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 Of Sticky Kisses And America's Next Top Model Marathons

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Brynn McDaniels


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PostSubject: Of Sticky Kisses And America's Next Top Model Marathons   Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:11 am

I just wrote this in like twenty minutes and it's sort of random. I just got the idea in my head and I find that the things I write really quickly in one sitting usually come out better. It ends kind of suddenly though cause I couldn't think of anything else to sayy. But I hope you like it anyways. Hehe Smile


"Come on! Get over here!" Briley hollered from across the park.
"No, we can call a cab home." Brynn whined back.
Both boys were shirtless, in just a pair of shorts, their chests glistening with sweat. Briley had taken to working out with Brynn lately and pushing the boy as far as he could, until he was begging to take a break. They'd ran nearly twenty miles this morning. It was just about noon, they'd been out since dawn.
"Come gimme a high five!" Briley insisted, jogging in place about twenty feet away.
"Your hand is too far away." Brynn panted, feebly reaching out.
"Then get your ass over here!" Briley smirked, watching as Brynn dragged his feet towards Briley in a slow jog. When he reached the other boy he tiredly slapped his hand.
Briley chuckled, wrapping his arms around Brynn and pulling him in for a soft kiss, although they were both completely sweat drenched.
"Let's go home." Briley nodded.
"But we're running there!"
"Noooo." Brynn whined, but he did run along with Briley down the street. They held hands as they made their way home.
"Sweet, there's an ice cream truck down there." Briley pumped his fist in the air. "Last one there has to pay!"
And with that he ran off towards the truck, leaving Brynn behind.
"Damnit, no fair!" Brynn took off after him. "I don't even have any money on me!"
By the time he got there, Briley was already waiting, leaning on the truck with a smirk on his face.
"Look's like you're paying."
"I'm not even wearing underwear under these shorts, where would I be keeping money?" Brynn exclaimed.
"That's hot." Briley nodded. "But I'm not wearing any either, I don't have any cash on me."
"I want ice cream, damnit." Brynn pouted.
"Hold on, I got this." Briley walked around to talk to the man inside the truck.
"Hey, my boyfriend here will suck your dick if you give us free ice cream." He winked, throwing an arm around Brynn's shoulders.
"I will not!" Brynn's jaw dropped as he looked at his boyfriend.
"Okay I was lying, I have five dollars in my pocket." Briley snickered as he pulled out a five dollar bill, buying them both ice cream cones.
Once inside, Brynn began eating his, laying back on the couch in Briley's chest. They ate in silence for a while before Briley leaned down, licking Brynn's ice cream, taking large bit in his mouth just so their was nothing in between their lips, stopping them from kissing.
"Bastard, get off my ice cream." Brynn murmured softly against the other boy's lips.
"I taste way better anyways." Briley rolled his eyes, slowly sliding the cone out of the other boy's hand, chucking it behind them, where it landed on the floor.
Before Brynn could whine, Briley pressed their lips together, ice cream smearing as they sloppily kissed.
"You were right. You do taste better." Brynn groaned as Briley chucked his own cone, not caring of the mess it would be to clean later. He climbed on top of Brynn, straddling his waist, smashing their lips together passionately over and over again, his hands groping the boy everywhere he could reach.
"I don't wanna do this now, I'm all sweaty." Brynn panted.
"So am I. Doesn't matter. We'd get sweaty anyways."
"But still." Brynn shook his head.
"Aw, c'mon baby." Briley smirked softly, kissing him sweetly again
"Fine, only cause you're too sexy to ignore." Brynn grinned.
The kisses got progressively more steamy with each passing second and soon they were both completely naked. Briley was knuckle deep in Brynn's ass. He was leaning in for another kiss when suddenly, Brynn shrieked, lunging for the television remote, cranking up the volume.
"What are you doing?" Briley groaned, moving in to nibble on Brynn's neck.
"America's Next Top Model is on!"
"SO!? This is like the best season ever! Oh my god, it's a marathon!" Brynn clapped his hands eagerly, eyes locked on the screen.
"Oh come on, we were just about to do it." Briley whined, shoving at the boy gently. He began moving his fingers in and out of Brynn's hole, trying to get the boy back in the mood.
"Quit." Brynn pouted, swatting at his hand but not looking away from the television.
"You are not serious?" Briley groaned but he got no answer.
His attempts to distract Brynn from the show continued but to no avail. Finally, he gave up, tugging his lover into his lap and hugging him to his chest, watching Brynn's face as he watched the show.
"You're so gay." Briley murmured.
"You're saying this as you're sitting naked with another man." Brynn shook his head but continued watching.
They stayed like that for several episodes of the show until Alex made his way downstairs and into the room. He plopped down on the other chair before noticing the naked couple.
"Jesus, Briley!"
He closed his eyes quickly. Brynn squeaked grabbing a couch pillow and holding it over his crotch.
"I'm so sorry Mr. Riley!"
"You're always so polite. Just tell him to fuck off." Briley snickered as he stretched out on the couch, watching the tv, actually somewhat invested in the modeling show now.

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Of Sticky Kisses And America's Next Top Model Marathons
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