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 Unimaginable Hero

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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: Unimaginable Hero   Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:29 am

I dont know if you will like this or not. We dont have to make this happen, I just like the idea of Misery saving Cove and everything. Tell me what you think, and be honest. I dont mind if you dislike it. Any problem you have just tell me:) I wanna know. I just liked writing it. I needed something to do and this was awesome to me hahaha
Love youuu


"Angel, you had better not move while im gone. I dont want you messing anything up alright? Just wait for me to get back." Trever grinned down at the tiny child, his green eyes shining.
Angel didnt respond, he simply flinched away from the man and burrowed further under the large dining room table.
Trever glanced over to Rhett, nodding his head. "Im ready to go! Barry is waiting!"
Rhett glanced to him, then the unfamiliar man on the couch.
"He is leaving when we do, right?"
Trever nodded, the man getting up and following Trever from the home.
Rhett looked at Misery, then at the crib he had set up in the front room which held his new born son.
"Ya will takeh good careh of em' righ' Misereh?"
The boy glanced up at his master, giving a lazy nod to the man. Misery was only seven but he was mature enough, and he spent a lot of time with the new baby. Rhett had witnessed the small boy and how well he cared for his son, so he was willing to let Misery baby sit while he was away.
"Alrigh' ahm gonneh. An remembereh." He paused before he was out of the door. "Anehthing happen ta mah son, yar doneh."
And with that he was gone.
Misery simply rolled his eyes mimicking the man in a high pitched, irritating voice before looking back at Angel.
"You know, Trever is gone. You can come out."
Angel shook his head, his eyes darting around in fear.
Misery shrugged his shoulders. "Suit yourself." And with that he laid down on the couch, flipped on the television and settled in to the new kids cartoon 'Spongebob'
And for about thirty minutes everything was quiet, Misery had dosed into a peaceful slumber, Angel had taken to whispering to himself, and Cove, the new born, was fast asleep in his crib.
Everything was fine...
Until a strange feeling washed over Misery, a feeling as if something was wrong.
Something was not right...
As Misery's eyes snapped open, his hand coming up to his chest, he realized what was wrong.
In front of him stood an unknown man, a stranger.
And he was reaching into Cove's crib.
"Hey!" Misery was immediately aware, on his feet in mere seconds. "Dont you touch him!"
The man froze, slowly looking over his shoulder at the small child. he had forgotten about him. He immediately began laughing at the child, turning back to the crib and once more reaching in.
Misery was quick about it, making his way other to the man and hitting him in the back.
This time, the man turned around with Cove in his arms, sneering down at Misery.
"Listen kid, just back off. You cant do anything!"
Misery hissed, his fist clenching.
"I told you! Do.Not.Touch.HIM!"
And with that, Misery punched the man in his groin. He snatched the now wailing baby away, and watched him fall to his knees.
Misery turned to run away when the man reached out, gripping his upper arm tightly and throwing him down. Misery wrapped the baby tight in his arms, trying to shield the child from the fall. He tried once more to get up and run but the man grabbed his leg, furry evident on his face as he growled.
"Imma get you kid!"
As the man regained composure, Misery looked to Angel who had not moved from under the table. Pleading with his eyes, Misery offered Cove out to the other boy, kicking the man in his face to stall time.
"Angel! Please take Cove! Take him and go!" Misery begged his friend, yelping as the mans large fist connected with his lower back.
Angel flinched, his eyes darting around the room, his heart beat speeding up as the large man sent the crib toppling into the floor.
"T-Trever told me n-not to l-leave fr-from here..." Angel squeaked, hiding his eyes as the man began getting up.
"Please Angel!" The small boy had tears in his eyes. "I-I cant let him get Cove! Please!"
Angel knew he would pay for it, but finally bolted out from under the table, and in one fluid motion he had scooped Cove up and jolted for the door.
And then he was gone.
The man was livid.
"See what you did!! I wanted that kid! He could have made me money! I could have had a good time with a baby that small!"
Misery just turned, spitting in the mans face as he struggled to get away.
"Too bad!! Find another kid, not my masters baby!"
The man snarled again, his eyes loathing on the boy.
"You'll have to do then!" And he moved, his large body covering Misery's.
The boy wouldnt give that easy though, nope, he fought for his life.
But sadly, he was only a child, an the man was a grown, strong man.
