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 Safe and Sound

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PostSubject: Safe and Sound   Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:16 pm

Barry frowned lightly at his friend, offering one more time, "You sure you dont wanna come? We can drop by Rhett's."
Trever chuckled softly but once more refused his friend. "I have to stay here and watch Toni." Unlike Barry, he was open with the other men that Toni was not his whore, Toni was his fiancee' and he was proud of it.
"Ill see you soon." Trever assured, "And hey, tomorrow we can go out and do something. Whatever you like babe."
Barry sighed but he nodded, slipping out of the door before he could see Blaine take his turn in the middle. He didnt mind it all that much but seeing it was still not something he wanted to do.
Once Barry was gone, the get together truly was under way. Without him around to watch, everything was always much more brutal.
But Trever said nothing, only because he didnt see anything happening that Barry would reject too. Blaine was a bit more banged up than usual but Trever made sure to stop them before he got badly injured, and with Trever there he made sure no one even looked at Toni.
And the event went on like normal, Trever sitting back in his chair, Toni sitting wrapped protectively in his arms.
It was all good and normal...
Until the cry cut through the savage beatings of the whores, and every man in the room picked his head up, looking at eachother as the wail continued.
The look on Blaine's face, one of pure horror.
Trever though seemed calm as ever, his eyes slowly traveling to the roof of the home.
The second floor, first room to the left, Brice's room.
The men didnt know about Brice, didnt know he was Blaine and Barry's child.
But they did wonder, and there thoughts eventually landing on maybe, maybe Blaine was harboring a child and Barry just didnt know it.
Barry wouldnt have a kid anyways, and if he did they would know.
The largest of the men, Kaden, sneered at the sound of a wailing child, immediately making his way to the stairs, and barking at the other men to follow.
Trever, still not showing any signs of worry, watched as Blaine scrambled up to stop the men from getting to the stairs, determination set on his face.
"Barry dont like people upstairs."
Maybe if he just said Barry didnt like it they would let it go.
"Whatever you b*tch. Your hiding something arent you? Well, we know you are! And were going to find it and give it to Barry and when we do, your life will be over with." Kaden growled out, taking Blaine by his blood matter hair and slinging him out of the way, irritated when the boy only returned to bother him.
"Im telling you...." Blaine grit his teeth, his eyed hardened with hate for the man who threatened his child.
Trever lifted himself up, glancing down at Toni and taking his face gently into his hands. "Toni, I want you to go outside and wait for me in the truck okay?"
Toni nodded, scampering over to the door as Trever turned back to the men and Blaine who were already at blows.
Toni though, didnt leave. He just hid behind the couch and hoped Trever didnt notice. He didnt want to upset his lover but he didnt feel right just leaving him in here with all of these men. Not that he could help much if anything happened but he sure was prepared to try.
Trever stepped over to the men, goofy grin on his face as he wrapped a lanky arm around Blaine.
"Now, Now. I do believe this is Barry's house, and its non of your concern whats up stairs. Im sure Barry can handle it without your help." His words dripped with a hidden threat, his eyes wide and sadistic as he stared the men down.
What good specimens they could make.
"Like anyone cares what you think!" Kaden rolled his eyes. "You cant do anything, your weak, and a freak." He spat in Trever's face as he spoke. "And with just you, and so many of use, there is nothing you can do."
Trever heaved a heavy sigh, a menacing growl escaping him as he wiped the large glob of spit from his cheek, fury clear in his bright blue eyes.
"Ill end you." He was not just threatening now as his hand drifted to his pocked, gripping one of his many baggies of glass. He knew he was not the strongest so he made sure to keep something with him at all times to defend himself.
As Kaden laughed in his face, Trever took the bag from his pocket slowly, opening it with ease, and then proceeding to throw it, taking a sick satisfactions in seeing the tiny shards stick into Kaden's eyes, the blood dripping down making it look as if he were crying tears of ruby.
