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 I Couldn't Be Happier

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Jasey Rae Pierce


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PostSubject: I Couldn't Be Happier   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:00 pm

Mike sighed softly as he waddled around the kitchen, trying to wash dishes. He had finished cooking supper, his family had eaten and now he was trying to clean up. He was pregnant, nine months along and though he was supposed to be on bed rest the last few months this time he couldn't give a fuck less. He had things that needed to be done and he didn't want this damn kid anyways. Alex was upset with him, the man had thrown a fit when Mike refused to go lay down and let him handle all the chores. He was tired, he felt horrible for nothing wanting another child but...
He could not afford it, he had a family to look after. He took care of himself, Alex, Rick, Kevin, Rick Junior, he dealt with it all as momma knowing Kevin was too sick to do all the work of a mother himself.
Mike was just finishing his dishes when a sudden pain hit him, slicing through him and dropping him to his knees. It felt as if there was something inside him, trying to claw its way out of him. The boy gasped, dropping further, falling onto his side and curing up into a fetal position, gasping out pain swallowing him.
He felt wetness....Wetness seeping from his hole and out, wetting his underwear and his jogging pants. It didn't take long before his whole bottom half and the floor was damp, he lie in a puddle of his own fluids trying so hard to cry loud enough for Alex but failing.
He needed help.
Without it he and the baby's lives were in danger.
Mike laid on the cold kitchen floor, withering in pain for a good hour and a half before a loud yell met his ears and a pair of big strong arms.
Mike could hear frantic speaking, someone panicking, he could hear whoever had him yelling for someone...
And then he heard another voice, then another and someone had snatched him away from the strong arms. These arms were bigger, familiar...
Mike knew these must be the arms that held him every night. He sank into the warm embrace, feeling tears running down his cheeks all he could do was whimper and simply pray they would understand what was wrong...
He could faintly realize he was being lifted and carried off somewhere before everything just got so fuzzy and he blacked out from the pain.
The next things he was aware of was a deep fear in his hear as he heard a panicked voice, he could feel strange hands grabbing him, taking him away from the safety of the strong arms that held him. He then was awake of his shirt being taken off, something wet running against his belly...
And then pain. Pain that was so familiar...
Pain of a new life being brought forth form his stomach.
Mike was hazy but calm...Until the room was silent.
No cries of a new born child.
Mike, though he didnt want this child had to force his eyes open, his vision blurred he watched the doctors pass around the pink, bloody child.
His baby...
It was still...it was not crying...
Mike's eye grew wide and a strange feeling washed over him.
A feeling of helplessness.
A feeling of total and utter heart clenching fear as he shoved away the men and women dressed in white away, his stomach open and bleeding, his bowels starting to come out but he reached fighting the people trying to help him until they finally gave him the child.
They thought it was dead anyways...
Anything to get the man to calm down.
Mike sat back, too full of adrenaline to feel the doctors stitching him up as he looked his baby over, his mind racing.
he didnt notice either as a doctor cut the umbilical cord...
Mike sat before reaching off to the side and snatching a nosle from the table, using it to stick into the childs throat and nose, sucking out liquid before patting its tiny ass, and then giving it mouth to mouth, hot tears running down his cheeks as he tried again and again to give this child he hadnt wanted...
gave his baby...
And as soon as Mike was staring to lose hope...lose his mind...
A shrill, loud cry rang out, slicing through the silence.
Color flooded the now pale and almost blue cheeks, a babies eyes opening for the first time to meet large blue fear filled orbs that were the iris's of Mike Mizanin....
The child stared into its mothers eyes, wailing for the man to care for him....
And Mike, all Mike could do was cry with him, and hold the child to his chest. He barred his teeth at anyone trying to take the child and clean it off or check it over.
That baby was not leaving Mike's arms.
Not for a doctor.
Not for the people Mike had called before hand to take the child for adoption.
Not for Alex.
His baby was going nowhere.
