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PostSubject: Knight.   Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:00 am

"I just wanted to tell you, your beautiful." Brice smile at the new girl who had just entered the bar. She was truly beautiful, he wasnt trying to just lead her on. Her body was shaped to perfection and her chestnut eyes were so soft, he wanted to be caught in those eyes.
"Excuse me?" She sounded foreign, possibly Italian he concluded as he noted the natural brown to her skin. "I do not understand..." She seemed uncomfortable as she crossed her arms over his chest, her gaze lowering to the floor.
"I just wanted to let you know." Brice gave another smile, this one reassuring, though he decided not to push talking to her. She didnt seem interested, and he didnt want to make her feel obligated to make small talk with him, so he simply wondered off.
Hours later, he had stepped outside in the cool night air, intent on going home. But as fate had it he could hear a dispute going on in the alley beside the bar and he had to go investigate. Lucky he did, for he could make out the girl from earlier, she was pressed against the wall and a much larger man was running his hand down the length of her body, and it was obvious she did not agree to it.
"Hey, sir." Brice stepped into the darkness. "I think the lady wants you to stop."
The man turned, snarling much like a wild animal would as he shoved the girl harder into the wall.
"Mind your own business!!" He bit out, his fingers moving around the girls chest to cup her brest, earning a terrified squeak from the unnamed women.
"Look, get off of her!" Brice stepped forward, shoving the man away from the trembling girl. The larger man looked as if Brice had just signed his life away, but before he had the chance to do anything Brice's father wondered around to the alley, calling for him.
"Your lucky brat!" The man spat savagely as he turned on his tail and ran off into the night.
"You alright miss?" Brice pondered softly, gently tuning the girl around to be caught in those chestnut hazel eyes from before.
"Th-Thank you!" She fell into his arms, fearful tears stricken across her face.
"I-Idina! M-My name..." She snuffled, trying to adjust her clothing.
"Well im Brice....."
Her knight in shining armor.

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