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 Teach Me.

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PostSubject: Teach Me.   Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:40 pm

I started this forever ago. There's this show I watch where something like this happened and I found it adorable. I just felt like writing and this was the only thing that I seemed to be able to work on. Hope you enjoy it. <3


“Shart stack, can ya put Cove ta sleep tonight?” Rhett asked his lover as he strolled into the room in his boxers.
“Sure babe.” Kyndal nodded lightly, kissing the man’s stubbly cheek before going into his son’s room and sitting on the bed beside him.
Cove grinned up at his mother.
“Hi momma!”
“Hey baby.” Kyndal kissed the boy’s temple, wrapping the covers around the small child. “Goodnight baby.” He smiled.
“But momma.” Cove whined. “Daddy always reads me a story.” He wiggled out of the blanket and brought Kyndal a book. “Can you read it?” He spoke rather well for his age, with a hint of his father’s accent they were trying to rub off on him.
“Um… its getting really late baby, why don’t you just go straight to bed tonight?”
“But momma, I want my book.” He pouted.
“Momma please?”
Kyndal sighed, opening the book and turning to the first page. He squinted at the words. He opened his mouth to start reading but nothing came out.
“I’ll be right back sweetheart.” Kyndal nodded, swallowing as he stepped out of the room and found Rhett in their own room. “Um… Rhett do you think you can read him his book? I need to do something...”
“Kendal, ah read to him thes whole week.” Cove had just started wanting to read books every night. Rhett didn’t particularly mind but the point was, it was Kyndal’s turn.
“I… Rhett please?” Kyndal sighed softly.
“Why can’t ya do et?” Rhett frowned at his lover.
“Bacause why?”
“I…” Kyndal took a deep breath before murmuring the words. “Ican’tread…”
“Ya what?” Rhett blinked. Had he heard that right?
“I. Can’t. Read.” He rubbed the back of his neck, for once actually caring of what someone thought of him. He was ashamed of this.
“How can ya not read?” Rhett frowned deeply.
“I… Gabriel had me. I didn’t go to a school or anything. And when I was young was when he was the worst to me, he sure as hell wasn’t teaching me to read.”
Rhett kissed the top of Kyndal’s head.
“Well I’ll teach ya ta read. Come watch me read to Cove.” He nodded, wrapping an arm around Kyndal’s waist and leading him to their son’s bedroom.
Kyndal hung his head as he listened to Rhett read to their son. For such a rough lover, he sure as hell was an amazing father. Kyndal loved it. He smiled as Cove hugged his father. Rhett kissed Cove’s cheek as he stood up and led Kyndal out of the room.
Kyndal kissed him sweetly when they were in their own bedroom. Rhett smiled softly down at his smaller lover. Rhett began stripping himself slowly and Kyndal began to get excited, his member standing at attention underneath his tight jeans.
He reached down to take off his own clothing but Rhett grabbed his hands.
“Nope. We’re not fucking tonight.”
“Bu-“ Kyndal whined, his eyes drawn to Rhett’s member dangling between his legs.
“We’ll fuck when you can read.” Rhett smirked, sitting on the bed with Kyndal.
“Not fair.”
“Shut up and listen to me.” Rhett grabbed a notepad and a pen, writing the alphabet as neatly as he could. He went through and taught Kyndal each letter and the sounds it made. Kyndal paid close attention although every once and a while, his gaze would shift down to Rhett’s crotch.
Rhett knew his lover would never pay attention long enough to learn anything without some sort of incentive. So he had to tell Kyndal he’d get his sex only after they learned something, although he was pretty horny himself.
They stayed at this for hours, Rhett writing down words and having Kyndal sound them out. He even had Kyndal write some himself, then Rhett corrected them. One card amused Rhett in particular…
“If yu don’t fuk me, I wil dy.” Kyndal wrote.
“Yeah, with that spelling, you’re not getting fucked for a while.” Rhett chuckled, shaking his head as Kyndal blushed.
“Shut up.” Kyndal playfully hit his arm.
A few hours later and Kyndal was doing much better. He was still slow at reading but he could do it. Like a small child. He got stuck at words above three or four letters.
“Alright. I’m gonna write things on these cards.” Rhett got a stack of index cards and began writing things on them. He then stood up and laid them out on the bed. “Whatever you can read, I’ll do to you or you can do to me.” Rhett smirked. They were all sexual acts of course. That was the only way to get Kyndal to do anything, relate it to sex.
Kyndal grinned, looking through the cards and grabbing one that looked simple to read.
“I’ll…” He began to read it aloud, his brow furrowing in concentration. “rim… you.” He nodded proudly, sitting the card on the floor as Rhett grabbed him around the waist, pressing him down on the floor and biting one of his ass cheeks.
“Good job.” Rhett nodded, biting down so hard he drew blood.
Kyndal moaned at this, beaming as he felt Rhett’s tongue sliding in between his cheeks, slithering down the crack.
