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 Of Young men and Douchebags

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PostSubject: Of Young men and Douchebags   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:07 am

Junious eyed his best friend critically, leaning into the door as he did so.
"Jasey, take your time..." The boy spoke softly, his eyes scanning the boy over as he slid on another article of clothing.
A moment later his voice came once more, this time harsh and irritated, "Jesh! Is you dont hurry the h*ll up, imma leave you here."
Jasey turned, eye brows raised in astonishment at his friend. This was normal behavior for Junious but still, he did not like that tone.
"Huh?" The boy glanced at his friend, smile in place as he did so. "Need something?"
"Uh," Jasey began to respond but was cut off.
"Not like id get it if you did or anything."
Jasey simply huffed at Junious, his own irritation building. "Look here Junious. Pick a side and stay on it."
He knew his friend was neglecting his medicines, usually his switches werent as frequent when he did, but one every few seconds?
He wished the boy would just take his pills without so much argument.
"Your just mad because Leon thinks im 'pretty' and your trashy."
"Ugh!" Jasey turned around, stomping his foot angrily. "Ill show you and Leon pretty! Your so irritating!"
His anger slowly ebbed away though when Junious's eyes took on that gentle shine to them once more.
"Nothing Junebug..." The Pierce boy glanced into the mirror, watching as Junious posture continuously changed, as well as his facial features.
"What're we going to do with you Junious?" He wished softly, taking out his small baggie and ruffling through it for the other boys medicine, he always kept a few of his pills around.
"Ah," Jasey smiled as he found the medication, taking it in his hand and extending his arm to Junious.
"Take em."
Junious warily look at the pills, obviously not wanting to take them, but as once more his expression softened, he popped the pills in his mouth.
Jasey sat with the boy for thirty minutes in the small dressing room in the mall, waiting for the pills to take effect.
He knew when they did, he would either walk out of the mall with a sweet, bubbly young man, or an overly confident, douchebag of a teenager.
Either way, Junious was his friend, and he was not leaving here without him.

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Of Young men and Douchebags
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