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 Of Girlfriends and Drag Queens.

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PostSubject: Of Girlfriends and Drag Queens.   Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:59 am

Okay so I wanted to write this idea out just to see how it turned out and I'm quite proud of it hehe. Tell me if there's any problems you have with it. I had no clue what Brice is going to be like so I just sorta winged it Razz And I wasn't sure how he is with sex, like if he's a virgin or what so we can fix that as well. Hope you like it Smile

Brice led his new girlfriend, Idina into the gettogether, his parents following behind them. Barry was watching the girl closely. He didn’t like her. But then again, he didn’t like anyone Brice dated. No one was good enough for his son.
Brice sat down with Idina and his family but he was itching to get out of here. After a while, he made an excuse, saying he was going to the bathroom. He stood and exited the room. Once he got into the hallway, he walked slowly, peeking into every room on his way down the hall. Until finally, one door shot open, a hand reaching out and grabbing him, tugging him inside. He was greeted by the grinning face of Shannon VanArnam.
“I’ve been waiting in here for-“ Shannon began to mutter but was cut off by Brice’s lips being pressed against his own, kissing him deeply.
Shannon beamed against the other boy’s lips, fervently trying to tear his own clothes off. So maybe he was a little eager. He always was on these rare occasions he got to be intimate with Brice. Well lately, they hadn’t been so rare. Brice had been asking to come over more and more frequently and Shannon never denied him.
Shannon’s perfectly polished nails, gripped at pants zipper as their passionate make out session continued.
“I’ve missed you.” Shannon murmured lightly against Brice’s lips. Brice simply nodded in response as his pants fell around his ankles thanks to Shannon. Shannon was immediately on his knees, kissing up Brice’s thighs.
“Hurry.” Brice whispered, his eyes darting to the door every few seconds. If anyone caught them…
“Sorry.” Came Shannon’s response as he tugged Brice’s cock through the hole in his boxers, not hesitating in taking it in his mouth.
“Fuck…” Brice let out a groan of relief at the feeling of Shannon’s wet mouth working him so perfectly. He wrapped a handful of the fake long blonde curls wrap around his fist, whining when Shannon pulled back.
“You’ll pull the wig off.” Shannon muttered grouchily.
“Sorry. I’ll be gentler.” But he still kept a hold onto the hair, shoving Shannon down further around his cock.
Shannon bobbed his head roughly on the boy’s large member, gagging himself until Brice was right on the edge of cumming before stopping.
“Shannon.” Brice let out a growl of frustration.
“You gotta get me off too.” Shannon pouted lightly.
With a roll of his eyes, Brice turned Shannon around, shoving him against the wall roughly. Shannon put his palms out to brace himself, grinning as he felt Brice’s lips sinking lower and lower. They started at his neck, lifting away strands of hair to kiss and suck on it, leaving small hickeys. Brice then slowly lifted Shannon’s shirt over his head, tossing it to the ground and kissing down the boy’s back, moving around to grip where Shannon’s breasts would be if this wasn’t all a costume. He was wearing a bra however, stuffed with fake implants.
“You know, these really ruin the illusion.” Brice shook his head, taking the bra off and chucking it on the ground along with the implants.
Shannon simply rolled his eyes but still shuddered as the skirt was slid down his hips, leaving him in a thong and a pair of heels. Brice pressed several kisses to his ass cheeks before continuing down his legs, strong hands stroking the boy’s inner thighs as he slid the heels off as well.
“Mmm, Brice.” Shannon let out a low throaty moan.
“Quit that.”
“What? Moaning?” Shannon glanced back at him.
“Sounding like a dude.”
Shannon sighed.
“Ya know I’m a drag queen, not a transsexual.”
“There’s a difference?” Brice questioned as he took the thong off as well.
“Yes. I dress like this for FUN. Not because I want to be a girl 24/7.”
“You saying this isn’t fun?” Brice asked before he let his tongue trail up Shannon’s ass crack.
