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 Shion Riley-Braxton

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PostSubject: Shion Riley-Braxton   Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:34 pm

*I am sorry if this sucks>< I just really adored your person and I wanted to work on mine. Im not sure if this is what im going to do but as of right now this is what I have. I dont know if his name is really going to be Shion but maybe, I kinda like it. I love you!*

Shion smiled softly, reaching up to take the sterile knife from Trever. The man was teaching him the basic's of medicine, in case of emergency's. It had always been his dream to be a doctor, to help people live. He himself was still only a child though, he was five. Short light brown hair, and big brown eyes. He looked much like his mother, Cove.
Trever always took good care of him, unlike he would many others. He did love his nephew and he didnt want to hurt him so he had never even considered raising a hand to his children. Dacey or Shion.
"Alright, imma show you the correct way to cut. I have to go get something for you to practice on." Trever knew he had some fake skins somewhere. He ruffled the boys hair, taking the knife back and telling him not to move or touch anything while he was gone, he then he slipped from the room to go hunt down what he needed.
Shion looked around the room curiously, his large eyes scanning everything from the tools on the walls to all the jars containing organs to the viles which held oddly colored liquid.
And then his eyes caught sight of a cage in the corner.
And something twitching inside of it.
Shion adored animals, and the thought that Trever had an animal in the cage drove him to go greet it. He toddled over to the cage, reaching out to remove the white blanket that had been place atop it.
As the covering fell away, Shion's eyes grew wide.
With horror.
Inside was a mangled body of a person. It was twitching, its body parts twisted and its skin shredded. Blood was everywhere...
But what really disturbed the boy was the things head. The neck had been swiveled and broken, but its eyes were open and staring straight at Shion.
"U-Uhm..." The child didnt know what to do, he was thrown into panic. His small body shook with fear as the body of the tortured other continued to twitch.
And then its mouth opened.
"K-Kill me...."
The boy shook his head, tears welling into his eyes. "I-I...I need two dow det t-tweber...."
"KILL ME!" The thing cried out, its horribly disformed hand smashing against the cage as if it were trying to grab the boy.
Shion squealed in fear, falling backwards and into a table, shaking all the contents.
Causing them to fall.
And as a vile dropped down, it smashed against Shion's head and leaked down, down to his neck.
And it burned.
It was like white lightened the child felt coursing through his body. The boy screamed, throwing himself onto the floor and thrashing around as Trever burst into the room, his eyes wild with concern.
"Shion!" The man was at the boys side in an instant, his heart stopping as he noticed the uncovered cage and the broken vile...
And the black splotch on the boys neck.
"Oh S*it...." Trever actually felt a bit of panic tearing into his body. He scooping the withering child up, and sat him on the table.
It had been a vile of acidic liquid containing a wasp that Trever had been experimenting with.
It was deadly.
And he knew if he did not work quickly, he would lose the kid.
He quickly spotted the knife he had showed the boy, picking it up he pushed Shion's hair from his neck and forced the child body into the cold metal surface of his work table. Taking the knife he cut into the boys neck, Shion's screams churning his stomach as he did so but he knew it had to be done. Trever dug into his neck, picking up his tweezers and placing them into the incision he had made, continuing his search until finally he felt it, the wasp had burrowed into the boys flesh to further infect him. He extracted the wasp, hissing in anger as he dropped it down to the floor and stomped it.
The boy had by now passed out, his body limp and defenseless.
Trever grit his teeth in worry, moving to get into his small refrigerator, opening the door and frantically going through the many tubes of liquid, giving a relieved "Yes!" As he found the correct one. Opening the vile he inserted it into a syringe, and took it over to Shion. He injected it into the boys neck where he had extracted the wasp from.
He then stepped back, and just waited, watched, and he prayed. He busied himself, hooking the boy up to machines to monitor him.
The mans eyes snapped to the door, Dacey standing there looking in. He frowned at his brother on the bed, looking back to Trever.
"Ish tometing wrong wiff bubba?"
"Uh...No, he is just napping." Trever moved to placed a hand on Dacey's shoulder. "Did you need something kid?"
Dacey nodded his head, looking back out the door.
"When ish momma donna be hewer?"
Crud. Trever glanced to the clock, gently shuffling Dacey from the room. "About an hour , how about I take you to see Mr.Toni and he can make you some cookies or something?" Trever asked softly, his heart constricting as he looking into the boys face.
Trever took his hand, leading him to his bedroom.
"Doll face? Can you come here please." Trever smiled at him, sitting Dacey in a small chair.
As Toni approached he just moved to whisper in his ear, not willing to leave the boy alone after what had just occurred.
"Listen, I need you to take him and make cookies or something, keep him occupied for me."
"Okay....Why?" Toni frowned to his lover, concern plastered onto his fragile face.
"Ill tell you later Doll." Trever promised kissing Toni's nose before slipping out of the room, smiling as heard Toni talking to Dacey.
Sweet boy....
He made it back to his special room, stepping in his eyes widened at the small boy on his table.
"The h*ll?" He stepped over, peering down too the boys face, and the forming mark on his cheek. He rubbed it over with his thumb, his face growing grim as he realized it was not wiping off.
Noticing his neck, the mark was there too.
Trever didnt understand.
He quickly went out to his book shelf, picking out the book he has purchased on the wasp. In it was his notes, everything he had written down while doing his experiment.
He didnt understand...
And finally though, he found what he was looking for. The wasp had managed to infect the boys entire body, down even into his veins. And when Trever had injected him with the antiserum, it had frozen the wasp's effects, but it had tried to destroy the toxins of the wasp. This burned the boy from the inside and left that mark...
That scar.
Trever's eye brows furrowed as he read on. Their were a million things that could be wrong with the boy...
He wasnt sure what all was going to go on with his body, he had yet to test the wasp on anyone and this book didnt give solid information...
He would just have to take it in steps.
And he did, he took it all in stride, from the boys hair coloring white, to his eyes which Trever opened every five minutes to assure they were rolling correctly. They had gone from warm brown to a bright red.
And then it all seemed to stop.
Shion woke up, and though panicked at first, and scared from the experience of seeing the mangled body and the pain of being cut into, he was smiling.
Smile and laughing and asking Trever to teach him more.
Still though, Trever dreaded having to explain this to the boys parents.