Doubled over and squalling in pain, Kaden gave an order.
The men of course where with Kaden. Trever did pull a fast one but he couldnt take them all, and they knew that. So they jumped, taking Trever down and holding him, doing anything they could to brutalize him into unconsciousness. Toni in this moment was so thankful he had decided to stay, even as he bolted from behind the couch and landed on the back of one of the men, crying out as he was thrown off.
Blaine on the other hand, no matter how much he wanted to help Toni, made his way up the stairs, he wanted to be with Brice.
He NEEDED to make sure that no one would lay there hands on his baby.
But as Blaine once more tried to get himself up the stairs, he was yanked down by non-other than Kaden once again, the man having a killing intent now with the loss of his eyes. He could only make out blurs, nothing real.
As Blaine was slung down, and Toni was kicked to the ground, Trever was making a bit of progress. All of his little weapons he kept were coming in handy as the last men fell screaming in pain, joining Brice and the other men in their cries.
Though they were down, they were obviously not done for. Trever could see it as they began to get back up.
The masochist scrambled over to his lover, scooping Toni up and gasping at the blue and black marking already showing on his lithe body.
"S*it Toni...I told you to GO!" Trever hissed, blood from his freshly broken nose dripping down onto Toni's forehead. He had gotten quite the beating but he didnt feel it much, being that he did enjoy pain the punches and kicks didnt deter him.
"Look here Daniella." Trever's gaze was sharp on his lover. "Your going to go outside, and your going to call Barry. Then your going to call Rhett. Ask Barry to come home. See if the kids are okay with Rhett, I told him id call in an hour, its been three." He took a deep breath. "I love you, tell the kids I love them. And please take care of yourself, for me?" Trever knew Toni wanted to resist, but would not allow it.
"If you stay, your going to get me and you killed. I could do more just worrying about me. If your safe outside I will be fine." He assured, placing a loving kiss to Toni's lips before he could object, and the one to his forehead in a sweet manner before he moved, quickly shoving his foot into the side of Kaden's head to get him off of Blaine. Once he was off though, Trever took Blaine into his arms and walked him over to Toni, sitting down and handing him his phone.
"Call Barry, take care of Toni. Ill get Brice. Blaine I promise your kid will be fine, Ill make sure..." He glanced back to see a few men struggling up the stairs, feeling as if they got to the baby they would get back at Trever for hurting them.
He kissed the top of Blaine's head, looking him seriously in his eyes.
"Take care of Barry, tell him I love him okay?"
Blaine didnt like it...But he did take Toni by his arm and limp from the home, out into the light of day and away from the happenings inside the home.
Trever sighed as he made his way to and up the stairs, in the back of his mind, he remembered one night he had been with Barry when they were younger. Of course it had not been anything like this, but it had been a night where he had been beaten up, and he had needed comfort....
He wished he could have it now...
But he didnt waist time musing on it as he made it up the stairs, gasping as he noticed Brice's door opened.
As he busted into the room, he laid eyes on Brice, in the hands of one of the men from the gettogether.
Trever didnt stop to think as he unloaded on the man, snatching Brice away and punching the nasty intentioned man in his face, cursing as more men raced up the stairs. He placed Brice back into the crib, rushing over to lock the door just as the man made it up the stairs and began to beat on the narrow piece of wood. His mind racing, Trever grasped the knife he kept concealed by having it braced to his ankle, covered by is jeans. He took it, and easily sliced open the mans neck, letting him bleed out as he took Brice and found the reason he had began crying in the first place. His pacifier had fallen out. He placed it back into the infants mouth and then took a deep breath, warily eyeing the air vent in the ceiling.
He opted to force it open and placed the crying child inside it, doing his best to put the cover back on. He had pushed Brice far enough back that the men wouldnt be able to reach him in such a tiny space.
Trever sighed, moving to lean against the door to try to delay the men getting in. As he did so, he picked at his injuries and let his mind wonder.