Mike himself cleaned the child off, and wrapped him in a warm blanket he was given. Mike himself put the babies foot prints on the birth certificate.
No one had touched that child one time since that one doctor had lifted him out of Mike's belly.
Mike's family was not allowed in the room, course they were raising hell but in a way it was a good thing, for Alex especially. He didn't want to see his baby and then have to give it away so fast.
For a day Mike had the baby, no one else took it from him, they checked it out, but no one but Mike held it.
And that was how it was going to be.
A women and a large men dressed up in fancy suits stepped into the room, eying Mike and the tiny child in his arms.
"Mister Mizanin?"
Mike's head snapped up, his eyes scanning her over.
"I prefer Mister Riley. Yes?"
"We are here with the county commissions adoptive care? You called us to come get the baby. Im so sorry we are late, we have already heard an earful from the lovely couple who will be adopting your baby." The women smiled softly, nodding as he stepped close and opened her arms for the baby.
Mike's piercing blue eyes narrowed, his lips raising in a viscous snarl.
"No. I changed my mind."
No they were not rude but Mike could not even like the thought of someone wanting to take his baby away and give it to someone else.
"Sir? What do you mean you changed your mind?"
"I mean, this is my baby and your not going to get it away from me." Mike snapped at her, his teeth bared.
The man with her stepped up and growled softly. "Sir, you owe us a child..."
"I don't owe you shit!!" Mike barked, his hands now over the babies tiny ears.
"We already have a family who wants it."
"Its MY baby and I WANT it so you get the fuck out of my room before I stick my foot up your ass."
The man reached down, he was an inch from touching the baby when Mike grabbed his arm with his other hand, the one not cradling the baby, and he twisted it.
A snap sounded.
Then the mans horrified screams where Mike pressed the baby closer to avoid popping its tiny ear drums.
Doctors rushed in...
Time flew.
They left with the man.
And Mike never heard from those people again. They would not come back, they could not take his baby if he was not willing to let go, and no charges could be made because that man had tried to touch Mike and his child first.
But after this the doctors were scared to go near Mike or his child so for two days Mike was left alone in his room with his child, unbothered,
Until it was time to let Alex in.
No one had told him what had happened but he had seen the man and women go in the room, and by the time they left he was too busy bawling to notice. He walked into Mike's hospital room dreading the fact he would not have a child awaiting him.
But when he opened that door, first thing he saw was Mike, his sweet beautiful Mikey with now pasty pale skin, matted down brown hair, and big blue eyes...
And then he saw the baby...
So precious and tiny, pink laying in his husbands arms.
"M-Mike? Whats?...."
He refused to get his hopes up.
"Whats what?" Mike raised a brow, pressing his baby close.
"You....The baby..."
A tiny smile played on Mike's lips as he looked down at his child. "Yes....OUR baby."
"Our...we are keeping it?" Alex's voice held so much hope....
"Yes, this child is mi-ours."
Alex beamed, moving to try and hold the tiny child which Mike tugged away.
The larger man frowned at him. "Mike...cant I hold him?"
"No....Not yet....I-I,,,," Mike sighed, he felt horrible and the hurt look on Alex's face helped nothing.
"I cannot hold my child?"
"Not yet...I cant let him go right now..." Mike looked down.
"Oh...." Alex didnt like it but Mike had just given birth, he would not say anything. The man simply pulled up a chair, reaching to stroke the babies cheek.
He could not help but he happy.
His baby....
Alex sat in a chair, leaning on the bed and resting on Mike's arm, they were quiet, just being together with their baby for a long time until Alex's soft snores filled the room. Mike gave a small smile down at his sleeping husband, his gaze turning on the baby.
"Well...your all mine....and you need a name." Mike hummed softly, he and Alex never named it since they didnt think they were keeping it.
"Your so beautiful..." Mike sighed softly. "What do I call you..."
Mike hummed softly while his wheels turned until a small grin broke his face.
It was a name Mike always kept close to his heart but he had forgotten about. When he had been little he had always said I wanna name my baby Jayden....
And he was.
Mike sat int he room, Jayden close to his chest and Alex drooling on his arms and a funny though occurred to him.
He couldnt be happier.

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I Couldn't Be Happier
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