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 Odd Pairings

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Cove Braxton


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PostSubject: Odd Pairings   Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:17 am

This is just a list of some of those pairings I got out of a randomizer. I didn't finish any of them but I thought I'd post them anyways. I'm not crazy about some of these but I tried hehehe.

Sage and Aristotle
Rhett and Toni
Dayton and Ezra
Kyndal and Trever
Briley and Toni
Rhett and Sage
Dustin and Toni
Trever and Cove

Dayton and Ezra: Brotherly Love…?
Ezra walked in front of the full length mirror in the hallway by their bedrooms, modeling his outfit for tomorrow, making sure it looked fine.
“Wayne how do I look!?” Ezra called. Their parents were out for the night and Dayton acted like he hated Ezra 99% of the time. He wanted Wayne’s opinion.
“Wayne’s out but I’ll answer you. Ya look like shit.” Dayton snickered as he stumbled into the hallway from his bedroom, a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand.
He’d been grounded for the weekend and he was pissed since he couldn’t go out and fuck anyone so he’d been drinking all night. He was wasted.
“Shut up…” Ezra muttered, frowning.
“You look like a slut. Except you’re so ugly no one would want you anyway.”
“Why do you always have to be so mean?!” Ezra exclaimed, glaring at his brother. “I didn’t fucking do anything to you!”
Dayton shoved Ezra up against the wall, his alcohol scented breath washing over Ezra’s face.
“Everyone thinks you’re so fucking perfect. But I know you’re not. You’re nothing but a no good little piece of shit.”
“Shut up…” Ezra sniffled, his eyes tearing up. “I don’t know why you hate me so much…” He was trying not to cry… but it always got to him the way Dayton didn’t want anything to do with him… He wanted to be close to his brother…
Dayton’s eyes softened as he noticed a tear slip down Ezra’s cheek.
“H-hey… I don’t hate you.” He frowned, wiping away the tear.
“Fuck that! You do! We’ve never had one nice conversation…. Even when we were little you would never play with me… You and Wayne played together and I didn’t have anyone…”
Ezra got all the attention from their parents but he never had any children to interact with…
“I don’t hate you Ezzy…” Dayton’s voice had even gotten gentler. No matter how much he acted like he despised the boy, he felt it was his job to protect him… he was crying…
Dayton wasn’t like most people when he was drunk. He didn’t act that much different, his judgment was just… even worse than usual.
Maybe that’s why certain events took place that night.
“Promise?” Ezra sniffled, sounding like a small child.
“Of course I promise…” Dayton let his lips press to Ezra’s cheek gently. This was the first loving moment they’d ever shared.
“I’m sorry… for whatever I did to make you not like me…”
“No I’m sorry… I shouldn’t act like that to you… you didn’t do anything.” Dayton nodded. He wrapped his arms around Ezra’s waist, hugging him tight.
“You love me right?” Ezra asked softly.
“I do…” Dayton paused. “Ezra… let me show you… how much I love you.” He whispered softly, his lips pressed to Ezra’s ear.
Ezra shuddered lightly at this feeling.
“Wh-what do you mean?” Ezra raised an eyebrow, wiping tears from his eyes. And before he knew it, Dayton’s lips were pressed against his own.
Ezra’s eyes were wide. Unlike Dayton, he was perfectly sober. This was his brother!
“Um, Dayton…” Ezra blinked as Dayton pulled back, kissing up Ezra’s neck, sucking gently.
“Shh…” Dayton shushed Ezra quietly, continuing to leave a trail of hickeys down the boy’s neck.
Ezra let out a soft moan at this. His first kiss… taken by his brother. Dayton slowly scooped Ezra up into his arms, carrying him back to his bedroom. He laid the small boy out on the bed, covering Ezra’s body with his own.
“Dayton what are you-“
Dayton shushed him yet again as he undid the boy’s jeans, sliding them off and onto the floor. He then handed Ezra his half empty alcohol bottle.
“Drink. It’ll make you less uptight.” He smirked.
Ezra looked hesitant but he gulped the bottle down quickly, sputtering lightly at the bitter liquid.
Dayton rid of Ezra’s briefs quickly and placed a hand on each of Ezra’s thighs, lifting the boy up slightly so he could see his ass. He let his tongue slide down the crack.
“Oh!” Ezra gasped, eyes wide. That had felt so good…. Maybe this wasn’t so bad…
“Dayton… I don’t know about all this…” He whispered quietly, with lust blown eyes.
“Shh, Ezra. It’ll be fine…” Dayton slipped his tongue inside of the boy’s virgin passage.
“Oh my god…” He wanted to stop but as the alcohol took effect, it became harder and harder, the pleasure growing stronger with each passing second.
And soon he was completely oblivious to just who’s tongue was eating him out. He didn’t care. All he cared about was screaming as loud as humanly possible, letting whoever know that they were doing a hell of a good job.

