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 Oink, Oink.

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PostSubject: Oink, Oink.   Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:59 pm

Trever Murdock was gorgeous with those huge green eyes, and his dazzling smile… It really shouldn’t be so surprising that someone was crushing on him. Many men and women surely pined over Trever. He was a completely reasonable choice for someone to have a crush on. He was perfect, sure. Well, apart from the fact that he was rather insane.
“No you don’t.” Sage blinked at his friend. “You do NOT like him.”
“He’s not that horrible!” Sean exclaimed defensively.
“He TORTURES people. He experiments on them. That’s fucking creepy.”
“It also means he’s smart. You know the shit he’s done? It’s impressive.”
“You’re insane.”
“I am not. He’s HOT.”
“He’s also crazy.”
“He’s not crazy.” Sean pouted stubbornly.
“Then why does he torture people?”
“He’s obviously had a hard life. He’s been through a lot. God forbid he be a little messed up.”
“I really can’t believe you’re defending him.”
Sean simply shrugged, his gaze sneaking across the room to where Trever stood beside Rhett, examining the room of people at the gettogether.
“I’m gonna go talk to him.”
“Don’t! He’ll take you home with him and experiment on you or some shit.”
“He will not.”
“Sean, you can’t honestly believe that.”
“I do. Maybe… maybe I can fix him. Maybe that’s all he needs. Someone to fall in love with.”
“You’re making me want to barf right now.”
Sean simply rolled his eyes, discreetly continuing to watch the man across the room. After a few minutes, Trever noticed it. Their eyes met and Sean flashed the man a smile, waving politely.
“I’m going over there.” Sean nodded confidently as he stood up.
“Have fun when the psycho murders you.” Sage called after him.
Sean ignored him, moving over to where Trever stood.
“Hey, you’re Trever, right?”
“And you’re Sean.” Trever nodded, looking the boy over. If he remembered correctly, Sean was the one with the eating disorder. This would be fun.
“Mhm.” Sean smiled, nodding his head. “I just thought I’d come over and ask…” Sean paused, glancing around at a few people dancing to some music Mike and Alex had playing. “If you’d want to dance?” He grinned sweetly, naively.
"Well kid, I might have asked you out...But I’m a little shallow and you’re a little porky." Trever gave a Cheshire smile, glancing around the room and locking eyes on his small slave Angel who was insanely skinny. But only because he had not been fed for a while. "I guess though screwing you wouldn’t be so bad, long as you were on bottom as not to squish me." The man chuckled, a bit sadistically at the horrified look upon the boys face. "What? No one told you that you could pass for porky the pig? Oink, Oink Oink!!" Trever snorted in his face. "Nope, want me, you gotta learn to push away from the table." And with a click of his tongue he turned his nose up at Sean, making sure his eyes were directed at the boy’s stomach before he stalked off.
Sean’s face turned a deep red, hanging his head immediately. Rhett simply shook his head as he watched the boy. His brother was horrible sometimes.
Sean, eyes nearly full of tears, scurried back to Sage.
“What’d he do?” Sage groaned but he did wrap an arm around Sean’s shoulder only to be pushed off.
“How could you let me go over there looking like this?! This shirt always makes me look fat!” Sean exclaimed. “No wonder he turned me down.”
“Sean, he’s fucking with you, can’t you tell? And you’re letting it work.”
Sean simply folded his arms tighter around his chest, going silent, his eyes still wet and his cheeks red.
And sure enough, when Dustin grilled them food that day, Sean, much to Trever’s amusement, ate nothing.
“Much better.” Trever whispered as he walked past the boy, who was just now reaching for a hot dog.
Sean simply hung his head, dropping the meat back onto Sage’s plate.
Months passed and Sean had promised himself he’d have Trever Murdock one day… It was the day of another gettogether. He’d now been fucking Dayton Nielsen for a while. They weren’t dating, just fuck buddies. In fact, Sean was pretty sure Dayton was having sex with someone else in one of the guestrooms. Sean was no longer bulimic and was actually pretty confident lately. He felt sexy in some of the clothes he borrowed from his brother, Gabriel. And he’d decided, today was the day he’d have Trever. He was determined.
He caught the man’s gaze and shot him a smirk but then simply went back to his conversation with Sage, just like that day.
“I still can’t believe you. He’s not gonna fuck you, he’s going to take you home and kill you.”
“Whatever, Sage.” He winked at his friend before heading across the room. “Why hello there, Trever.” He smiled politely.
“Ah, Sean. Here for some more advice? I see you’ve taken my advice from last time. Not such a porker anymore. However…” Trever hummed, looking the boy over. He knew how to get to people. Just by looking at Sean, he knew everything. Even though the boy wasn’t bulimic anymore, Trever could tell he was feeling confident but everyone was self conscious about something. And ever since the weight issue was gone, Sean was worried about looking like a slut with the whole friends with benefits thing. “You’re looking a bit skanky lately. I wouldn’t want to catch any diseases now would I?”
Sean simply smiled.
“Now who said I wanted to sleep with you?” He batted his eyelashes with a sly grin.
“I figured it was implied.” Trever shrugged, glancing at the hand resting on his bicep. He actually wouldn’t mind to take the boy home and experiment with him a bit. Maybe if Sean was lucky he’d cum on him when he got off from watching him writhe in pain.
“So then is it a yes or a no?”
“I’ll have to think about it.” Trever rolled his shoulders.
“I’m pretty impatient.”
“Well that’s not an attractive quality.” Trever smirked, taking his time although he was considering saying yes. Not to have sex with the boy of course, just to fuck with him. But before he said a word, Sean made his move.
Sean shoved Trever against the wall before wrapping one arm around the man’s neck, the other hand entangling in the dirty blonde hair as he smashed their lips together.
Trever didn’t respond for a second. Honestly, he hadn’t been expecting that and that made him respect Sean the tiniest bit. He’d taken what he wanted, like Trever did. For that reason, he decided he’d play along. Their tongues wrestled around for a while, Sean submitting without question. This went on for a good bit until surprisingly, Sean was the one to break it, wiping his mouth.
“So, I’m assuming you’re coming home with me?”
“Pretty wild assumption to make. Not with those kissing skills, I’m not.” Sean scoffed. Truthfully, it’d been pretty great but he wasn’t about to let Trever know that. He’d been waiting for what felt like forever to embarrass Trever like the man had embarrassed him by oinking at him that day.
“You’ve got a lot of nerve, Sean.”
“Oink, oink.” Sean winked as he waved at Trever before strutting off happily.
Rhett simply snickered at his brother from his spot a few feet away.
“Oh shut up.” Trever shook his head.

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Oink, Oink.
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