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 Ever Lasting.

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PostSubject: Ever Lasting.   Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:02 am

Kaiden groaned as he was pushed from his own house, turning and leaning against the door as if he didnt have the strength to continue holding himself up.
"Quinn!" He called, he hoped his brother could hear him. "I dont like Shion like that!!...I just....I want Dacey to come out and Cloud watch with me! I figured if I got his brother out there he would come too since they are so close." The boy frowned deeply as he thought of the troublesome things his brother said. This was turning out to be a real drag.
He heard Quinn shuffling around on the other side of the door, but he was still not granted entrance. "In fact, I think Shion has a crush on you! He kept bringing you up when we were looking at the clouds!" He tried to pacify his brother once more. It wasnt a lie at all, but he didnt know for sure either. He thought that had to be the case though, and if not, Kaiden would have to try and fix it for his brother.
Arguing with his brother he had forgotten that he had invited Shion over, and Killian.
But he sure wanted to cruse once Killian's truck pulled up, Shion bouncing out the passenger side and in a flash was giving him a hug.
"HI Kaiden!" The boy cried, he was going to try and get Kaiden to spend the night at his house tonight. He noticed how his bubba looked at him! He hoped if he could get him in the house, Dacey could at least have a chance with him.
"Uh, yo bud." Kaiden hugged the boy back, Killian's soft laughter floating into his ears.
"Locked out are ya?" The boy stepped over to the door, looking up at the large home expectantly.
"I guess..." Kaiden didnt want to tell them why though and risk upsetting his brother more.
"Ya aving a lovers spat er somethin?" Killian winked at him, chuckling softly.
"Not exactly, Quinn is upset over something." Kaiden shooed Shion back to the truck, trying to get the boy away from the door long enough for him to get it open.
"Somethin? Like what? Ya steel es wife or whah?" Killian raised a devilish brow, leaning into the door.
"Kinda? I mean....He...What would you do?" This was too troublesome for Kaiden to handle all his own.
"Me? Well ave' had many mens wives."
"Not quite where I was going."
"Eh? But on thah right track I presume! Did ya take es lover? Oh how wicked!" Killian was enjoying himself now. "Are ya fighten over em?"
"He just kinda yelled and locked me out." Kaiden whined as he lowered to the floor. "We didnt actually fight I guess, I couldnt get a word in ed-"
"Mister Quinn! Hear me, Hear me! Yar despicable!" The man hollered into the door, Kaiden's face one of horror. The h*ll was Killian doing.
"Ya know my good sir, someone who isnt man enough to fight for what heh wants, deserves what heh gets." And that would be nothing, the man added mentally but decided not to say. He simply stepped back and waited to see if Quinn was going to man up.
"Well thah's alright to but I must warn you sir. Kaiden is not who you should worry about when it comes to stealing My Lady Shion's heart." Kaiden looked stricken as Killian spoke. How had he known it was Shion? Had it been that obvious that Quinn liked the boy? Had he been so blind?" Killian continued, ignoring Kaiden completely. "Because by the end of the night, thats exactly what he will be, my lady." The man called, loud and husky, rather sexy as he turned around, intent on going back to his truck when the door cracked open to reveal Quinn. The boy was standing, his fists clenched at his side.
"Dont you DARE talk about Shion like that you perpetual amoeba!!"
"Eh?" Killian glanced back as Quinn carried on.
"Dont talk about sweet Shion like he is a piece of meat!" The boy demanded, his anger rising.
"Isnt thah all they eva are?" Killian laughed to himself.
"N-No! Especially not Shion! Shion is distinguished! His smile is incandescent! His laugh is empyrean and he himself is brilliant! And so pulchritudinous! I have never encountered someone as resplendent as Shion or ever to his magnitude!"
Killian just blinked, head cocked to the side. He had lost Quinn at incandescent.
But there was a thud behind him and as he turned to see what it was, Shion stood there. His mouth was hanging agape and his bag had been dropped at his side.
"Quinn?" The boy blinked slowly his eyes bright as he looked on. "Y-You mean all that?"
The boy in question quickly turned his head away, eyes darting around as he rambled off, "D-Did you know that the terms "White Meat" and "Dark Meat" come from the Victorian era when people were too embarrassed to use words "Breast" and "Legs."?"
And everything was still as Shion raised an imploring brow.
"O-Of course I mean it!" Quinn finally broke the silence, slinging his arm out. "Your all I ever wanted...."
As he was lowering his head, he caught a glimpse of white but that was all before he was tackled into a fierce hug by none other than Shion.
As the boys hugged, Killian took Kaiden by his arm and tugged him off to the truck, standing back and watching the beginning of an ever lasting love.

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Ever Lasting.
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