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 Of Lost Innocence And Stalkers.

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PostSubject: Of Lost Innocence And Stalkers.   Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:53 am

Alexander Mortre' was a man of simple pleasures. He enjoyed walking and he indulged in his share of free time. He had one child, one that he only got to see so often and when he did get to see her, he always had to half his time with his little girl because he worked and she stayed at a daycare center.
The same one Cade Johnson worked at.
And since he didnt see her often, he found himself lingering at the daycare center on the days he had her and on the days he didnt, simply because he had come accustom to seeing all the children every morning. This continued for a year, his intentions all pure.
All until Cade brought in a new child. His OWN child.
Alexander had never been infatuated with a child before, but something about the tiny little Leon caught him and made him feel as though he simply HAD to be involved with the boy in some way, even if all he ever did was watch him, like a predator stalking its prey. He was there at the daycare all through the years. His excuse was that his daughter still attended there regularly. Through his days spent there he watched Leon grow and flourish. He watched Cade come into work some days with blood shot eyes and dead hope after they had found Leon was autistic. He watched the occasional screaming battle that went on between them when Leon, as a child, tried to get his father to understand what he was trying to say(Leon did not speak well as a child) and Cade would get so frustrated sometimes he lowered himself to the level of the child, but what could you expect? Living with a disabled child was a lot of work. Cade was one of the best fathers you would find, but even he had his days.
He would stay up late some times thinking about one of there fights, even as Leon had forgotten all about it, always forgiving his father.
Just like the innocent child he was.
Alexander watched it all, his infatuation growing everyday.
And just watched had satisfied him...Well until now.
Now Leon seldom came to the daycare. He was almost sixteen now, and he spent much of his time off with some older boy, the Braxton boy he knew only because he had come up there one day to pick Leon up.
Being it really had been a DREADFULLY long time since he had been able to bask in Leon's presence, he found himself following the Braxton boy as he drove away with Leon in his seat.
Yes, Alexander followed, and he did so until he had learned down pact exactly where he could locate Leon at any time.
or The Braxton home.
Either way, his little 'obsession' with Leon grew until he had began sneaking into the homes while they were vacant and snagging small parts of Leon's wardrobe. Always something small so no one would be suspicious...And especially he enjoyed taking Leon's undergarments. His small usually grey, black, or purple boxers, he would let himself indulge in the blissful feelings that over came him while he held the garments to his nose, and let the aroma of Leon's private areas engulf him.
It was truly an orgasmic sensation.
And he only wanted, no he NEEDED more from there.
Only he had no clue what he had to do in order to quite his urges.
His urges for what exactly?
He even was unsure of that. At least until now.
He was sitting as he always would, his car parked deep in the trees as his eyes bore into the grey home, the Braxton home.
He watched as early that morning the larger man and a tiny man he did not know strolled from the home. He listened as they spoke to eachother, his interests high.
"Rhett! I wanna know now!" The tiny man, Kyndal huffed at his larger lover, his arms crossed as he followed the man. Rhett, the man in question had simply snorted as a reply.
Kyndal rolled his eyes, slowly taking the larger mans hand.
"C'mon! I am not a kid! I wanna know what you got me for Christmas!"
At this the large man cracked a smile, his unheld hand ruffling the Paxton boys hair.
"Ya wont dieh Shartstack! Chris'mas isn' thah far awah. Ya can waiteh jus' likeh ery' otha naughteh boyeh."
A high pitched whine followed as Kyndal was sat into the large truck, Rhett climbing into the other side.
The truck receded from the drive quickly, dirt slinging every which way as the tires spun.
Two gone, one more to go.
Alexander leaned back, it was rather irksome how the one boy, Cove, he now knew, never left Leon alone at the home.
But of course everyone was alone sometimes, he just had to be patient.
And it did indeed finally come, Cove stormed from the home in fury, the door slamming so hard behind him a few cracks appeared along the outside walls of the building. The boy took long strides getting to his own vehicle. His not as large as his fathers but still a rather nice truck, a ford.
The truck cranked with a thundering growl, and soon with a wild squeal of the tires, the Ford was out of site.
Alexander knew his was pushed for time, so he wasted none as he scurried from his car, and lurked through the woods, all the way up to the door.
He rang the bell, and then he waited.
Leon had been sitting on the edge of Cove's bed, tiny tears pricking his eyes as he sat there. His cheek stung, throbbed hot and aching. His shirt was discarded in the floor, as was his shorts. He wore just a pair of boxers, brand new boxers being he some how kept losing the ones he had.
He sighed softly, one hand gently stroking the camera as his mind slowly worked on his thoughts.
Cove didnt mean it, he was sure. He could tell by the sudden guilt on his face he had not mean for it to happen.
Or for it to be so hard.
Leon had tumbled off the bed, his mind in a haze.
Cove's eyes hard darted around, he had gently scooped the boy up, and then immediately felt fear rising to his throat.
Cade had warned him....Cade had threatened Misery had it ever happened again...
