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 Of Baby Boys and Reluctant Mothers.

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PostSubject: Of Baby Boys and Reluctant Mothers.   Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:05 am

I apologize to Leon muse in advance >< And you for having to read this. This is awful, I can't write for some reason. I can't even make myself read over this so ummm, enjoy I guess. hehehe <3

Cove was sitting on the couch, leaning into his father’s side as he held his mother in what little of a lap he had left with his plump stomach that Kyndal simply refused to leave alone.
“Grammy is gonna love you so much, yes he is.” Kyndal cooed, nuzzling Cove’s tummy.
“Mom, ef ya don’t get off meh ah’m gonna throw ya off.” Cove groaned.
“But I gotta talk to my new little grandbaby.”
“Yar nowt gonna see et much, ah’m givin’ et ta Brileh.”
“Hell no you’re not. The baby can stay with Briley one week, then us.” Kyndal nodded.
“No way en hell. Ah don’t want ah little brat.” Cove shook his head.
“Cove, ima be a gramma damnit!” Kyndal pouted, folding his arms.
Cove simply rolled his eyes as he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He hissed lightly but didn’t think much of it.
“What’s wrong?” Kyndal asked worriedly. “Are you okay?”
“Somethen jus’ hurts. Ah’m fineh.” Cove sighed, exhausted as it hit again. “Thes theng es ah pain en mah arse.” He cursed.
“Um, Coveh…” Rhett stood up, pointing at the cushion he’d been sitting on which was now soaked. The water was coming from Cove’s direction.
“Shit.” Cove cursed as he stood, the water seeping down his legs. “Do ah realleh have ta do thes tonight?” He groaned. He was fucking tired.
“Oh my god!” Kyndal shrieked, hopping up and bouncing around. “Rhett, call Trever!”
“Someone call Brileh.” Cove sighed as he made his way to the bedroom Trever had set up for a while for when Cove was ready to give birth. “And L- Nevermind.” Cove shook his head, shucking his shirt and pants off, leaving him in just his boxers.
“Cove, do you want me to call Leon?” Kyndal frowned lightly as Rhett frantically phoned his brother.
“Noh, et’ll just upset hem.” Cove sighed.
“Jus’ call Brileh damnit.” He snapped. “Ah promised hem heh could beh here…” He wanted Leon though.
Several minutes later, both Trever and Briley were rushing into the room. Trever looked calm, like always while Briley was panicking, running to Cove’s side.
“Are you okay? Do you need anything? I can get you-“
“Shut. Up.” Cove growled. Briley went to grab Cove’s hand when he noticed Rhett already held it.
“Could I-“ Briley began.
“Get yar own hand.” Rhett grumbled, watching his son intently.
“One of you needs to hold the morphine bag and someone needs to hold his stomach open.” Trever spoke up as he got everything ready.
Kyndal stood to hold open the skin but neither Rhett or Briley appeared ready to move from Cove’s side.
“You two.” Trever groaned at them.
Finally Rhett stood, holding the bag up high for his son, Briley immediately taking his place squeezing Cove’s hand tight.
“Yar sure yar gonna take thes right? Ah don’t have ta put up weth et?”
“Yeah, I got it.” Briley nodded eagerly, watching as Trever began to work on his nephew. “What do you want to name it?”
“Ah don’t give ah fuck. Ya can pick.” Cove cursed as Trever sliced him open.
“You sure? I mean you can-“
“Brileh, ah’ll kell ya ef ya don’t shut yar mouth.”
Briley went silent, watching intently as Trever pulled a bawling baby boy from Cove’s stomach.
“Make et shut up.” Cove whined as Kyndal cut the umbilical cord, then taking the child to be cleaned off.
Briley stayed by Cove’s side though he was itching to see his new son.
Kyndal returned a moment later, a bundle in his arms as Trever stitched up Cove’s stomach.
“It’s adorable, Cove.” Kyndal cooed at the small child.
“Ah don’t wanna see et, goh out there ef ya want ta.” Cove looked down at his stomach as he spoke to Briley.
Briley did stand up after making sure Cove was alright, going out to hold the baby. He too returned after a moment with a large smile.
“Cove you have to at least see it. He’s so precious.” Briley smirked.
Cove reluctantly nodded, letting Briley sit the bundle in his arms.
The baby was gorgeous with Briley’s eyes, Cove’s lips and nose… The baby was also a bit chubby for a newborn, just like Cove had been.
It cooed at its mother, reaching a tiny hand up to place it on his cheek.
And the second Cove locked eyes with that child, he fell in love with it. This was his baby…
“Bla…” The baby drooled a bit, giggling happily when a goofy grin spread across Cove’s face.
“Maybeh… ah could have et on weekends…?” Cove questioned as he looked up at Briley.
Truth was, he never wanted this baby to leave his arms…
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Of Baby Boys and Reluctant Mothers.
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