Sage & Aristotle: Someone Like You…
Sage swallowed, a knot in his stomach as he stood, glancing down the dark alley, his hand on the gun in his pocket.
He didn’t want to do this. Didn’t want to harm innocent people… He glanced back at the large man in the front seat of his van, watching Sage’s every move intently. If he didn’t do this, his own life may just be over.
So when he saw the figure moving at the other end, he ran over, grabbing the person by the hair. It was a boy with big, innocent, blue eyes and shaggy dirty blonde hair. He looked familiar…
Sage knew him from the gettogethers. The slow one. He couldn’t recall his name. But he felt a knot of guilt in his stomach. This boy was good… he was retarded. Sage didn’t want to hurt him. He looked back again at the man watching him. He had strict rules. He was to rob Aristotle of any money or valuables and then rape him, telling him to stay quiet. And if he wouldn’t cooperate, shoot him.
If he didn’t do this, Sage was pretty sure he was dead.
The boy looked up at him with wide eyes.
“Up against the wall.” Sage growled, his nerves didn’t show as he pulled out his gun, pointing it to the boy.
The boy moved, stumbling and tripping over what appeared to be his own feet as he made his way to the hard brick wall.
His plump lower lip was trembling as he stared at Sage, his eyes watering.
“Look… I… I have to hurt you okay? I’m sorry about this. If I don’t do this, he’ll kill me.” Sage himself looked terrified in this moment at what these drugs had gotten him into. “I’m so sorry… I need any money you have on you… anything expensive…”
“I’m sorry…” Aristotle nodded as he emptied his pockets. He truly was sweet. He’d let Sage take whatever he needed if it kept him okay.
“What’s your name?” Sage asked as he pocketed the handfuls of bills Aristotle handed him.
“Aristotle… What’s yours?” He smiled innocently.
“Sage.” He attempted a small grin but came up with nothing. This was terrible. “Well Aristotle, I’m really sorry…” He sighed.
“It’s okay!”
“No… I have to hurt you now.”
“Oh… what are you gonna do?”
“I have to have sex with you..” Sage confessed, his eyes showing his horror. He would never get rid of this guilt.
“N-no! I’m sorry but you can’t do that!” Aristotle shook his head furiously.
“I have to.”
“I don’t know how!”
Sage simply sighed again, clenching his teeth and trying not to think about it as he reached out and began undoing Aristotle’s jeans.
Aristotle began furiously squirming around, swatting at Sage’s hands.

Rhett & Toni: What To Do With You…
Rhett stared at the small boy, curled in a ball under the table.
“Uh… Toni?”
A pair of big blue orbs turned to look at him inquisitively.
“Ya… gotta come out of there.”
“I don’t want to.” Came his soft whisper.
“Well ya have ta.”
“Ah can make ya come out, ah just figured ah’d beh nice.” Rhett shrugged, getting down on his knees and wrapping his strong arms around Toni, tugging him out from under the wooden table.
Suddenly a strong pain came over his right hand, right by Toni’s face.
“Fuck!” He snapped, looking down to see the blood slowly oozing out of his wound. “Didja just bite meh?” He blinked, his eyes wide at the tiny, normally sweet boy.
Toni simply stared at him, crawling away since Rhett had dropped him when he’d been bitten.
“Are ya a fucking dog?” Rhett growled, his hand rising, about to smack the boy.
He swung, his hand inches away from Toni’s face before he stopped. Trever would have killed him…
Would have…
Trever was dead. Toni had every excuse to be a bit bratty…

