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 Santa's Here.

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Alex Riley


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PostSubject: Santa's Here.   Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:05 am

this is very short but i enjoyed writing ittt. I'm writing another with a little of everyone thoughhh.


Rhett grumbled softly as he tossed the large sack of toys over his shoulder. He looked up at the chimney and decided yeah, no way he was doing that. Instead, he made his way to the front door, swinging it open.
“Ho ho ho!” He shouted in his faked English accent.
Kyndal watched from across the room, giggling at the way Cove’s face lit up, the little boy toddling across the room at “Santa.” All the other young children followed his lead, crowding around the large man, squealing happily.
Every year on Christmas, the larger men drew straws to see who had to dress as Santa for the kids this year. This year, it happened to be Rhett’s turn. They could complain all they wanted, but none of them really minded that much. Especially when the adoring children looked at them with that excitement on their faces.
Kyndal too was watching his lover with admiration. The man just continued to remind him why he’d fallen in love with him… He wanted to go kiss him right now but that would sort of ruin the illusion.
So he just moved closer to stand with Cove as he watched Santa Claus.
“Little boy, what would you like for Christmas?” Rhett grinned, scooping Cove up to sit on his lap.
Cove’s eyes looked as if they’d bug out of his head. Santa was talking to HIM! His mouth moved but no real words came out.
“Nevermind, I think I already know.” Rhett winked, reaching into his bag of toys and pulling out the set of Power Ranger action figures Cove had been begging for all year.
“Thank you Santa!” Cove exclaimed, hugging the man tight around the neck as he took his toys.
“You’re very welcome. Keep being a good boy for next year.” Rhett smiled down at his son, holding him close. Nothing warmed his heart like this…
“I will!” Cove nodded furiously, hopping down and running towards his mother. “MOMMA LOOKIE!” He flailed his arms around, shoving the toy at his mother.
“Oh wow, I didn’t think you were good enough to get that!” Kyndal teased, beaming at his son and shaking his head as he watched Rhett talk to all the other kids in turn.
Soon, it really felt like Christmas. Cove was making his Power Rangers ride in Briley’s remote control toy monster truck, while Ryker made his teddy bear chase after them.
Shannon was putting blush from his makeup kit he’d received on Jasey’s brand new baby doll.
And all the parents stood around exchanging their own gifts to each other.
Kyndal made his way over to Santa Claus, plopping down on the man’s lap.
“So Santa, what’d you get me?” He batted his eyelashes.
“Naughteh boys dun’t get anything.” Rhett snickered, going back to his natural Scottish accent.
“Oh come on, I wasn’t naughty!”
Rhett simply gave his lover a look that said, “Oh please.”
“Okay fine, maybe a little. But not like you didn’t enjoy it.” Kyndal pouted. “I can be a very naughty boy.” He purred softly.
“Ya cannot be sexy ta Santa. Tha’s desgusting.” Rhett shook his head.
“I could be much worse. You’re lucky the kids are here or you don’t want to know what I’d be doing to Santa.” He smirked lightly.
“Yar horrible.” Rhett chuckled at his lover. “Ah got ah present far ya… but ah can’t give et ta ya en front of tha kids.” He winked.
“Oh, alright, Santa. Now go give me my boyfriend back so I can love the hell out of him.”
Rhett chuckled, placing a peck to Kyndal’s cheek before standing.
“Kids, Santa’s gotta go back to the north pole. I’ll see you all next year… if you’re good!” He gave one last round of hugs before exiting the home, returning about ten minutes later as Rhett.
“Daddy!!!! You missed Santa!” Cove shrieked, shoving his Power Ranger in his father’s face. “He gave me a present!”
“Darnit, ah can’t believe ah missed hem!” Rhett groaned, acting really upset about this. “Ah want a present!”
“Aww, you can play with mine, daddy.” Cove nodded, handing his father one of the toys.
“Thank ya, Coveh.” Rhett chuckled, kissing his son’s cheek, moving over to play with Cove as he pulled Kyndal into his lap.
“Merry Christmas, Santa.” Kyndal smiled softly, leaning into his lover’s chest, pecking a sweet kiss to his lips.

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Santa's Here.
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