Needless to say, Misery did not come out on top, which is why as soon as Trever opened the door, he was met with the site of the man, zipping up his pants. Misery was a crumpled mess on the floor.
"The h*ll?" Trever frowned, stepping into his home and looking for Angel.
"Where is Angel? I swear if you tainted my specimen ill destroy your life!"
Rhett finally got to the door, his eyes widening at the upturned crib and his pet curled on the floor.
"Whereh es mah son!" He rushed over to his pet, taking Misery by the arms and shaking him roughly.
"Ah left ya in charge of em!!" The man roared, backhanding Misery hard in the face, boy small boy flying across the room.
"An you! Whah are ya doin in this househ!" Rhett raged, grabbing the stranger by the collar. The man raised his hands, his face twisted nervously.
"Hey, Hey! Dont yell at me! If anything I saved your little kid! I forgot my wallet on the table, and when I came back to get it I saw him!" He pointed accusingly at Misery who just stared on, disbelief written all over his face. "He was trying to molest the poor thing! I came in and I stopped him, only to have the other kid run off with the baby before I had a chance to get the little thing away from them!"
Just as he said it, Angel poked his head into the door, Cove safe and warm in Angel's arms.
Rhett's vision was completely consumed by red, he had Trever grab Angel, and he raced over to snatch his son away, his gaze hateful on Angel.
"A-Ah....Ah..." He looked down at his son, the dread in his stomach slowly subsiding.
He glanced back at the man and moved, offering him his hand.
"Ah...Thank ya fer savin mah boy..."
Trever nodded, reaching in his pocket and pulling out a large wad of cash, but even as he did so, he didnt feel right about it..... He handed it over to the man and thanked him anyways before ushering him out the door.
Rhett sat on the couch, his face blank.
Misery tried to hurt his son....
"Trever. I want you to take Cove, I want alone time with Misery."
The man nodded, his eye brows furrowed but he took Cove, and then he grabbed Angel by the arm. he was almost gone but he did turn and look back.
"Look, im all for some pain and suffering but...Maybe you wanna make sure he is guilty before you punish him..."
He said it simply because he would like to preserve Rhett's piece of mind. If he were to hurt the boy and Misery turn out to be innocent, he would regret it...
Besides, Trever didnt really believe the mans story.
As Trever disappeared, Rhett stood of the couch. He, in his right mind, would have atleast asked for the entire story.
But he was too blinded by rage....
He gripped Misery by his neck. The boy had not made any move to speak, only because the man had effectively broken his jaw. He couldnt speak, couldnt try to tell Rhett his side.
The truth.
The large man slammed him into the wall, his large iron fist coming down on Misery like a wrecking ball tearing into a glass wall.
And he did it over.
And over.
And again.
And again until you couldnt even tell by his face, that it was Misery.
Rhett couldnt help it though.
He just beat him again, and again.
Until he was covered in the boys blood.
But he wanted more.
He moved, rummaging around in the kitchen and settling on a large butcher knife.
Misery couldnt even open his eyes anymore, couldnt hear for the ringing in his ears.
But when Rhett come back, he knew.
The man plunged the knife into the boys gut, roughly twisting it and pulling it back out. He did it again and again, slowly just to make it hurt.
And soon Misery was gone.
This was the first time Misery had died.
Rhett finished up, going to shower before he went back and handed Trever all the money he had with him.
"Migh' wanna get moreh carpetin'," He took his son back and exited the home, the last thing he heard was Trever's voice.
"This is why I have a special room! So I dont HAVE to get my carpet fixed!!"
Trever snorted, his anger subsiding as he looked to Misery.
"Awh man..."
He shut his door, watching as Angel crept out of the room.
As soon as he laid eyes on Misery, he wailed, a loud gut wrenching cry.
"Misery!!!" He was at his friends side in an instant, the blood splashed in the carpet at the boy hit his knees, his who body quaking.
"T-Trever! P-Please...H-Help him..."
Trever sighed, frowning at Angel.
"Hey, come here really quick." He opened his arms and sure enough Angel scooted over, resting his head on Trever's shoulder.
"What happened, Angel." The man asked quietly, grasping Angel's wrist in one hand. He pressed his fingers to the boys veins and began feeling the pulse.
He was a human lie detector. As a doctor he could tell by the speed of Angel's pulse if he was lying or not.
"Start from when we left..."
And so Angel did, reciting from the time Trever and Rhett had left, until he had run away.
