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PostSubject: Animal   Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:04 pm

Okay I've gathered that I'm never going to finish thisss. I don't have any ideas on where to go wtih it but I was rather proud of what I have written so far so I wanted to post it. And I enjoy the picture I made to go with it hehee. So here you go Shannon/Briley Razz The song that inspired this is Animal by The Cab

Briley rested his chin on the palm of his hand as he glanced across the table at his date for the night. Sure, Shannon was hot. That was why he’d agreed to go out with him in the first place but this had to be the most boring evening he’d spent in a long time. They were out at a nice restaurant having dinner. Shannon had been polite so far, laughing at all his jokes, thanking the waiter. And while normally that was a good quality, it didn’t really make for a fun evening. He didn’t want a good boy anyways. He was an animal. He didn’t need someone sweet and innocent… He glanced down at the time. Two hours left until Shannon’s curfew. Two hours of hell left. He could make it.
“Look, this is great and all but I’m sure I’m not the only one bored as hell.” Shannon sighed suddenly.
“Glad you were the one to say it.” Briley nodded.
“I’ve got an idea… Come with me somewhere?” Shannon smirked, standing up and extending a hand.
“Why not?” Briley stretched out in his seat before standing and taking hold of Shannon’s hand, letting the boy lead him out to his truck.
“Can I drive?”
“Uh…” Briley frowned lightly. His truck was his baby, he didn’t like other people driving it… “Fine.” He nodded hesitantly as he climbed in the passenger seat.
Shannon grinned and started up the truck, driving them to a small night club. Briley arched an eyebrow as he was led inside. This was much more like it. Definitely better than that stuffy restaurant. He could feel the music pounding in his chest, strobe lights flashing across the crowds of people.
“Wait here.” Shannon leaned up to whisper in Briley’s ear before he disappeared through the crowd.
Briley looked around while the boy was gone. There was a woman dancing up on a small stage with lots of men crowded around. Odd. This was a gay club, why were they all gawking at some chick? Then he saw some posters around advertising a drag show tonight. So it was a dude. Wow. It was pretty convincing, he had to admit.
The boy was dancing around and lip syncing to some upbeat pop song but it was sort of fun to watch. As the song ended, the boy winked at some men before heading off the stage. Briley leaned against the bar, wondering where Shannon had gone as he watched the stage.
“Tonight’s next performer is Shannon Giovanni.” A man announced. Briley blinked lightly. He didn’t have much time for it to sink in before more music started.
“La la la la la la la la.” And then Shannon came prancing out onto the stage, in full drag, his heels stomping in time with the beat.
“Oh baby baby
Have you seen Amy tonight?
Is she in the bathroom?
Is she smokin' up outside?
Oh!” Shannon grinned as he caught Briley’s gaze, his mouth nearly a perfect O.
Briley watched as Shannon danced around. He really looked like a woman. A sexy woman at that. He made his way through the crowd of men, ignoring anyone who got pissed at him for the way he was shoving. Finally, he was directly at the front. Shannon winked down at him, extending a hand. Briley didn’t hesitate in grabbing the hand, stepping up onto the stage as Shannon tugged him upwards.
“Oh baby baby
Does she take a piece of lime
For the drink that Ima buy her
Do you know just what she likes?
Oh!” Shannon trailed a finger down Briley’s jaw line as he sang before spinning around, his ass jutting out, rubbing against the boy’s groin as he sank down lower, nearly hitting the floor. Briley watched appreciatively, smirking at the crowd of jealous men.
“Oh Oh
Tell me have you seen her
Because I'm so
I can't get her off of my brain
I just want to go to the party she gonna go
Can somebody take me home?”
Shannon let Briley’s hands rest on his hips as his mouth moved to the words of the song. He sank to his knees as he sang the chorus, his hands gripping Briley’s thighs, nails digging into the skin through the boy’s jeans.
“Love me hate me
Say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are
begging to F-U-C-K me.”
Briley wet his lips as he looked down at Shannon on him. Maybe his previous assumption had been wrong… Shannon no longer seemed so sweet and innocent.
*Several Months Later*
Briley smirked as he ran the smooth silk of Shannon’s dress in between his calloused fingers, his eyes scanning the lithe body. He’d never really had an interest in drag queens but now it took some effort to think of anything sexier. Shannon had all the grace and beauty of a woman and yet he could touch Briley in ways that no woman ever could. His father had always said only a man knew how to make another man feel good.
He’d taken Shannon out nearly every day these past months, to dinner, bowling, clubbing. And they’d been up all hours of the night together. As a boy, Shannon was the perfect polite boyfriend you wanted to bring home to your parents. But as soon as he put on the makeup and glitter, he was no longer so innocent. Like now for example. Briley had the boy shoved up against his bedroom wall, their bodies pressed so closely together, Shannon could feel every inch of him. The defined abdomen, the muscular thighs and definitely the hardening package in between Briley’s legs.
A soft moan escaped Shannon’s parted lips as Briley’s fingers slipped under the hem of his dress, up to grab the crotch of the silk panties he wore. One finger gently stroked the shaft of the boy’s cock through the lace.
Briley let his teeth sink into Shannon’s neck, his hand working the boy’s cock.
Shannon cursed softly, long polished nails digging into Briley’s back, raking down the tanned skin, drawing blood.
Briley hissed, lust in his eyes as he gripped Shannon by the hips, hoisting him up before throwing him onto the bed. A second later and he was on top of him.
Their passion lasted for hours on end but as always, it ended eventually. The bliss got shorter every time. Their relationship was fairly new but this past month they’d began to fight. And when they fought it wasn’t pleasant.
The very next day they were at it again.
“That guy was all over you!” Briley growled as he slammed the door to his home behind them. They’d just returned from a performance Shannon had done at a club.
“SO!? At least I don’t bring him home with me!” Shannon snapped back, slipping his heels off, getting an urge to chuck one of them right at Briley’s overinflated head.
“What does that mean?!”
“It means Cove is ALWAYS all over you!” Shannon exclaimed.
“He is not!”
“Oh please!” Shannon scoffed, his knuckles white as he clenched his shoe in his grip. “He’s about to jump you 24/7 and then every time we have a gettogether, that Brynn freak can’t keep his eyes off you! You don’t see me throwing a fit!”
“Well I don’t flirt back with them!”
“I was performing! It’s my job to flirt with guys!”
“I don’t give a shit!” Briley seethed. “Don’t be such a skank!”
And with that, Shannon did pitch his heel directly into Briley’s face.
“You’re ridiculous, Briley!” He screeched, livid.
“I’M ridiculous?!” Briley asked incredulously.
And they were screaming at each other all hours of the night, until their faces were red and their throats were sore.
Yet, by the next morning they were cuddled up together in the bed. Shannon was still asleep as Briley glanced down at his bare body, holding the lithe form in his arms.
Shannon really was something. Briley found that he was smiling fondly as he stroked Shannon’s hair. He wasn’t sure how serious they were with this relationship thing… He really wanted to give Shannon his everything. The boy deserved it, he was perfect apart from when they were fighting. But he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was young. He didn’t want to settle down like this. And he didn’t want someone who fought with him constantly, although he’d heard his brother Kevin at it with Rick all the time. He didn’t want that. He wanted an easygoing relationship where he could have his best friend over without his lover bitching about it…

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