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 Oh Poems and Shakespear

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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: Oh Poems and Shakespear   Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:05 pm

Quinn gazed up from his note pad, his glasses askew on his nose though he took no notice of it. He was far too consumed in the unique boy who bounced across the floor as the get-together was underway. He knew the boy as Shion, his God Father's son. Quinn liked the boy far more than he probably should being they had never carried on a conversation. He just adored how different the boy was, as if he wouldnt judge that Quinn was a little off himself like others did.
He looked down at his paper in light frustration. He had been trying to write a poem for what seemed like ever now but he just could find no influence for it. He propped his elbow on his pad, resting his cheek on it as his eyes once more found the snowy white top that was Shion. The boy was obviously excited about something, talking to someone with his arms fraying about him as he did so. Quinn adored it, especially when Shion fell over, of course he didnt want the boy hurt, it was just enduring how he was able to trip and fall while standing in one place. As he continued to focus on the boy across the room, he didnt even notice it but he had the beginnings of a poem forming in his head and by the end of the day, he was able to grin proudly to himself. He had accomplished it, and by the end of the day he had even worked up enough courage to go speak to the boy.
Immediately Shion had bombarded him with some line about shakespear, and even after Quinn had awkwardly rumbled off something about how many tigers were left in the wild and how many years until they may all be extinct.
He was astounded when the boy nodded, thanking him for the fact and then telling him about Hamlet. Of course Quinn knew all about it, but he was struck speechless when Shion acted out a scene all his own, every word correct.
He was brilliant, and Quinn was hooked.

Once home, he tacked his poem to his wall, admiring it with an elated chest before having to leave it to get dinner.

The poem read:

Eyes red like cinnabar and hair white like the glowing moonlight
He strikes me senseless with every glorious laugh and smile as he roamed the room.
His movements not graceful, but clumsy and real.
His uniqueness a drug, and its running through my veins.
His touch seems so soft, as if a light in the dark.
The mark on his face, a reminder as to the beauty that is him, even with his flaws.

I know no greater joy than he,
Far more warm than the sun of summer
Easily more peaceful that the still that bestows upon the world come the still of winter.

He fills my thoughts and invades my senses,
And further on he fills the very heart that fuels me.
His mere existence gives me hope for the future,
And a desire that one day he will look to me with his topaz eyes and I may be the sole source of his attention.
One day.

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Oh Poems and Shakespear
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