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 Of Bloody Blows and Confrontations.

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Junious McGuire


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PostSubject: Of Bloody Blows and Confrontations.   Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:11 pm

Leon took a deep breath, Jasey rubbing his shoulder as he gathered about his courage. He had spotted Briley and had almost fainted, and it was worse when Cove came in and the other man came over and hugged him, talking to him about the baby and telling him about Brynn and how they would get married. He had wanted to sit around Cove because of the baby, and he had just managed to get Brynn to agree and now he was sitting over there with his 'baby momma' and his boyfriend. Leon was trying to hide from it all, but after a while he wanted to go 'stand up' to Briley about his taking Cove away and so after a good half hour of just building himself up, he had wanted to go over there. Jasey had decided to accompany him and this urged Junious to come and the new guy, Xavier was following Junious around like a lost puppy, plus he had wanted to be there for Leon. An hour passed before Leon actully went over there, he looked as nervous as he felt, his hand covering his mouth and his knees obviously quaking as he approached Briley, Cove and Brynn. Leon looked straight at Briley and pointed, his voice shaking as he did so.
"Y-Your a m-meanie head!"
Briley blinked at him, looking over at Cove who seemed as though he wanted to crawl under a rock.
"Leon..." The pregnant man had whispered, reaching out for the boy but Leon stepped back, still frowning at Briley. "Your m-mean..."
Briley normally wouldnt have thought anything of it, but the boy was obviously stressing Cove out and with his baby inside his friend that was not working.
"Look Leon, get lost." He snapped irritably, patting Cove's shoulder as the other turned to glare at him.
"Your stressing Cove out."
Leon's eyes widened and he looked over to Cove as if he had done something wrong.
"I-Im sorry..."
Jasey scoffed as he moved to stand beside Leon, giving Briley a narrow eyed look. "Your so despicable! Look here, you dont help Cove screw around like that and tell him to leave because he is upsetting him. You have a lot of nerve!"
"Oh look, his posse is defending him." Briley held up a hand to Jasey. "You are irritating also, I didnt ask for you to come over a-"
"But we did and your going to listen!" Jasey insisted upon it, holding Leon upright as the boy sniffled.
"Not like he is better than us!"
Briley hadnt had a lot to argue with, and he could see Cove getting more and more irate so he pulled all he could.
"Leon is cheating on Cove!"
Leon looked petrified, his eyes the size of saucers as he looked at Briley. "I-I...What?"
"Yup. You went home with that Xavier dude, right? Cheating." He stuck his nose up as Leon. "And here we thought you loved Cove, Leontardo."
Leon's bottom lip quivered as he looked over to Cove, then back at Xavier.
"Still." Briley waved at the boy, hoping he would just leave.
And he did, eyes full of tears as he told Cove he was sorry some hundred times before scurrying off.
"You mutha f*cker!" Jasey challenged, moving to slap Briley in his face. "How DARE you! You just made him feel bad for staying the night at a friends house! You and I both know Leon would never cheat on anyone! And you, you cheated on Brynn! Who is a really nice person! You dont deserve him! And Cove doesnt deserve Leon! You need to watch how you talk to our Leon!"
Briley growled at being hit, standing and pushing Jasey back with ease. "Did I ask your opinion Jasey? He was stressing Cove out!"
Junious watched from the back, glancing over at Leon with a growl as he stood up. He nudged Jasey out fo the way and he stood close to Briley.
"Look, im really sorry about the situation, but..."
They lived in the same house, he and Briley fought often and they were used to it.
"Your a whore! Cove is a Whore, and I hope Brynn and Leon leaves you guys! The baby is going to be a B*STARD! And you are an idiot for having it."
He was going to apologize for saying it once he switched again, but Briley's fist connected with his cheek to quickly.
"Do not call my baby that!"
Junious seemed as though he was going to cry, but he switched once more and stood, swinging at Briley and catching him in the nose.
"Ill call it what it is!"
Before anymore licks could be passed, Xavier swooped in to grab Junious, but only got in the cross fire. Briley managed to hit him and bust his lip, sending blood everywhere.
On junious, who he had been holding.
Xavier's curses could be heard for miles as he noticed the blood on Junious. He grabbed the boy by his wrist and rushed him away, trying to make it to a water source and clean the boy up before his blood could do any damage. In the back of his mind, he remembered why he didnt try for a relationship, and he second guessed himself even asking Junious out anymore as he struggled to wash away the blood.


This came from an idea I had, I was thinking that after Junious had found out and accepted it, he and Xavier would be together still but one day Xavier can get hurt or something to make him bleed, and some blood get on Junious,(They go to the doctors and he gets tested and its negative) and Xavier try to break things off because he is afraid of ruining Junious's life. But Junious wont have it because Xavier is his life:3
Yeah its dumb><

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Of Bloody Blows and Confrontations.
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