Dustin & Toni: Parting Gifts
Dustin frowned as he heard someone’s cries coming from behind his home. Must have been coming from the many acres of farmland he owned.
He hopped on one of his horses, riding it around out back, looking for the source of the noise. It wasn’t long before he came across a small boy, curled up on the ground.
He looked so young, maybe nine or ten… But he was completely naked, sobbing, his face caked in just about every disgusting thing Dustin could think of. His whole body was pretty dirty actually, he was bloody, battered and bruised as he moaned in pain, not noticing Dustin at first. Daffy noticed his hole was leaking as well. Blood and cum were everywhere… It made him sick, honestly. To see an innocent boy so violated. He felt bad for looking, even. He felt like this was private and he was further violating the boy by staring. If he didn’t feel the need to help, he’d have walked away.
“Ya need some help?” He drawled, stepping off of his horse, kneeling beside the boy.
The boy gave a startled cry, jumping a bit, looking up at Dustin.
“Please…” He whispered, his voice hoarse as he spit up some blood, whimpering. “Don’t hurt me…”
“Ah wouldn’t dream of it.” Dustin frowned. “Ah’m gonna pick you up now, alright?” The boy seemed jumpy and he didn’t want to startle him again. He waited until he got a nod in response before, wrapping his arms around the boy, lifting him up into his arms. He climbed up on his horse, sitting the boy in front of him, against his chest, before taking the reigns and heading off for home.
He noticed the boy slumping against his chest and quickly spoke, not wanting the boy to die on him or anything.
“So what’s your name, darlin?” He let a hand reach up to stroke the thick black hair, matted to his head with blood.
“Toni… Danella. And you are?” Toni rasped.
“Ya can call me Daffy.” No one had called him Daffy in a while… It was the only name that didn’t make him think of his Chris… His Chris who’d ditched him for another man…
He hated to think this way, but he was quite glad this boy had ended up with him today. It was so empty around his house lately. His large home was so quiet, it unnerved him… He didn’t like being alone.
“Okay, Daffy… how much farther to your house?”
“Just a bit, sweetheart. Hold on…”
“Kay…” Toni did just that. He held on and waited until the house came into view.
Dustin put the horse away and scooped Toni up bridal style, carrying him inside and up to the bathroom.
He filled the tub with warm water, sitting Toni in it before he stripped down and got in himself. Toni looked a bit wary, scooting away from the naked man, as if he thought Daffy would harm him.
“Shh, ah’m not gonna touch ya. Promise.” Dustin’s puppy dog brown eyes were shining with his sincerity.
Toni slowly calmed down, eyeing the bigger man.
“Ah just got in here ta clean ya off. Ah’ll put mah clothes back on if ya want, ah just didn’t want ta get them wet.”
“It’s okay…” Toni nodded lightly as he watched Dustin squirt some soap into a rag and ran it down Toni’s back gently. He washed the boy’s face off too. He washed his entire body before pausing.
“Can ah clean ya out down there, or would you rather do it?” Daffy asked, arching an eyebrow.
“I…” Toni stammered. He didn’t know. He’d never really done it before. He didn’t really have access to a bath regularly at his master’s house. He’d go outside when it rained and let it wash him somewhat. “Do you mind doing it…?” His voice was low, soft as he nervously spoke. He didn’t want anyone touching him but… this man didn’t seem too bad.
“Course not. Ah’ll be gentle.” Daffy reached out to squeeze the boy’s hand softly. “Can ya get on your hands and knees for me?”
Toni trembled but moved to his hands and knees, ass sticking out towards Daffy. Dustin made sure his hands were nice and damp before starting. With one hand, he spread the boy’s cheeks as far as possible and with the other, he let a finger trace the boy’s tight pucker. It slowly slipped inside, Dustin cringing at the hiss he heard from the young boy. He’d never felt as many tears as he did now. He worked two fingers inside of the boy, stroking his walls, partly to check for tears and clean him, but also to make him feel good. The kid deserved it. He wondered if the boy was even old enough to get pleasure from stuff like this.
He let a finger stroke the boy’s prostate in a light come hither motion, brushing it with his callused finger tip. A small moan gave him his answer.
“Thank you…” Came a soft whisper.

Briley & Toni:
“Not tonight.” Cove smirked as he shoved Briley off of him.
“Cove, you do this EVERY time. Just deal with it.”
“No, ah’m serious. Ah got something else far ya ta fuck.”
“Told you, I’m too lazy to go out and get someone.”
“Et’s being delivered, don’t worry.”
“Dude, you called a prostitute?” Briley snickered.
“Not exactly…” Cove shrugged. “They’re too expensive.”
Briley raised an eyebrow but at that moment there was a knock at the door.
“That’s et now!” Cove nodded as he went to the door. Briley followed curiously, watching as Cove spoke to a large man outside. Something was tossed in the door and then the guy left. Cove closed the door behind him. It took Briley a minute before he could realize what the thing was. It was a tiny boy with a leash tight around his neck, cutting off his air supply. He was covered in cuts and bruises of all shapes and sizes.
“A sex slave?” Briley’s eyes were wide. He was no amateur when it came to sex but this… was a little out of his comfort zone.
“Trust meh, et’s fine. Ah do thes all the time.”
“I don’t know, man.”
“I’ll do it alone then.” Cove shrugged lightly, ripping off the boy’s briefs which were the only thing he wore.

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Odd Pairings
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