" Calvin snapped, popping the boy one more time in his tail end. "His name is LEON! "
The small child just blinked, biting his lip as he cried more.
"T-This is nowt f-fwair!" Jasey hiccuped one more time, stomping his foot as he too off in the other direction, away from "Leon' and everyone else.
This was not fair...
He was pretty...
And Leon was stupid...

And this was the only thing on Ryker's mind as he burst into Mike's home, his eyes immediately landing on Leon Johnson, who was sitting with Cove, his best friend.
His resolution to hit Leon wavered but only for a second. No one damaged Jasey like that and just got away with it.
Even though Leon truly didnt understand what he had done, he still did it.
And that was enough to send Ryker over there, straight up to Leon and Cove with hate on his face.
He drew back and let one fly, Leon not expecting it as Ryker's first connected with his nose.
The Autistic boy flew back onto the floor, scrambling to make it to his feet even as the world around him spun.
Cove jumped up immediately, swinging at his friend with a ferocity Ryker had never seen.
"An whah in tha 'ell do ya think yar doin? Ya don' hit Leon likeh thah! Areh ya crazeh?"
Briley, who had been seated beside Cove blinked at them both, slowly making his way up to grasp his best friend around the waist, holding him back to the best of his abilities, though it was hard. Briley was a strong man, but so was Cove.
Strong and pissed.
"That Retard made Jasey feel bad about himself!"
And just as he said this Jasey made his way into the room, his arms winding tight around the boys waist. He could only flinch as Cade made his way over also.
The older boy gently scooped his son up, his motions frantic as he surveyed the damage.
Leon's nose was bleeding. He didnt know if it was broken or not, but it was pouring blood.
Leon simply whimpered.
Ryker slowly calmed down as Jasey held him. Cove didnt though, he just wanted to hit Ryker harder as he witnessed the blood coursing down Leon's poor face.
"Ah'll end ya!" He threatened, gritting his teeth as Briley pressed him back more, pleading for them to stop this.
Ryker was soon pulled away by Jasey, if nothing else to the other side of the room.
Cove let go, only when Leon whined for him. Briley could tell that Ryker, maybe not forgotten, was safe as long as Leon had Cove's attention.
Though they were apart, Briley knew this would not be the end of it.
Because Leon's nose was positively broken.
And Jasey continued to cry tears the had never truly got to cry over what had happened when he was small.
He just KNEW this was not over.
He just hoped neither of him had any quarrels with Brynn.
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Of Pretty People and Fist Fights.
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