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 Of Peeping Mothers and Fatherly Advice

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Brynn McDaniels


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PostSubject: Of Peeping Mothers and Fatherly Advice   Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:56 am

OHhhhh bwahaha I did one of your title things xD I enjoy them so I tried, it didn't work as well ><
But anyways, I enjoy the idea of Briley/Cove having friendly sex Razz So I wrote this! And I also enjoy rhett being all daddyish... and kyndal is just a whore, ignore him. But anywayssss, I really hope you enjoy this. I woke up and got an urge to write it after reading your fic. Which I LOVED by the way! So here you go Very Happy


Cove glanced over at his best friend as they laid on the couch in the Braxton’s living room. Briley’s hand was down his pants, palming his crotch.
“Briley.” Cove scoffed.
“What?” Briley exclaimed. “I’m horny.” He drug out the y sound at the end in a long whine as he pulled his cock out of his pants, pumping it quickly.
“Soh goh find someone ta fuck.” Cove rolled his eyes at his friend, despite the fact that his own cock twitched a bit at the sight.
“But I’m lazy!” Briley whined again. “I don’t feel like going out and doing all that work just for a quick fuck. Hell, I’ll settle for a blowjob.” He paused for a moment. “Think your momma would give me a quickie? He’s alright looking.” He winked.
“Only if ya want dad ta kick yar ass.”
“Nah, I think if I explain the situation he’d let me.” Briley nodded as if he knew this to be true.
“Oh shut up, yar not fuckin’ my mom.” Cove shook his head.
“Oh fine.” Briley grumbled, continuing to jerk off, right there. After a moment, he spoke again. “Hey, ya know who else could give me a blowjob?”
“Who?” Cove arched an eyebrow. He better not be thinking of Misery.
“You!” Briley grinned, pointing a finger towards his erection. “So get to it.” He clapped his hands.
Cove snorted.
“Yar insane.”
“Aw, come on. Just a little sucking. Cove!” Briley pouted.
Briley scooted closer, straddling Cove, his cock pressed to Cove’s chest through his tank top.
“Cove, come on. I’ll last like five minutes, tops.”
“Cove, don’t tell me you’re not horny with me on you like this.” A damp spot was appearing on Cove’s shirt where the leaking head of Briley’s cock was.
“Ah am.” Cove agreed. Briley was definitely sexy and he could feel his own cock hardening. “Ah’ll fuck ya. On one condition.”
“Ah’m top.”
“Ha! Now who’s the insane one?” Briley smirked.
“Noh way, ah’m not bottom. Not again.”
“Ya loved it last time.”
“Soh, doesn’t mean ah’m a bitch!” Cove groaned.
“I’m a good top! Come on!”
“Briley, get offa me.” Cove grunted as he lifted the other boy, putting him down on the couch.
“Nooooo.” Briley persisted, standing up on the couch so his groin was level with the other boy’s face. He leaned forwards, his erection hitting Cove in the cheek. He then shifted so it moved to his lips. “Come on.” He groaned.
“Yar terrible.” Cove said, but he couldn’t stop his laughter at just how ridiculous this was.
“Less laughing, more sucking.”
“Briley!” Cove exclaimed, still chuckling as he wrapped a hand around his friend’s member. “Stop et. My dad could come in here any minute and he’d kill ya.”
“That’s the spirit! Just pump it a bit.” Briley nodded encouragingly at the hand on his dick.
Cove rolled his eyes but did stroke his friend several times.
“Now, while I do appreciate a good handjob, I really think you should put your mouth to work.”
“Ya never quit, do ya?” Cove sighed heavily.
“Well ah’m not doin’ it. Ya’d have better luck buggin’ mah momma.”
“Hmm…” Briley hummed softly, thinking this over. Cove was so determined not to bottom…
And yet, twenty minutes later, Cove was on his back, screaming as Briley slammed into him repeatedly.
“See?” Briley panted. “Told ya it’d be good.” This was fucking bliss. And even though they were just friends, it gave Briley a sense of pride that he was the only one to ever be inside this amazing ass of Cove’s. With this thought on his mind, he picked up the pace, seeing just how loud he could make his best friend scream.
And the result, made Briley laugh softly, Cove’s shouts were music to his ears.
Briley glanced behind them as he heard the door open. He saw Kyndal pop his head in the door.
“You two better be using protection.” He nodded.
“MOM!” Cove cursed as Briley kept at it, chuckling at his friend’s mother.
“Ohhhh, taking it up the ass I see. Told you it feels good!” Kyndal hummed.
“Goh away!” Cove snarled as he felt the blood rushing to his cheeks, his entire face a bright red.
“Noooo, your friend has a nice ass. Is he big?” He raised an eyebrow at Cove.
“Can ya nawt watch meh fucking?” Cove groaned, glaring at Briley as the boy purposely slammed into him deeper, trying to hit his prostate.
“Not like I’m enjoying seeing YOU. Just appreciating young love is all… and your friend there.” He hummed. “He’s got a lot in him for so young. Damn.” Kyndal wet his lips appreciatively.
“Why thank you Mr. Braxton.” Briley chuckled as Cove facepalmed, bucking his hips up into the other boy.
“Are ya really flirting with mah best friend?”
“Oh, best friend? Friends with benefits, I love it!”
“Kendal!” Rhett’s voice boomed as he walked up behind his lover, his eyes covered though. He knew his baby was sexually active, and didn’t really mind but that was still his BABY and he did not want to see him like this. “Leave tha boy alone, will ya?”