Rhett was smiling as well, proud of his lover and glad he finally got to touch him. Even though he couldn’t really make rimming rough, he was gripping onto Kyndal’s hips so hard it would definitely leave bruises.
“Oh Rhett…” Kyndal groaned, burying his face in the carpet as Rhett’s tongue thrusted in and out of him, jabbing at his prostate.
Rhett growled, shoving his face further into Kyndal, swirling his tongue around his lover’s insides.
Kyndal let out a noise sounding somewhat like a whine, his eyes clenched shut.
Rhett continued this until Kyndal came hard, cum spurting onto the floor.
Kyndal grinned and sat back up, scrambling for the cards, excited to find one that would make Rhett fuck him.
“Isn’t reading fun?” Rhett snickered, wrapping an arm around Kyndal’s neck, ignoring his throbbing hard on.
“No.” Kyndal groaned as he stared at the cards. He couldn’t make out anything… He’d never felt so retarded before in his life.
They simply sat there for a while until Kyndal sighed heavily, folding his arms across his chest after tossing the cards everywhere.
“I quit.”
Rhett chuckled.
“Et’s alright, love. Weh can try again tomorrow.” Rhett nodded, moving to grab his underwear.
“No…” Kyndal reached out, gripping the man’s cock. “That’s not fair, I came. You didn’t.
“Yar point es?” Rhett smirked softly.
“Come on, please?”
“Spell tha word suck and ya can suck me off.”
Kyndal clenched his fist in concentration as he thought.
“S-U…” He narrowed his eyes. “K?”
“Nope.” Rhett shook his head. “S-U-C-K.”
“I was close!”
“Doesn’t count, shart stack. Try spelling blow.”
“That’s easier…” He hummed. “B-L-O… W?” He asked hopefully.
“Good job.” Rhett grinned proudly, smashing their lips together passionately. He was glad, not only because Kyndal had done it but now he could get off too.
He had an idea though…
“Alright, ya can do et.” He nodded, lying back on the bed, watching as Kyndal eagerly bent over. “But ya can only blow on et.”
“What?” Kyndal whined.
“Ya can only do whatever ya can spell.” Rhett smirked lightly.
“I hate you.” Kyndal groaned. He leaned in and blew on the head of Rhett’s cock, reaching out to pump it but Rhett smacked his hands away.
“Did ya spell touch?”
“You’re horrible…” Kyndal muttered. “T-U-C-H?”
“Nuh uh.”
“Damnit.” Kyndal growled. “T-O-C-H?”
“Love, maybe ya should try another word?” Rhett chuckled.
“No.” Kyndal grumbled. “T-O-A-C-H?”
“Yar so close et’s killing me.” Rhett nodded encouragingly.
“This is impossible.”
“One more try. Come on.”
“T-O… U-C-H?”
“Ya did et.” Rhett grinned, kissing the top of Kyndal’s head.
Kyndal beamed, reaching out to stroke Rhett’s erection, pumping it up and down as he blew on the weeping head.
Rhett moaned softly.
“Spell somethen’ else. Ah beg ya.” The large man groaned.
“Uh… K-E-S?”
“Are ya trying ta spell kiss?”
“Closer.” Rhett hummed.
“There ya go.” He nodded and Kyndal eagerly pressed his lips to the tip of Rhett’s cock letting it wet his lips. He kissed all down the shaft repeatedly.
“Lick… L-I-K?”
“No.” Rhett shook his head furiously.
Kyndal purred, running his tongue through the slit, taking the foreskin in between his teeth.
Rhett cursed but thumped the boy in the head.
“Ya didn’t spell bite.”
“Damnit. B-I-T?”
“Soh close, one more.”
“Ugh.” Kyndal whined.
“Come on, love.”
Kyndal scraped his teeth against the hard member, grinning as Rhett’s hand twitched. He’d been about to reach out and slam Kyndal down on his shaft but the boy hadn’t spelled suck yet.
“Ya gotta spell suck… and ya might wanna spell spit or swallow for when ah come.”
“Uh… S-U-C-K.” He’d paid attention when Rhett spelled it earlier.
“Ya listen, good. Now ya gonna spit or swallow?”
“Damnit.” He sighed. He knew he could spell spit… it sounded easy. But he wanted to swallow, damnit. “S-U-“
“Wrong.” Rhett cut him off. “Thenk, love.”
“Yes, keep going.” Rhett nodded.
“Missing one letter.” Rhett cursed.
Rhett didn’t say anything, instead simply slamming the boy down roughly on his member, bucking his hips and fucking Kyndal’s mouth on his huge girth, ripping the boy’s throat open. He fucking needed this. Kyndal’s nails dug into his thighs and he could have told him to spell scratch but he didn’t have the patience anymore. He needed to get off. He rolled his hips into Kyndal’s mouth even harder as the boy reached out and gripped his ball sac tightly, rolling the balls around in between his soft fingers.
“Kendal.” He growled, precum already flowing steadily into Kyndal’s sinful mouth as he sucked his lover off.
Kyndal was hard at work, licking and sucking away. He’d spelled it all, he was going to make the most out of it. He’d earned it…
Finally, his reward came. Rhett came hard, the warm, sticky liquid flowing down his throat without warning. But he didn’t sputter, never did. He swallowed every last drop, moaning as he pulled back. Rhett immediately pulled him in close for a kiss.
“Ah’m proud of ya.” The man nodded. “Ya ded good.”
“Thanks.” Kyndal smiled lightly.
“We’re doin thes again tomorrow.”
Kyndal groaned.
“Ya won’t touch meh until ya can spell, love. Better get used ta et.” Rhett chuckled, pulling Kyndal tight to him as he laid down in their bed.

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Teach Me.
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