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 Goodbye Love.

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Cove Braxton


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PostSubject: Goodbye Love.   Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:51 pm

Cove got no sleep for the rest of that night after he and Misery fought. It was really bothering him… He knew he’d been an asshole. He always knew when he was an ass. He just didn’t care. But this time, he did care… it was Misery. Misery had been crying… Deep down, Cove knew he’d just been trying to help Misery… he’d meant well but he always came across like a jerk. He just hoped Carter had taken the boy back in. That was what he wanted… for Misery to go be happy with Carter. Weeks passed and he didn’t hear from Misery. He was devastated but deep down he’d known this would happen. Misery wasn’t seeing him again… He no longer had his Misery.
And it was killing him. Misery was everything to him and he went and ruined it. Sometimes, he really couldn’t stand himself. He’d yelled at Misery for pushing everyone away but he was realizing maybe he did that too… he pushed everyone away by being an ass to them.
Cove decided he needed to know what was up… he wanted to make sure Misery was with Carter… happy and safe. That was all. So late the next night, he got his jacket and headed out.
He drove to Carter’s house, parking a while away to not look suspicious. He knocked on the front door but got no answer. He assumed they were sleeping already. He paused. Most people would have walked away now and tried back another time but not Cove. He hoisted open a window and slid inside, looking around the huge home, taking a few steps before sighing in relief. You’d think someone as rich as Carter would have some fancy security system. He just then realized he had no clue where to find the bedroom in this huge home. So he spent the next hour checking every room in the house until finally he came across the master bedroom, spotting two people curled up together.
He smiled sadly. Good. Misery was here… Happy. He’d planned on just leaving now but he crept closer. He knew Misery had always been a light sleeper so he tiptoed quietly. He hovered over Misery’s form, reaching a hand down to stroke Misery’s cheek, his hand trailing down the boy’s body. He’d never get to hold that lithe form again. His thumb ran over Misery’s lips. Never see the boy smile again… He moved to ruffle Misery’s hair. Never see that hair mussed like it always was when he woke in the morning.... A sharp pain struck Cove in his chest. He hadn’t even realized he was crying until he saw a drop drip from his chin onto Misery’s cheek. He slowly wiped it away. He missed Misery so much and it’d only been a few weeks… He was hopeless without Misery. Who was he supposed to go to when he was upset? When he was happy? When he was angry? Misery was who he went to for EVERYTHING.
But like he’d told Misery. He had to suck it up… He wiped his eyes roughly, looking around for some paper and something to write with. He left Misery a note, along with a picture of them together. Cove was young, very young. It was the night Misery and he’d first slept together. Cove adored that picture. Misery was in his lap, winking at the camera as Cove laughed with an uncomfortable blush on his face.
The Note:
“I’m glad you’re with Carter. You deserve him. I love you. I had to come check to make sure you were okay. But anyways, I’m just writing this to say goodbye, love.”
“Goodbye love.” Cove sighed heavily, fisting his eyes once more as he left the tearstained note on the bedside table before heading out the door.

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Goodbye Love.
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