“Aw fine.” Kyndal pouted.
“Anytime you want some of this, just say the word!” Briley called.
“Watch yarself.” Rhett nodded.
He finally hit Cove’s prostate dead on, causing a scream of ecstasy to rip past Cove’s lips. His face was already red but it deepened by about ten shades as he noticed his father cringe.
“Oh, you’re a screamer.” Kyndal giggled lightly.
“Shut up!” Cove barked. He was trying to ignore the immense pleasure Briley was bringing him but it was impossible so he pretended his mother wasn’t there, cursing softly as he dug his nails into the skin on Briley’s neck, pulling his friend into a brutal kiss. Their teeth banged together, moans echoing as they reached a climax together.
Cove’s hips bucked wildly, his back arching off the bed as his cum sprayed into Briley’s abdomen. Briley growled loudly, biting down on Cove’s shoulder, HARD as his release rocketed out against Cove’s prostate.
“BRILEY!” Cove’s eyes slipped shut as he wrapped his legs around Briley’s waist, pressing that cock deeper inside of him, feeling the milky substance filling him. He moaned softly, loving this more than anything…. He was even more glad when he opened his eyes to find his parents walking away, even his mother agreeing to give them some privacy after their coupling.
“Mah fucking parents.” Cove muttered as he panted heavily.
“Your momma likes me, I think.” Briley winked, laughing softly as his chest heaved up and down.
“Too much.” Cove shook his head, a whine of protest leaving his mouth as Briley started to pull back, the head of his member slipping from Cove’s hole.
“What? You want it there?” A cocky smirk came over his face.
“Yes.” Cove grumbled. “Feels weird ta be empty after tha.”
Briley had been expecting more of a protest but he did slip his now limp member back inside of his friend, then laying beside him, tugging Cove to his chest.
Cove nodded, glancing over to his bloody shoulder.
“That’s gonna scar, ya know?” He shook his head as he wiped up some of the blood, looking at his friend’s teeth marks. He didn’t really mind.
“Good.” Briley said simply. Cove was his. He’d never dream of a relationship with the other boy. But as far as sex went, Cove was his and that was all there was to it. He didn’t think anything more of it.
A few hours later and they were both fast asleep. Cove woke when he heard a knock at the door.
“Coveh?” His father’s accent sounded.
“Yeah, dad?” Cove asked as the door cracked open, his father’s head popping in the empty space. He took one look at his son’s ass with the limp member still inside of him before wrinkling his nose and continuing to talk.
“Can ah talk ta ya far ah second?”
“Sure.” Cove nodded, reluctantly standing and letting the cock come out with a wet plopping sound. He slipped on his boxers before exiting his room, walking into the living room where his father was waiting. “What es et?”
“Doh ya… like hem?” Rhett asked, not really sure how to go about this… he’d never had a real relationship talk with his son. Just about sex and stuff, how he should not be afraid of hitting his lovers if they got out of hand. But this… was something different.
“Well a course ah like hem, he’s mah best friend. What do ya mean?”
“Ya… love hem?”
“Well yeah, as ah friend but nawt like that, if that’s what yar implying.”
“Et’s alright ef ya do. Ah’m sure heh’d like ya too.” Rhett spoke awkwardly. Better Briley than Misery.
“Dad, ah promise. Ah don’t like hem like tha’.”
“Well, alright…” He took a pause. “So yar… bottom now?”
“Et’s alright ef ya are, just askin’!” Rhett held up his hands defensively.
“Noh… heh just was horny and ah was helpin’ hem out. That’s et.”
“Well… uh…” He didn’t quite know what to say. “Ya do thes a lot.”
“Thes es the second time. Et’s really nawt ah big deal. Ah was his first.”
“Do yah… know if he likes ya?”
“Dad, ah doubt that.” He rolled his eyes.
“Ah thenk ya should geve it a chance though… heh’s good far ya.” Someone nice and strong… Briley could protect his baby…
“Dad… ah appreciate that, but really, ah’m fine.” He smiled softly at his father.
“Alright, ah love ya.” He pulled his son close, noticing the scar on his shoulder. “Ya know, someone doesn’t mark ya unless they want ya to know ya belong ta them.”
“Then Briley has another theng comin’. Ah sure as hell don’t belong ta him.” He chuckled softly at the thought.
“Well es heh tha only one ya’ve been weth… like tha’.”
“Yeah, ah’ve only bottomed ta him but…”
“So heh probableh thenks ya do.” Rhett nodded.
“Well whatever.” Cove rolled his shoulders. “Ya know, dad… yar lucky ya don’t have ah submissive son… yar horrible at these talks. Why didn’t ya send momma?”
“Cause heh’d just ask ya how big yar friend’s dick was.” Rhett shook his head. “Ya know tha. But ah do suck at thes… ah’ll send… Treva next time.”
Cove chuckled softly.
“Heh’s weird… send Angel. Ah like hem.” He smirked.
“Fine.” Rhett rolled his eyes. “See if ah ever try ta help ya weth boy problems again.”
“Good, ah don’t want ya ta.” Cove smirked as Rhett kissed him on the cheek and headed off to bed.
“Night!” He called.
“Night, love ya.” Cove yawned as he went back into bed, pausing before curling up to Briley. Okay, so maybe he could bottom ONLY to Briley…. At least once in a while.

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Of Peeping Mothers and Fatherly Advice
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