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 Kiss my Scars.

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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: Kiss my Scars.   Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:36 pm

Misery stood infront of the large mirror in Carter's master bathroom. His large brown eyes surveying his body, all the way to the tips of his hair, which struck up wildly like a lions mane. Down to his pale face, with the sharp features and the fuzz of his chin, to his creamy neck and the dip where it meet his shoulders. He took a moment to specifically look at the large rugged scar left there by someone that haunted him in his dreams. His eyes shifted down to his chest, and his erect nipples that were baring against the cold. His chest was rather clean, no hair and only one scar, a small one. His arms were small and lanky, one of his forearms adorning the mark Carter had given him during their first time. His fingers also adorned scars, one on each knuckle where the mad man had removed some bone, this is why Misery can bend his fingers all the way back.His stomach which dipped down as it got to his navel was a master piece of ugly marks marring his once perfect skin. Most from Trever. Trever had especially taken to Misery because the boy was different, a fighter in his own right. He liked making the boy feel helpless and he had tried for years to break him. Misery never did break, he took the surgeries and the scars in step as if it were nothing to him. This caused Trever to try harder and harder.
Still though, Misery never let up.
He rained a bony hand to trace one scar particularly, it was just above his pubic hair. It was thin and white, old.
But he remembered it so well.
It had been Rhett's idea. After he had found Cove and Misery had a sexual relationship he had taken Misery to Trever to be fixed.
Of course it had been Trever Rhett had taken him too. He was angry about the affairs and wanted Misery to suffer for deluding his son into a physical relationship. He had been given no anestetics, as always. And he was made to watch Trever remove any chances of him being a mother. He had never told Cove, neither had Rhett. He had let the boy know he couldnt get pregnant, but never told him it was because of there relationships in fear that Cove would cut it off.
He needed that with Cove, it was the only happiness he found in life. Cove was everything.
Misery smiled at the thought of the boy, his lips quirking ever so lightly.
He found another scar the trace, above his navel this time.
Trever had twisted and ruined his nervous system.
And another, going straight from the bottom of his chest to the beginning of his pubic area.
That where Trever had assured he would always feel an emptiness in his stomach and this is why he ate so much.
He didnt get fat, also because of Trever screwing around with his body.
He turned to the side and surveyed the lines of cuts high on his hip and thigh.
That was just Trever being bored.
But oh well.
Misery shrugged his bony shoulders, his arms rising above his head as he stretched, Cove heavy on his mind.
Allowed he spoke, even if only to himself.
"The scars of your love, remind me of us."
He couldnt help but think of the one on his arse from where Cove had gotten angry during sex and bitten him.
"They keep me thinking that..." He sighed softly, his heart clenching painfully at his next words.
"We almost had it all...."
With a wondrous smile Misery looked back in the mirror, his mind drifting off to a precious time...

Misery lay in Cove's bed, every inch of his body open to the world.
Open to Cove.
He and the boy had been screwing around for almost a month now. The boy was laying beside him, just as nude but with a sheet twisted around his torso. As Misery's eyes shifted over at him, his heart raced a bit at the same forlorn look again. Cove seemed to give him that looked every time they screwed, but only after they were done and simply basking around in the bed. He would always just catch the look on the boys face as he stared. Cove's eyebrows would be drawn together, in what seemed like concern. His lips would be pursed in a straight line as he focused in on Misery, and his eyes would always hold this pitiful look.
"Got a staring problem?" Misery smiled at him, resting on arm over his stomach to hide his newest scar, just under his naval.
"Noh." Cove snorted at him, quickly looking away.
Misery just smiled wider.
"I know, you cant help it. Everyone likes looking at me and my goods."
He was not given a response so he let it go, his eyes slipping shut.
He had almost dosed off when he heard the familiar Scottish accent, this time asking him a question, almost timidly.
"Do what?" Misery's eyes opened lazily, his gaze finding Cove who was looking at him again, with that same look.
"Can ah...Kiss yar scarehs?"
There was a long silence, it seemed to stretch out forever as Misery pondered his question.
Kiss his scars?
What an off request, no one has ever asked that before.
"Whatever floats your boat, I guess." Misery's lips settled into a worried frown. Cove was acting odd.
He watched as the boy scooted over to him, giving a genuine smile at he traced a few old scars on his stomach. Misery could tell he was itching to ask questions but the boy never opened his mouth and Misery offered no explanations.
His gaze was wary on Cove as he neared the newest one, pausing before daring to touch it.
"Doseh thes one .....hurteh?" He turned his eyes to Misery, waiting for an answer, or really for an okay to touch it.
"Nah. Its fine." Misery quirked a smile. It was still tender but it didnt really hurt.
He watched in amazement as Cove slowly leaned down, and pressed his lips to the new forming scar on his stomach.
His breath hitched and caught in his throat, his heart pounded in his ears...
And in that moment, Misery knew he was falling totally and helplessly in love with Cove Braxton.
Even since that time, it had become a ritual. After love making, Cove would always do it, he never missed a chance to press his lips against the marred skin and leave behind comforting, healing kisses.
But he always asked permission.
One day, as Cove moved down to the scars on Misery's knuckles, the boy questioned softly.
"Why do you do this?"
And Cove took his time, he didnt really give an answer, but what he said made Misery feel like he was suffocating.
"AH wanta kiss everah scareh ya ave'"
A kiss to his knuckle
"On yar chest."
He pecked the one lone scar just above his left pectoral.
"An yar armeh."
His lips touched the deep laceration he had gotten from having Trever tie his arms with wire.
"On yar handeh."
He went to the other hand, gingerly kissing all five incisions.
"Eveneh thoseh thah arenteh thera..."
He rested his forehead against Misery's, his eyes holding some genuine emotion that Misery couldnt quite make out.
" Ah wanta kiss tha scarseh on yar bareh skineh, evereh scareh ya ave' visible er noteh." His voice was gentle and rasping, his breath ghosting over Misery's cheeks.
He leaned in and locked their lips together in a passionate, needing kiss. His hands found Misery's and pinned them above the bed, and he then proceeded to ravish the boys entire body.

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Kiss my Scars.
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