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 Life Can Do Terrible Things...

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Leon Johnson


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PostSubject: Life Can Do Terrible Things...   Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:37 pm

The wind blew past him gently, the cold air mixing with the warmth of the shining sun. The trees provided plenty of shade, and the day was a wonderful one. His large hand gently squeezed that of his son's. Leon hopped around at his side, gently patting all of the neatly carved stones with interest. Cade couldnt help but smile at his son's innocence, he felt comfort at the features of Leon's face. His pudgy cheeks and soft brown hair, his big brown eyes that never stopped caring about everything and everyone.
They walked down the small pathway until Cade finally sat down under the shade of a large oak tree, just in front of a marble stone. He carefully brushed away leaves and moved to wrap Leon in his arms, sitting him gently in his lap and letting himself gaze at the grey slab of stone.
"You know Leon, by the time I was your age i'd give anything to fall in love..." Leon was almost twelve now, just as Cade had been when he longed for someone to love, someone he could love truly was all he could think about. In his dreams he would love someone and they would take him away from the hell that was home, where he wouldnt have to see his father hit his mother, where he wouldnt have to feel the pain also.
"And I wanted to fall in love truly, it was all I could think about"
Leon shivered violently as the wind blew once more, cooling his little body and forcing him to cuddle up close to his father in a vain attempt to get warm. As Cade began speaking once more, Leon looked up at him and made sure to give him his undivided attention. He understood words now, and he could speak much better since his father had been working with him. He didnt speak well, but he still could speak and that was the important thing.
"Thats when I met your mother...." Cade's voice was soft, carried away on the wind as his memories came flashing back, leaving a warm feeling in his chest.

They had been having a get together, the first one he and his family had been invited too. He had sat with his mother and father and just watched everyone, he really didnt pay one certain person very much attention.
But then he walked in...Kelton McGuire....His hair a fiery red that licked down to the middle of his neck. His bangs hanging low in his face, almost to his nose. His skin a creamy pale color that made his bright pink lips .all the mote noticeable, along with his bright baby blue eyes. His had an obvious septum piercing and he wore a long sleeved sweater. His body was small but taught, and he was by far the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on.
Kelton was the boy of his dreams, he knew this because even as the boy drew from a cigarette he could not dislike him.

Cade had watched Kelton for the entire night, just not having the courage to step up and talk to him. But to his surprise Kelton had made eye contact with him several times so far.
As music played and a slower song began, Cade found his nerve, and he asked Kelton to dance.
As they danced all was quiet, Cade just trying to focus on not tripping while they moved. Kelton was the one to break the silence, and he was straight to the point when he did.
Kelton looked him in the eyes and he spoke "Boy can I tell you a wonderful thing? I can't help but notice you staring at me." Cade felt warmth creeping up his cheeks, almost petrified when Kelton smiled, obviously noticing his rising blush. The boy continued softly. "I know I shouldn't say this, but I really believe, I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me."
And as the words left Kelton's mouth, Cade knew it to be true.

Leon stared up at his father with wide unblinking eyes, wonder clear on his face.
His father rarely spoke to him about his mother, simply because it made his chest ache when he thought about the boy who had stolen his heart.
Cade knew what his son was thinking so he gently let his hand rest in Leon's hair.
"Now son, I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things...." And he wanted his son to be aware of this, because he knew before long Leon may face something terrible like he had when he had been in love.
"Dad'y...." Leon leaned into his father even more, "Tel' me mor'."
Cade took a deep breath, but he forced himself on. Leon deserved to know these things.

After that night and Kelton had been nearly inseparable. He remembered many nights where they would have a little too much to drink, and in there drunk stupors they would laugh at the stars and every her in life. They would giggle there problems away and clutch eachother tightly as dark turned to day. He was too dumb to notice the weight Kelton dropped or the bruises he would obtain, and honestly he didnt want to. He wanted to stay in his blissful state of happiness.
And no matter what Kelton was wonderful, nothing ever even came close to Kelton in his mind....

Leon was startled as he noticed tears welling in his fathers eyes, he reached up to wipe them, a frown firmly in place.
"Don't cry dad'y....I lov' you..."
But Cade didnt even hear him as he felt his heart sinking into his stomach, the wind suddenly so cold it felt like it was ripping him away.
And he remembered....He remember the pain that came when he had asked for Kelton's hand....He had tried to be so romantic with it...

Kelton had stepped into there room only to find Cade on his knees, and rose petals resting around there bed, but in a particular order to where they spelled out, "Marry me?"
Kelto had almost collapsed right then and there.
Cade took his hand, pressing a loving kiss to his palm before speaking.
"Can I tell you a wonderful thig Kelton? I made you a present with paper and string...." He paused as tears gathered in Kelton's sky blue eyes. "Open with care now, Im asking you please..." He presented Kelton with a small black box, which he popped open to reveal a lovely diamond ring.
"You KNOW that I love you Kelton, will you marry me?"
And finally Cade crumbled with a gut wrenching sob, falling over in the grass and letting his hand rest on the cold marble stone. Leon squeaked softly, suddenly afraid as he scrambled to hug his father. He had never seen his daddy cry like this.
He didnt know what to do so he just curled himself up and laid with his father, pressing kisses to Cade's face as the man broke down.
Cade gasped for breath and let himself clutch Leon tight to his chest. "Y-You'll learn on-one day, and I-I hope and I pra-pray that God shows you diff-differently!" Cade cried out, a howl of vanquishment that would make anyone's heart ache for him.

As his fingers ran over the name carved in the stone, Kelton's voice came back to him.
"Cade can I tell you a terrible thing? It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks...."
Cade's face had fell and he just didnt understand....
"I have cancer Cade...Im dying baby..."
Cade just stared at him, his eyes wide and lost. Kelton dropped to his knees and let his arms wrap Cade up, his lip pressed to the man's forehead as he spoke.
"Please don't be sad now, I really believe, you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me."
Slowly the reality hit Cade all at once and he felt as if he had been kicked in his chest as he realized that Kelton couldnt marry him...
Kelton couldnt stay...
Kelton was leaving him...
Kelton was DYING.
That night they had made love, Cade's tears falling quick on Kelton as they whispered sweet nothings in the dark.
Kelton had conceived...
He had died the night Leon was born.
It seemed as though by taking away his heart, God had left an Angel to save him in Kelton's place.

The day gave way to darkness, and Cade still couldnt move. He just held Leon in one arm, and the other arm stroked the cold stron.
"So don't fall in love there's just too much to lose, if you're given the choice, I'm begging you choose to walk away, walk away!" Cade sobbed uncontrollably. "Don't let it get you, I can't bare to see the same happen to you!!"

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Life Can Do Terrible Things...
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