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PostSubject: Special   Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:14 am

Trever sat at the far end of the room, his head resting pitifully in his hands as his body quaked carefully. Rhett stalked away from his elder brother, disgust clear on his rough features.
"Alrigh' Ahm redeh ta goh." He growled to his son as he passed, leaving the home completely moments later.
They were at Trever's house. Toni was outside playing with his and Trever's children, he had been asked to go by Rhett and Trever had agreed. Once Toni was gone, Rhett had unloaded on his brother in regards to Leon and what Trever had done to the boy. Cove sat at the other side of the room with him, watching as his father tore his uncle down bit by bit. Rhett was finally done with his brothers cruel antics and he was letting it all go.
Cove stood up, a rather relieved, though smug smile on his face. In his mind Trever deserved every bit of it, no one was going to hurt Leon like that and get away with it.
He offered Leon his hand, waiting on the smaller boy to move but he didnt. He just gazed over to Trever with troubled eyes.
"Leon?" Cove asked softly, leaning down to gently stroke the boys hair.
All Leon could do was think about what Rhett had said....

"If ya eva comeh back aroundeh mah kid er mah shartstack, ahll ave yar 'ead! Ya don' need ta beh 'round mah famileh anehmore. Ya want ta screw yars up, fineh, but ahm doneh." Rhett snarled, shoving his bother against the wall and leaving him alone.

And alone is all that Leon could comprehend. He took one look at Cove, but he stood and shuffled over to Trever, ignoring the fear nipping at his heart, he was not the sort of person to be so cruel. Not even if someone had wronged him the way Trever had. Once directly in front of the man, Leon reached out and let his hand rest on top of Trever's head.
"It's k....I'l b' yur' fri'nd...."
The older man took a shaking breath, slowly lifting his head up to look Leon straight in the eyes.
His heart constricted at the pure innocence he found, innocence and compassion.
Leon truly cared....cared for a man who had tortured him for what seemed to him like forever.
"Leon..." Trever croaked out....his eyes watered slightly as he watched the boys lips tug into a large, crooked grin.
As Trever moved, taking the boys hand in his, it reminded him of his Toni, and how devastated he would be if anyone had done this to him.
And suddenly he felt sick.
He gently pulled Leon into a tight hug, pressing his face into the boys neck.
"Im sorry. Im so, so sorry..." His whispered in the boys ear, pressing him closer even as Cove forced him away.
Trever let go, he understood Cove not wanting him to touch Leon. He smiled softly to the boys, thanking Leon softly, an the moving out to go find Toni.
He needed to see his lover, and assure himself the boy was okay.
"Leon...." Cove frowned, taking Leon by his chin and looking him in the eyes.
Its in that moment that Cove fell in love....
Fell hard for a boy who had the power to love fully, and without fear...
Something every person longed to do.
Leon was so special.
And thats all Cove could think of as he held the boy close.

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