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 Of Troubled Artists & Blue Whales

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Carter Kensington


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PostSubject: Of Troubled Artists & Blue Whales   Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:25 am

Okay, this could have been way better and I could have written more but I'm falling asleep over here so I stopped cause I wanted to put something up tonight. I may write more tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it Smile

Quinn Kensington quietly made his way into the gettogether, pushing his thick framed glasses up further on his nose, his head tilted downwards to avoid drawing attention to himself, even as his eyes looked around, scanning the faces, looking for any new ones. Anyone who he could talk to. He always dreaded these gettogethers, not because he hated his family, he rather enjoyed most of them, but it just felt like everyone had a friend but him. At least one person they could laugh and joke around with even if no one else would talk to them. Most people seemed to get weirded out by him. Or annoyed by the way he seemed to just state random statistics if he was uncomfortable and didn’t know what to say… which was a lot of the time.
Most people made him nervous. He didn’t like people in general. Which was why he stuck with himself normally. After the initial hugs and greetings to all his family, he spent the gettogethers in a corner with his sketch pad in his lap, working on his latest drawings. He usually just drew inanimate objects, although he definitely preferred people. He just needed someone to pose for him in order to draw them and he was far too introverted to just ask a random person if he could draw them. That was absurd. The only people he drew on a regular basis were his mother, Leon, and Angel. He preferred the lithe, smaller men like them. They had perfect bodies and he enjoyed transferring their beauty onto paper.
But as he realized that there were no new people today, he settled into his usual corner with a heavy heart, taking out his drawing pad and a pencil. Quinn slipped off his glasses. He was supposed to wear them all the time, especially for things like reading and drawing, but he found if he wore his glasses while making artwork, it was never quite as good. If he could see perfectly, he over analyzed every little detail until the paper was filled with smudges from his eraser. If the image was slightly blurred by his terrible vision, he didn’t second guess himself hardly at all. So with his glasses on the floor beside him, he went to work. He quickly sketched out a vase of flowers sitting on a coffee table not too far away from him and soon realized that this had gotten boring… he drew the same things every time he was stuck in this room for countless hours. He needed something more interesting…
He slipped his glasses on, flush against his face although seconds later they were falling down at the edge of his nose again, as always. He spotted his mother and considered asking him if he could draw him and Angel but then he saw the way Misery was laughing and hugging Cove. He was having far too much fun for Quinn to drag him away. And Angel appeared to be going through a voice change. While he adored drawing pieces of Angel and his many voices, he was pretty sure that was Vash…
He groaned softly and simply shut the pad, sliding the pencil into the pocket of his jeans. His father was rich, couldn’t he just buy him some models to draw?
Well, the answer was yes. Truthfully, Carter had probably offered to do that several times. Quinn just disliked letting his parents spend so much on him, although that usually didn’t stop Carter.
And right then when when he saw the boy. From across the room, the boy was grinning and speaking to another relative. The second Quinn spotted him he knew. He had to draw him. Preferably right this instant. He didn’t know what came over him but the next thing he knew he was up, sketch pad pressed tightly to his chest as he made his way through people over to the boy. He ignored people, muttering soft apologies as he bumped into them.
“C-can… could I… uh…” He stammered as he approached the other boy, turned to look at him. He tapped the pad with his pencil, his eyes wide. “D-draw you?”
“Draw me?” The boy arched an eyebrow.
“Y-yeah… you’re… you’re beautiful and I just… I…”
“Sure.” The boy responded, nodding his head, a lightly confused expression on his flawless face.
Quinn’s face lit up like he’d just gotten his birthday present several months early. He immediately sat down and began, his pencil moving furiously across the paper although he did savor the feeling of the pencil capturing the image of this gorgeous boy on paper.
“So…” The boy spoke, watching him curiously.
“So…” Quinn trailed off. Oh, how he despised awkward silences. He tried to break them with anything he could possibly think of, usually the first thing that came to his mind. And with his high intelligence level, that something was most likely a ridiculous statistic or fact. Like now for example. “Did you know the blue whale is the largest animal to ever inhabit the Earth?” He blurted out.
“Uh, no…” The boy’s look was getting even more strange as he watched Quinn.
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Of Troubled Artists & Blue Whales
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