“Oh Brice.” Shannon cried, but he did make an effort to make it sound more feminine this time.
Their rendezvous like this were always quick, not wanting to get caught, so Brice made quick work of thrusting his tongue in and out of Shannon’s hole.
It took all Shannon had not to scream in pleasure.
“I-I need you to touch me.” Shannon choked out before realizing there was a 0% chance of this happening. Anything on him that looked like a man, Brice wouldn’t go near. So his own hand came down to grip his aching cock, tugging it quickly.
He was so close, he could feel his release coming.
“Oh, oh, OH!” Shannon panted out, his hips bucking wildly until suddenly Brice’s tongue was withdrawn WAY too quickly.
“Was that a noise outside the door?” Brice asked worriedly, standing up, leaving Shannon standing there, the waves of pleasure crashing down around him just as quickly as they’d risen.
“I don’t give a fuck. I’ll scream “Brice is gay!” at the top of my lungs if you don’t get your tongue back in my ass in the next two seconds.” Shannon groaned, sinking down to sit on the floor.
“Shut up.” Brice shushed him, listening closely.
“You’re too paranoid. At first glance, if anyone walks in here it’ll look like you’re with a girl, relax.” Shannon shook his head.
“Well even so, I have a girlfriend out there too. I don’t need her to think I’m cheating.”
Shannon’s eyes narrowed at the mention of Brice’s girlfriend.
“She’s a little old, isn’t she?” He muttered.
“So? She’s hot.” Brice shrugged.
“You… done anything with her?”
“That’s none of your business.” Brice glanced at the other boy.
“None of my business? I’m in here sucking your dick and it’s none of my business?” Shannon scoffed.
“Stop being so clingy. Look, I’m not your boyfriend, alright?” Brice snapped off. He had his father’s temper.
Shannon’s face fell but he didn’t let it stay there for long. He quickly gathered his clothes, cursing at how much of a pain in the ass it was to fix all his padding correctly. He wanted to get out of here.
“Shannon-“ Brice began.
“No, you don’t have to apologize. I’m not your boyfriend, remember?” Shannon grumbled as he stepped into his heels. “Take care of your own problem there.” He gestured to the boy’s erection. His was already gone as he stomped off. Brice listened to his heels clacking all the way down the hall. He simply laid back in the closet and groaned.
“So…” Shannon began as Brice’s mouth worked on his neck. “I was thinking…” Brice continued without responding, his hands running through Shannon’s hair which tonight was a long curly brown. “You know how daddy’s family never really cared for him since he’s all slow?”
“Mhmmm.” Brice hummed lightly as he worked Shannon’s shirt off over his head, tossing it on the floor beside the bed. Shannon’s parents were out of town so they actually had a bed tonight.
“Well, since he’s married now and has a son and everything, momma wanted daddy’s family to meet us. We’re gonna have a big formal dinner thing.” Shannon continued.
“Yeah?” Brice nodded, still seeming uninterested as he tugged on one of Shannon’s nipples in between his teeth.
“Well momma wants to make a really good impression. He wants me to bring a date…” Shannon trailed off, hoping Brice saw where this was going. But when he got no response, he kept going. “Someone really handsome and I was thinking maybe… you’d come with me?” Shannon smiled hopefully.
“I don’t know, Shay.” Brice sighed as he finished undressing them both.
“But, it’d be really fun.” Shannon nudged him. “We can have some fun in the hotel afterwards.”
“I don’t think so…” Brice shook his head lightly. He didn’t want to be seen in public with another boy…
“Oh come on, Brice, please?”
“I’ll dress up for you. I can go as a girl.”
“Shay, I just really don’t want to-“
“I’ll wear that red dress you like, and I’ll wear my brunette wig, your favorite.” Shannon pleaded. This went on for another twenty minutes before…
“Shannon, just give it up already.” Brice snapped. “I’m not going to your stupid dinner.”
Shannon looked at the boy, deeply hurt before shaking his head.
“Fine.” He bent over, quickly taking Brice’s member in his mouth to avoid talking about the subject any further.

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Of Girlfriends and Drag Queens.
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