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 All For Nothing...

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Jude McDaniels


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PostSubject: All For Nothing...   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:14 pm

Jude stepped into the home with a sigh. He had been out again, searching for his uncle. He had said he would find Junior and he was trying. He had said this when he was only six but that did not stop him from doing it. Every day when he got home from work he’d go out and look.
Today, his parent’s were over at Mike and Alex’s so he walked inside, raising an eyebrow when he saw Kevin on his knees bawling and clinging onto a boy he’d never seen before…
Wait a second…
The boy was quick to jump and hug Junior tight.
“Um, hello?” Junior blinked, eyeing the new boy strangely.
“I-Its Jude…” Jude immediately stepped down, taking a step away from the boy.
“Nice to meet you.”
Jude blinked.
He didn’t remember… He didn’t remember any of the things that had kept Jude searching all these years…
And it hurt.
“S-sorry… I thought…”
“He doesn’t remember Judy…” Alex whispered, wrapping an arm around his great grandson’s waist.
He didn’t remember that kiss they’d shared? Sure, it was a little kid one, and really meaningless but still…
He didn’t remember holding Jude the whole night after Zac told him he had to give him up?
He didn’t remember bawling just because Jude was crying?
He didn’t remember.
“I’m sorry then…” He sighed and looked down at his feet.
Zac pulled his son to his chest, the boy was already bigger than him.
“Hey baby, its okay… we got pictures, we can show them to him sometime… maybe it’ll jog his memory..” He hoped… he hated that his bubba did not remember him but more than that, that he didn’t remember Jude. He knew how bad the boy had missed him even if they’d only known each other for a short while…
“Wow, I’m dumb, aren’t I, momma?” He sighed, pressing his lips to the top of his mother’s head.
“No baby, you’re not. You’re just a sweet boy…” He was the only one who looked every single day.
How much time had he wasted looking for a boy who had no clue who he was…?
How many boys had he turned down because he wanted to wait for Junior?
How much bullying had he put up with since he was out all the time searching? He often got picked on about his father just like Aaron had.
All for nothing.
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All For Nothing...
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