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and past tonight.

Trever sighed softly, staring Barry in his face as he did so.
"Look....Im sorry..."
He didnt have much time to continue as Barry growled at him, menacingly so as he shook his head.
"You....Your a real piece of work Trever." Though Barry was snarling and pissed off he had streaks where he had cried, cried after finding out about Perry, and then effectively beating him until he had to be pulled off in fear of him killing the other man.
Trever really didnt have much to say, just hanging his head as Barry continued to berate him.
"You never told me...you.never.told.ME!" The man stomped his foot, taking Trever by his collar and yanking him around.
He wanted to understand why Trever let this go on...
"Did you ENJOY it?"
Trever took a sharp breath, banging heads with his bestfriend to the point of drawling blood.
"I did NOT."
He spoke slowly, his words serious and deadly. He felt so pained at even having Barry ask him that...
"I just...Barry..." He sighed softly. "I was afraid you would leave me...."
Even through his intense fury, Barry pressed Trever into his chest, more tears of hurt welling in his eyes.
"Ill never let you go...."
And Trever needed to hear those words, he felt assured, and he was so glad that Barry finally knew...
He found himself shedding tears of relief.
Trever nuzzled Barry's shoulder, gasping softly as he cried, "Don't leave me here alone...Please..."
Barry didnt plan on it....
Even after a month had gone by and he realized Trever had been pregnant...
And they didnt know who the father was.
or Perry...
But he had wanted to run away, not really from Trever just from the harsh reality...
Eight and a half months later, a week after Trever had given birth to child.
A still born baby...
That night, as Barry held Trever, he couldnt help but shed tears to the child he had lost.
His and Trevers...
Trever was obviously hurting too. He did not cry, but he acted like he was, simply no tears came...
He began hyperventilating, and Barry was so lost...He simply pressed his lips to Trever's hair and sang softly.
"Just close your eyes, the sun is going down..." It was a lullaby his mother used to sing...
"You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now..." He made sure to tighten his grip to emphasis this.
"Come morning light, you and ill be safe..."
A kiss to his nose.
"And sound..."
By the time he had finished, Trever had simply let go, his body limp in Barry's arms.

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Trever was torn from his thoughts as the door finally caved, falling in on Trever and allowing the man access. By the time they got in there, Kaden had gotten up and he wanted Trever DEAD. Screw the baby, this man had to die.
And that was his resolve, though he did want the child just to hurt the man.
"Look, I want half of you to find that runt, and the other half help me..." Kaden snarled at them, pointing at Trever. "Hold him down!"
And so they did, even when Trever manged to lay one more of the men on their butt, he could do no more, he was helpless to these men and whatever they wanted.
Kaden proceeded to beat Trever, his fist and feet, hitting the man with anything he could, wondering what he could do to really get the man back.
He was lost until one man holding him brushed against Trevers arse. The man yelped and tried to get away, jerking fiercely.
And in that moment, Kaden realized that maybe Trever didnt react to being beaten...But being sodomized....
Yes, this was going to work out well.
Kaden quickly made easy work of Trever's jeans

Don't you dare look out your window
Darling everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold on to this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

