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 Married and Pregnant?

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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: Married and Pregnant?    Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:55 pm

Misery laid in his and Carter's master bed. He was surrounded by several items of food, and the remote by his side. He was heavily pregnant, he even had a rather large bump to show. Cove had been out with Leon today, and Carter off to some formal event with Casey, this left Misery alone in Carter's huge home. The bot had opted to lay around, and eat. Anything to keep him off of his horribly swollen feet. He had been flipping channels when one caught his eye. It looked like Carter...
Or his mother.
The women was shown in a video, in a palace, and she looked to be talking, and by her side was indeed Carter and Casey.
"Oh great..." Misery could eat nails as he narrowed his gaze. What was so breaking about the news that those snobs were having an outing?
But then Misery noticed, the words at the bottom of the screen.
"Kensington celebration. Heir Carter is due to be married to his pregnant Fiance Casey."
Misery watched it, rereading it several times before he decided he was going to kill Carter, Casey, and the entire Kensington estate.
Misery was ready to blow a gasket. He was sure Carter wouldnt cheat on him?
What if the planned on taking his baby and posing it as Casey's?
He would rather Carter cheat then have his baby around that women.
And married?
What about him?
Carter wouldnt marry someone else....Would he? Is it going that far? Is it really ruining him to this extent?
Misery felt the inner turmoil as his blood pressure rose. He felt his stomach burning, as if something was trying to claw out of it.
He heard someone screaming, but he didnt know who it was.
And everything was so blurry...And he hurt....
Misery reached over to the night stand, snagging his cell phone and flipping it open. He tried to focus on the numbers but it was so hard....
His head hurt. And Cove's name on the phone seemed so small.
He tried to reach the call button, but it was in vain, before he could he felt his conscious mind leave him. His last thought as he slumped over the side of the bed, was that it had been him screaming all along.

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Married and Pregnant?
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