"Shion dont do that!" Briley barked, quickly at his sons side and popping his hand away from the boiling water he had on the table. The boy had been sitting and coloring when he had placed the pot there. He had turned just a moment to go get the noodles for what he was making when he turned and noticed his son reaching for the water. "That could burn you!!"
The small boy blinked at him, his cheeks tainted pink as his bottom lip jutted out. "I ish sowwy daddy...." Briley nodded, his heart still thundering in his chest as he picked the boy up, placing a kiss to his temple. He carried his son into the living room, spying Brynn on the couch watching RuPauls DragRace with his other son Dacey in his lap.
"Brynn? Will you watch Shion while im cooking? He almost got himself in trouble." He sat his son down with his lover, smiling as Shion immediately hooked himself to Brynn.
Briley sat there for a moment, watching the three loves of his life before offering his hand to Dacey.
"Baby, you want to come in here and keep daddy company?" He trusted Dacey more than he did Shion when it came to listening, Dacey always minded him(Sorry if this isnt how Dacey would be, I just had no other reason for him to leave Shion in the room with Brynn and take Dacey instead. I didnt want him to have favoritism. He loves them both>< Sorry)
"Yush dadda!" Dacey reached for his father, giggling as Briley took the boy into his arms. "Alrightly then sport, lets go make supper for popi." Briley winked at his lover, pecking his cheek before turning back to the kitchen, Dacey clutched tight to his chest.

"Ugh! Dadda! I dont wanna pway!" Dacey folded his arms over his chest, pouting at his father while Briley continued to try and urge him into playing baseball. "But Dacey, baby it will be fun!" He nodded with enthusiasm, throwing a ball to Shion who he had positioned a few feet away. The boy fumbled a moment but managed to catch it, clutching the ball to his chest.
"But dadda!" Dacey really would rather be inside coloring or something. He didnt want to be out here....
"Just try it? For daddy?" Briley poked his lip out to his son, his strong arm around the small boy as his other son took to plopping down in the grass.
"Oh! Shion not you too!"
The boy just took the ball in his hand, waving to his brother. "Bubba! Pway wiff me!" Shion adored his brother, always had. He wanted to be with Dacey all the time, maybe because they had always done everything together as twins, either way if Dacey wasnt going to play he didnt want to either.
Dacey sighed at his brother, finally letting go and dropping his arms to his side.
"Fineee, I dess I tan pway..." He sounded everything but excited.
But Briley was, it was evident in the way he thrusted his fist into the air. "My babies will be baseball players yet!"
Brynn, who had been gathering gloves just giggled at his lover, shaking his head.

*Alright so, I have evened this out where Imma have Shion be a very happy childlike person. He gets a lot of his personality from Leon, though he has taken to Briley's like of sports. He is up Cove's arse twenty four seven when he can be, and he is always himself. He being a child doesnt understand Cove's issue with being a mother is but he loves him none the less so he is just always trying to be with him when he can. He is very smart, and like I mentioned he wants to be a doctor. But he is not going to be like Leon, even though he is a sweet heart he also has Cove and Briley in him. I have evened this out to where if someone worst to make fun of or hurt a loved one he will be on them like a spider monkey on crack. Especially his brother and whoever he is going to be with(Quinn I believe but I have to ask you><) When he is going off like that he isnt weak like most bottoms, he can hold himself like he wouldnt do if it had been just a normal day. He gets an adrenaline rush and he would kill for someone he loves. I reason this is because of his experience with Trever when he saw the mangled body. Kinda unscrewed him a little bit, but it never really comes out unless someone he loves is threatened.*

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