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 Not so bad....

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Junious McGuire


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PostSubject: Not so bad....   Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:22 pm

Leon was getting ready to leave, he wasnt sure why but Cove hadnt wanted him over on weekends. Leon honestly had passed it off as Cove wanting time away from him since he had been so clingy after finding out Cove had been cheating on him. His boyfriend had stepped out to go to the store, he was going to take Leon home when he returned. The boy was sitting alone on the sofa when the doorbell rang. Leon had jumped up, he though it was Cove and he wanted to spend as much time with Cove as he could before leaving. He scurried over to the door, opening it and smiling, though his smiling falling as Briley stood on the other side. The larger cursed and frowned at him.
"Arent you supposed to be gone, Leontardo?" He disliked the boy for causing Cove to spend less time with their child.
"Wh-Why are you here...M-Meany." His eyes watered as several thoughts raced through his head. Did Cove want him gone so Briley could come over?
Obviously that wasnt the case being Brynn just honked the horn, urging his fiancee back to the car.
It was only then when Leon noticed the small blue bundle in Bryley's arms. "Look, I need to go. Is Cove even here?"
Briley paused as if he was going to wait for Cove to return but another honk stalled him.
"Well...Look, imma lay this baby in its crib, and if anything happens to it, imma skin you alive Leontardo." Briley snorted at him, moving inside and over to the crib. He pressed a tender kiss to his sons forehead and laid him inside, signing softly.
"Ill miss you baby..." He clenched his jaw as he heard Brynn honk AGAIN. His lover had been increasingly possessive over him since the cheating incident, Briley couldnt blame him but it was still bothersome at times, like when he had to say goodbye to his baby for a few days.
He gave Leon a warning glare as he made his way out, the door clicking shut behind him. Leon was left standing in the middle of the room, tears welled up in his large brown eyes.
This was the first time he had seen the baby besides in pictures and when Cove had given birth.
Leon was going to sit back down when a loud wail began, cutting through the silence of the room.
Leon panicked, his eyes wide and fearful as he rushed over to the crib, peaking in.
His bottom lip quivered, the baby looked like Cove...
And Briley.
"M-Meany..." The boy murmured as he wiped away his tears. The child only continued to cry, obviously wanting attention from Leon who was too petrified to do anything but stare at the child.
After five minutes of total bawling, Leon and the baby both began to quiet down, but only when Leon reached in and scooped the small infant up, guilt blooming in his heart as he moved over to the couch and sat down. Looking at the baby he felt tears sliding down his face. The tiny child reached up and patted his wet cheek.
Leon hiccuped, he loved how the baby was chubby...like Cove had been. Leon had seen the pictures.
"I-Im so sorry..." He whispered in shame, he hated himself for not wanting to be around the baby....It was so innocent...
"Y-You didnt ask for this...I-I didnt either..."
He moved pressing the child to his chest, his face hot with fevered tears.
"I-I guess i-its not so bad...w-were in this to-together...Okay?" He looked down at the baby who just cooed at him, pulling at his hair.
"L-Least now I got a friend..." Leon sniffled, the baby didnt talk but it hadnt asked for this, it understood..
Least Leon thought it did.
He ran a small finger over the childs cheek, sighing tiredly.
"Ma-Maybe Cove wont m-make me l-leave..." He stammered softly, laying back and rocking the baby. "I-Id do an-anything to sp-spend more time wi-with C-Cove..."
Even learn to love this baby, but as the child nuzzled into Leon's hair, he thought to himself, maybe it wouldnt be so hard to love the baby after all.
Long as meany head Briley wasnt around his Cove...

Briley had called Cove as he was leaving, irate and stressed about leaving his son there with Leon. He had plainly threatened the boys life if something happened to their child. And even though Cove assured him Leon wouldnt hurt their baby, it didnt stop him from rushing back to the home. He forced open the door, his heart thrumming in his chest as he feared what site awaited him.
But as he looked around, his insides melted at the site. Leon was laying on the could, his head lolled to the side as he snored softly. His cheeks were pink and his face was still a little watered from crying. His eyes a puffy red, but in his arms he held Cove's baby. He had wrapped the child tight in his arms, protectively even as the baby had nodded off to sleep with him.
And for the first time since Cove had given birth, he could feel at ease knowing both his babys where here with him.
And if it worked out, he might have to fight Briley for more custody but, they would cross they bridge when they got there. For now Cove stepped over to the couch and plopped down beside it, resting his head on Leon's torso and simply watching the boys sleep.
This was the first night he had slept peacefully since being pregnant.

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Not so bad....
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