Cade couldnt ever know.
Not like Cove was scared of him or anything, he just didnt want Misery to suffer for anything, especially for something he had done.
Quickly he told Leon he would return, he was going to get him some ice.
With a soft kiss to his darkening cheek, Cove had vanished.
His intentions were to pick Misery up from some mans home, and to bring Leon back an ice pack.
And so Leon sat where he had been left. He was by no means ANGRY at his boyfriend, nor was his afraid.
Leon would never fear Cove, because he knew Cove would never truly hurt him.
He was rather confused though.
What a peculiar thing, to be backhanded just for saying something negative about someone. He had not even thought up the negative words, he had heard them from Jasey! Leon never thought a negative thing on purpose of upsetting anyone...
His head rose as he heard the door bell ringing, his mouth curving into a smile.
Cove must be back!
Never mind he had not left even five minutes ago.
Leon slipped his shirt over his head, and snagged his pants. He put them on as he made his way to the door, opening it without a second thought.
His smile faltered only the slightest at seeing a rather unfamiliar face. With his head sightly cocked to the side, Leon blinked at him, but he did continue a polite smile.
The man was tall but over weight, balding atop his head. He adorned plenty of laugh lines and crows feet. His skin was tan and aged slightly, His finger nails a light yellow, going up to his arms that were so hairy it seemed he was in the middle of his change from a man to a werewolf. Actually his whole body seemed to be that hairy except for his head. His eyes were a ominous grey, and his lips chapped and cracked. A smell of uncleanliness and raunchy sweat surrounded him.
Leon had to hold his breath in order not to vomit.
"Sir'?" The boy frowned slowly, his hand on the door knob.
He was considering what to do when from no where the man lunged forward, the weight of his body sending himself and Leon crashing to the ground.
Leon let out a wheeze of pain as the man pressed all air from his small frame.
"I-I!" Leon's eyes were wide and panicked, just like a deer caught in head lights. He was to stricken with fear to really move, and even if he had tried he wouldnt get anywhere with the over sized man hovering over him.
The boy felt a large callused hand grasping his wrists, both in the same meaty hold and pulled above his head. Leon arched his back, trying to throw the man off but it was no use, he was frozen there. Even as the man took his free hand and undid Leon's pants, snatching them down to his knees.
The boy felt a rush of heat hit him in the face, his eyes pricking once more with salty beads of distress.
Alexander reached into Leon's boxers, his hand firmly gripping Leon's testicals. He squeezed hard, and he continued until Leon was squalling tears of tribulation. The boy was suffering, he did not understand what was happening though. Even as the man's fingers wrapped around Leon's member the boy had no clue. He felt void of air as the man leaned forward, his crusty lips coming in contact with the boys neck. He felt the uncomfortable sensation of being kissed by the cracked lips, hard and sticky. The mans tongue danced around on his body as his lips worked. Leon was in a state of severe hyperventilation, he didnt know what to do.
He could NOT have this man KISS him.
Only Cove had ever done that...
"Giya!" Leon cried out at the feeling of teeth sinking into his flesh, right beside his left shoulder, close to his pectorals but still above and on his chest. The teeth tore into him, and he felt the tongue lapping around, cleaning up where he knew blood was gushing from. The man stayed in that one spot while his hand worked on Leon, he was trying to leave the worst scar he could, one that would never go away and always mark Leon as HIS.
Leon felt blood rising into his throat, even so he hacked on it, letting it splatter onto his face with the fit of his coughing. The blood dribbled from the side of his mouth and to his cheek, trailing further down his face.
"O-Oh..." Leon gurgled softly, his pupils dilated as he experienced how cruel some people could be.
He felt his heart restrict as the mans face came into view, and he leaned down as if going for a kiss...
Just as they heard a truck.
A truck coming there way.
A ford.
Alexander cursed under his breath, looking down to Leon sadly.
"Dont worry my love, ill be back for you...One day..."
He left a kiss on Leon's cheek as he darted for the back door, out of the home just as Cove could be heard screaming from the yard.
Alexander was gone before the boy could reach him, in his car and already on the highway.
Unable to catch him, Cove hurried back to the home, his eyes wide and frantic as he came upon Leon who had yet to move.
"Leon!" The man barked, dropping to his knees and grasping the boys upper arms, shaking him gently.
"Whah happened?"
Misery could be heard in the back ground, cursing as he rested a hand on Cove's shoulder.
Leon just stared at him.
Cove's eyes swept the length of Leon's body. From his member which was free of his boxers, and his genitals which were an angry red color, to his stomach that heaved with every breath, and then to his chest which was still bleeding profusely, the deep void holes where teeth had been full of black liquid, overflowing with it.
He did also notice Leon's cheek, the blue and purple colored one which was coated with drying saliva.
Cove was outraged.
"Wh-Whoeh did thes?" He felt his own eyes watering at the site of his poor little Leon.
Innocence. Truly a wonder of the world, and a right to every creature at first breath.
But so easily lost...shattered and crushed to never be had again.
Leon was shattered now...
Just like his innocence.

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Of Lost Innocence And Stalkers.
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