He was not lying.
"Dang...." Trever actually felt a bit sick.
He couldnt tell Rhett...His brother would hate himself. Rhett could be a harsh man but he did have a soft spot for children.
And he had just...
Oh h*ell.
Trever lifted Angel and took him to the bed room, he tucked him into the master bed and patted his head.
"Good job Angel...Im proud of you..."
He heard the boy's breath halt, and he knew he was in shock but he went on, he needed to clean Misery up. He took the boy to his special room and surveyed the damage.
His stomach was horrendous...
Trever bit his lip and he professionally cut into the boys stomach, his stomach sinking at the damage.
It was... Irreversible.
The boys bowels were severed in so many places it was heart breaking.
Even to Trever.
"Alright kid, your going to hate me for this but its gotta be done." He pulled the boy's insides out, cutting out his bowels and anything else that was no longer fixable. He then went to work, trying to figure some way he could help the boy. He made sure to hook the child up to all the needed machines just incase he came back while Trever was working.
The man finally just settled on trying to connect the dots, it wouldnt be the same but Misery would live. As Trever was working, the boys eyes cracked open and he just stared, slowly reaching a hand out and letting it brush Trever's arm. The man's head snapped over to the boy, he watched at Misery forced up the blood that had pooled in his throat before croaking, his mouth not moving.
Trever nodded, reaching out and ruffling the boys hair.
"I know. Angel told me so."
And Misery was out again.
Trever continued working, putting in over time to fix the boy completely. Totally he spent 47 hours, non stop working on Misery.
And it paid off. The boy would be alright, he could live. He would never feel full again, even when eating but he would live.
When he was done he called Rhett about what to do with the boy.
"Keep em, killeh em. Ah don careh."
And so Trever kept him, kept him for three years until finally one day Rhett did come to the home. He had refused to go over to Trever's for all the while since Misery was there but today he came.
Because today, his three year old boy questioned him about a fizzy headed friend he used to have.
How Cove remembered, he wasnt sure, but the boy insisted.
And so Rhett gave way.
Cove immediately picked Misery out, toddling over to him and giving a happy grin, and a sloppy kiss to the larger childs cheek.
Misery didnt care if Rhett wanted him touching the kid or not, he swooped Cove up and pressed him to his chest.
And for the first time since his intestine had been removed, Misery felt full again.
Like a part of him had been given back.
Rhett watched with hatred for Misery, and he was going to force the boy to let his son go, but Trever had stopped him. He really didnt want to hurt his brother but...
Misery smiled like he once did.
After the night everything went down, the boy was a different person. He was the most apathetic being Trever had ever encountered.
And now it was changed.
Trever took Rhett into the room, along with Angel and had the boy tell his brother, and then he showed Rhett how to tell if he was lying.
And he wasnt, again.
And so Rhett left the room, and dropped to his knees beside Misery.
The boy didnt look at him, he just sat with Cove, letting the toddler play with his hair.
"M-Misereh." Rhett's gaze was on the floor, he couldnt look at the boy.
The boy he had mangled, for saving his son.
The boy glanced over to him, not expecting it but he was pulled flush to the mans chest.
"Ahm so sorreh!" The man held the boy tight, Misery just blinked at him.
"A-Ah shoulda made sureh heh was tellin tha trutheh!"
Misery nodded numbly.
"You should have."
"Ah-Ah know...."
Misery looked to Trever, the man was doing such a good thing for him.
"C-Comeh comeh." Rhett pulled back, pleading with Misery. "C-Coveh asks 'bout ya. Kyndal misses ya...."
Misery was still for some time but he finally nodded.
"For Cove..."
Rhett nodded his head, pressing the boy closer.
"One thing though, Misery." Trever spoke, eyeing the boy.
"You cant tell Cove this ever happened. He doesnt need to know."
Trever didnt want the boy to be angry at his father.
Misery frowned at the man. Secrets didnt keep friends.
"Because, do you want Cove to be haunted thinking his father is a bad person?"
"Guess not...."
"Alright then."
And so it was. The man who had caused Misery so much pain was Rhett. He had caused his stomach issues, and he had left him for dead with Trever. The man who broke into the home had been dealt with days after it happened, Trever made sure.
And Misery?
Well, he was just happy to be back home with Cove, even if the boy was blissfully unaware of the entire event.

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Unimaginable Hero
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