Barry had been called by now, he and Rhett were on their way to the home. Barry in all his panic had speed several miles over the speed limit as he whispered his lover and his son's name in worry, urging himself to get there quickly.
Once they pulled up, they could see Blaine standing in the middle of the yard, throwing things up at the top story window. Toni sat with him, also trying to throw things although anything he threw never seemed to reach. They appeared to be trying to make a scene, trying to get someone's attention.
As they heard the truck though, both boys raced over. In only seconds Blaine was in Barry's arms, crying into his neck.
"Barry!!" He never called him by his first name, it was always 'Mister meanie pants' "Brice!! Th-They are trying to g-get my baby!! B-Barry!" The boy sobbed into his lover's chest, trembling as Barry pushed him over to Rhett who had by now been clutching Toni in his arms. The large man was in his home as quickly as his legs would carry him. He darted up to his sons room, his eyes wide as he noticed the door kicked off the hinges.
And inside....
"Trever..." Barry almost fell on his arse at the sight. His friend was doubled over, blood coating his face and leaking from his entrace as he was savagely raped with more than just someones penis. It was a broken glass bottle. Originally a Jack Daniels bottle. Kaden had broken it on the mans forehead and then proceeded to thrust it into him, cutting and churning his insides violently.
The man slowly lifted his head, as did Kaden and all the other men.
"B-Barry." Trever coughed, blood dripping from his lips. "B-Brice...He is in the vent. B-Blaine or Toni are the only ones who can reach him.'
"Shut up!" Kaden shoved the bottle further inside the man, Trever gasping as he felt something being severed inside himself.
Barry was frozen it seemed, taking it all in slowly.
And then...It was over.
He ignored Kaden explaining how Blaine was harboring a child and how Trever was in cahoots with him. He ignored the mans pleas to stop hitting him. He ignored the other men as they yelled and wondered why he was doing this?
He ignored it all.
And no one escaped.
By the time he was still again, every man in the room was limp in the floor, blood pooling everywhere.
And now he couldnt even find Trever.
But he had to see his son first. He stepped over to the vent, ripping the face from it and peering inside, relief flooding him as Brice's tiny form could be seen, reaching for him with a giggle.
Barry knew he couldnt reach the baby, he would need his lover to do it, but he knew Brice was okay and that was everything that mattered.
His solace did not last long though, as he turned he laid eyes on the bodies of the men.
And he remembered Trever.
"Trev?" Barry called out, his heart sinking. He didnt even see his friend amoung the bodies. "Trever?" He called louder, his eyes searching the room feverishly.
He heard a muffled sound, and then his eyes landed in the middle of the room, a bloodied hand rising up.
"TREVER!" Barry was at his side in an instant, throwing two other bodies away from the man. "Oh Sh*it Trever...I got to get you help." Barry reached down to lock his arm under the mans legs but Trever shook his head. "Im alright Barry..."
"No, your not! We need to get you to a hospital or...." He trailed off as he assessed the damage. He was beaten but he didnt seem to bad....
And Trever knew, but he also knew what Barry didnt. The bottle had shredded his insides, he was bleeding internally...
He knew he had only limited time, and he really just wanted to sleep. He was so tired all of a sudden.
"Is my Dollface okay?"
Barry looked up from his pondering of Trever's wounds, nodding his head to his friend. "I didnt have a lot of time to look at him but he and Blaine were in the yard throwing things when we got here, they seemed okay. A little banged up but alright."
Trever breathed a little easier, forcing his upper body to rest against Barry.
"Good....And Brice?"
"B-Brice is fine...." Barry nodded once more, fear rising in his chest as Trever closed his eyes. "Hey, dont close those eyes babe...."
"Im just tired...." Trever curled himself tightly, smiling even though his eyes remained closed. "I think imma take a nap...A quick one...But while im napping, you need to tell Toni I love him very much. He is my china doll...." Barry stared at him numbly, in a way understanding what his friend was doing but still refusing to believe it.
Trever was trying to soothe him, pacify him. Make him feel like it was all going to be okay...
"Ill tell him for you." The larger nodded, threading his hands through Trever's hair.
"And make sure he is okay...You and Rhett." A pause. "If something happens to him while im sleeping, ill get you both for letting it happen. He is fragile...Needs to be coddled..." He sounded so far off...
"And my babies...Tell Joss not to let anyone run him over, and my other sweet heart...Toni's baby....He is so sweet....Gotta take care of him..."
"Mhmm..." Barry nodded, clenching his jaw as Trever got heavier and heavier in his arms.
"And you, I love you Barry....And I love Rhett....You gotta take care of my brother....And tell him he has to take care of you...I wont be around to save you guys while im sleeping...Watch out for each other...."
"We will." Barry promised, resting his forehead against Trevers.
"Imma take my nap now...."
"Trever..." The larger man bit his lip, watching as Trever's bright blue eyes slipped shut.
He continued to stroke his friends hair, unsure of what to do, so he did all he could think of. He just sat with him, and softly sang a song.
The one his mother sang to him before everything got bad.
"Just close your eyes, the sun is going down..." He sighed softly, feeling Trever's breathing slow. "You'll be alright....N-No one can hurt you now..."
He wondered why Trever had tears on his face. Trever wasnt crying....
"Come morning light, you and ill be s-safe, and sound...."

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound
Just close your eyes
You'll be alright
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

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Safe and Sound
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