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 Of Separate Beds and Goodnight Kisses.

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PostSubject: Of Separate Beds and Goodnight Kisses.   Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:12 pm

Shion sighed softly at his brother, sprawling out on their shared bed. Or well, now it was just Dacey's bed. Briley had thought that since they were getting older it was time they stopped sharing a bed. He had already moved all of Shion's things into his new room, along with a new bed. Shion was displeased about this, he had tried to argue, he had yelled and refused, but when it all came down to it, Briley's word was the law and Shion had to follow that law or risk getting his butt torn up, which he already had, but thats beside the point.
"Imma miss you bubba." Shion looked over to his brother, his large red eyes positively shining with tears.
"Ill miss you too Shion." Dacey frowned, reaching out to take his brother's hand. "Dont cry! We will be okay." He assured, though Shion obviously was not convinced. "But! We have never not shared a room before! And you know we dont NOT sleep in the same bed! What will I do without you bubba? What if I get cold or lonely or wake up with a nightmare! You wont be there!" Shion crossed his arms, stubbornly trying to refuse his tears. "I dont like this...."
Dacey's heart ached, he was having trouble with this too but he knew he couldnt talk his father out of it. "Look...If you have a nightmare im just next door! Sides, ill always be with you bubba." Dacey nodded his head, reaching to press his hand to Shion's chest, right where his heart would be. "You might not always can see me but ill be here. Just like you'll be here." He took Shion's hand, placing it like he had his hand, where his heart would be.
Shion was about to respond when Briley opened the door, standing in the entrance and staring at his kids.
"Alright boys, night time! You have school tomorrow. Bed." He nodded, his strong arms uncurling from the fold as he stepped on into the room. He stepped over to Shion and Dacey, placing a kiss on each of their foreheads. "You know mom and I are right down the hall, and Shion I want you in YOUR room tonight, alright?"
"Yes sir..." Shion glared hatefully at his father, though he didnt mean it. He just couldnt bare this though....
"Alright, say night and hit the sack." Briley rubbed his sons shoulder lightly before leaving the room. Shion stared after him, slowing moving to get up.
"I guess....Ill see you tomorrow then bubba...." The boy looked to the floor, and continued this for several minutes before suddenly picking his head up, his body moving forward as Shion placed a chaste kiss to his brother's lips. It lasted mere seconds but to Dacey and Shion, it felt like forever.
Once Shion pulled back, Dacey covered his mouth, his eyes wide. "Wh-What was that!"
Shion shrugged, smiling brightly at his brother as his shoulders rolled.
"Goodnight kiss!" He announced on his way out the door, stopping only to send his brother one more miserable smile before he was gone, leaving Dacey pressing a finger to his lips, the remains of their kiss still lingering.
Maybe, if he got a goodnight kiss every night, this wouldnt be so bad...

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Of Separate Beds and Goodnight Kisses.
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