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PostSubject: Dance.   Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:34 pm

Shion looked in the mirror, his eyes roaming himself to make sure everything was in place. Since Dacey would not leave the home and he didnt want to go out for a school dance without him, he had decided he would just have to throw one here. He was dressed up as if it were a formal event, he had put up Christmas lights in the living room and made finger foods and got some things to hang from the ceiling all with the help of his momma Brynn. Honestly it looked quite nice, and even better that they had managed to coup Dacey up in his room all day so he wouldnt see.
Now, they had guests arriving, everyone in a nice suit. Shion had gotten Dacey one also and slipped it under his door with a simple note that instructed he put it on.
Now with one last glance to himself in the mirror he decided he looked well enough. he stepped out into the living room, scanning everything to make sure it was all perfect. He thanked people for coming here for the dance instead of school, and then he darted to his brothers room, wide grin on his face as he finally opened the door.
Dacey glanced up, he was struggling with his tie but his hands stilled as he looked upon his brother. Shion looked stunning. The black suit contrasting against his white hair, yet his red tie perfectly matched his crimson eyes.
"Uh...Shion?" Dacey looked past his brother into the party going on outside the door. "Whats going on?"
"A school dance." His brother answered simply enough, kneeling down to gently help Dacey with his bright yellow tie. "You look nice bubba."
""Wait." Dacey ignored his brother. "You did this?" He could see that the living room was really made up...
"Me and mom. Dad helped to." He nodded his head, as he finished he leaned back to get a better look at his brother. "You look really great bubba..." Shion sighed softly, reaching up to brush hair away from Dacey's face. His heart fell as the boy sank back but he tried to ignore that.
"Well, anyways....I mean...Come on, enjoy your party." Shion stood, brushing himself off and nodding to the living room which bristled with life.
As soon as you stepped out, you could easily see several of Dacey's old friends from school, and Shion's, joined by their parents and some of their parents friends and family. The music was loud and bouncing, and everything seemed so nice.
Dacey felt faint. His bubba did all this for him.
"Shion..." He glanced over to his brother who was speaking to Dayton Neilson. He had managed to talk him into DJing and the man was rather skilled at it.
As the next song came on, Dacey recognized it as Shion's favorite.
"I want to spend my life with a girl like you
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba
And do all the things that you want me to
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba"

Shion stepped over to Dacey, offering him a hand. "Dance with me?"
Though Dacey was hesitant he did take his brothers hand, only slightly bothered when he was pulled flush against Shion's chest.
"I...Dont do well with dancing." Dacey rested against his brother as Shion stepped around him, more just swaying to the beat than actually dancing.
"Its K, I dont do it right but I like it!" He nodded as he continued on, pulling Dacey with him. As the song played on, he sang softly to his brother.
"Till that time has come that we might live as one
Can I dance with you?
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba"

Dacey couldnt help but giggle at his brother, letting himself get lost in the song along with Shion as the dace proceeded. More people came, many were dancing. Others enjoyed the food and simply talked in small groups. Shion and Dacey though didnt let go of eachother, Shion spinning his bubba around in circles while Dacey tried to keep him from tripping and falling on his face.

I tell by the way you dress that you're so refined
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba
And by the way you talk that you're just my kind
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba
Girl why should it be that you don't notice me
Can I dance with you?
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba

As the song wound down, Shion placed a soft kiss to Dacey's cheek, sighing softly at his brother.
"Bubba....Is there anything I can do so that I can touch you again?"
Dacey felt his heart constrict painfully, he hated hurting Shion...
"I dont know bubba...Im sorry..."
"Dont be." Shion just shook it off once more as the song slowly came down. As Shion let his brother go, the front door opened and standing there was Kaiden Kensington. Dressed in a sleek suit, accompanied by a deep green tie. He was pulling at said tie as he looked around the room. Quinn was with him, also dressed finely though with a bright blue tie. As Kaiden finally found Dacey with his eyes, he stepped over. He slouched, and walked with his hand sin his pockets, but he still managed to look nice. As he neared Dacey he cleared his throat.
"Uhm...So....Having to wear a suit is a drag huh?"
Dacey's hair on the back of his neck stood up at his voice. "Not really..."
"Oh...Well." Kaiden shrugged his shoulders. "I found it rather troublesome."
"You look nice though." Dacey smiled as Kaiden rubbed his neck sheepishly. "Yeah? Well you look good too. Yellow is your color."
The two stood in silence for a long moment before finally Kaiden offered him his hand.
"Wanna dance? I mean why waste time standing around. Might as well dance..." He opened his mouth to speak more but was drown out by Shion who just stopped by to tell the pair to "Get their boogie on"
Dacey blushed hotly but he did give Kaiden his hand, giving in and trying to 'boogie'.
Kaiden was much different from Shion, Dacey couldnt help but think. Kaiden was taller, and more muscular. He smelled of freshly cut grass and air while Shion smelled of rain.
Kaiden knew how to dance and did it properly while Shion just moved himself to the beat.
They were so different....
Yet Dacey found himself clinging to them both. One as a brother who he had been with since birth, and the other a new boy who every day took time out of his life just to help him.
They were both so special.
And Dacey felt like he was a bother to each.
Shion because of his need to not be touched, and Kaiden because the boy had to come tutor him because he was too chicken to just go to school.
He knew his phobia was tough for everyone....And no matter how bad he felt he couldnt force himself out the door.
But as Kaiden lead him through the movements of the dance, he hoped maybe together Kaiden and his family could move him through the movements of healing.

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