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 Troublesome Situations

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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: Troublesome Situations    Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:58 am

"What the f*ck did you just say?" Shion hardly ever cursed, and the sound of his voice brought most eyes to him. He was standing face to face with Jasey Ray, the other boy staring at Shion with a hand on his hip. "I said, Dacey is flipping weird!"
Shion's eyes narrowed and he took a step forward, leering down into Jasey's face, his hands fisted at his side.
"Take it back." He ground out, his blood red eyes narrowed dangerously.
Jasey scoffed, a hand coming up to snap in Shion's face. "Uh-uh baby! You dont scare me but your freak arse brother doe-"
The boy didnt even get to finish his sentence before Shion's fist connected hard with his cheek, sending him toppling backwards.
Jasey landed in a heap on the floor, his lips forming a perfect "O" as he held his cheek. Shannon could be heard screeching as he rushed to his best friends side, looking up at Shion angrily.
"What in the h*ll is your issue!" The blond spat, gently looking at his friends face. Jasey's cheek was already bruising.
Ryker stood also, finding himself beside his boyfriend, pulling Jasey to his chest worridly, he was planning to give Shion a peice of his mind once he was sure his lover was okay but Junious beat him to it.
"Look here you arse." Junious shoved Shion back, his teeth grit in anger. "Who do you think you are? You dont hit my friend like that just because he was being honest!" The boy had taken his pill today and it was bad enough he was stuck being a prick, and then this happens. Great day.
"Your just pissed off because the truth of it is that your brother had a bad experience once and turned him into a freak! He wont come outside? Wont go to school? He has NO friends? He is a flipping weirs arse stay at home-gonna die alone freak!"
Shion's eyes twitched at the remark. No way in h*ll these idiots were going to insult his bubba.
He didnt even think, he let another one fly, connecting with Junious's nose. Even as he felt the boys nose give way and heard the crunch, he swing again, not missing his mark as his other fist hit Junious in the temple. The boy stumbled back, almost falling into Jasey but he caught himself. He warily pressed a hand to his face, as he brought it away he wince as the site of his own blood coating his hand.
"You muthaf*cka!" The boy sounded rather amusing but he was not kidding as he flew at Shion, this time his turn to be on the offence as he punched the white haired boy in the forehead, then kneeing him in his gut.
And soon, it was a full blown fist fight, no one quite knowing what to do.
It got bloody, very blood and even more so as Junious continued to taunt Shion.
The adults were in complete shock and couldnt even begin to even say stop, the fight only ceased when Kaiden Kensington, the most unexpected to break up a fight, stepped in between the two. He easily caught Junious by his collar and pinned the tiring Shion down by his neck.
The boy sighed, looking between the two of them with irritation.
"You guys are way too troublesome." He wasnt quite sure what to do from here but Kevin solved that quickly. Junious's mother scrambled over to his son, his nostrils flared in anger as he took in his bloodied child.
"Out." He hissed menacingly at Shion. "Get OUT!" He pointed to the door, directing Kaiden to get red eyed boy out of their home.
"Now wait a minute!" Misery poked in, sneering at Kevin. "Its not all Shion's fault! That little whore bag and your little brut-"
"Whore bag!" The high pitched roar sounded, followed by the sound of Gabriel Pierce's black leather boots taping against the floor.
As he neared Misery and Kevin he immediately got in Misery's face, looking much like his son had when he snapped his finger at Misery.
"Listen here you little two timing tramp! You watch what you say about my kid!"
Kaiden glared at Gabriel, raising a hand up. "Now now, come on guys!" He didnt want anymore fights, but obviously that was not the case with Killian Murdock. The larger male strode over, grinning devilishly as he looked between the three mothers.
"How about this! You three can fight over it! And dont be afraid to, you know." he grinned impishly "Really get into it." His eyes brows rose and fell. Kaiden's eye twitched as he looked the other boy over.
"I was trying to dissolve this."
"And im trying to enrage it! Its always nice to make an impression love." Killian laughed softly at the bickering mother's. He moved to bow down, slowly lifting his head and taking Shion's hand.
"Killian Jones, or Killian Murdock. Call me Killian either way." He nodded, eyes sinking in on the boy. "And what might your name be, my lady?"
Shion just huffed, shoving Kaiden away and rushing past Killian, the front door slamming behind him.
And this only rallied the mothers.
"Oh man! What a drag." Kaiden ran a hand through his hair, glaring at Killian once more as he clapped and cheered Gabriel on.
This was going to be a long arse day.
How troublesome.

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Troublesome Situations
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