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 Luca Lively

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PostSubject: Luca Lively   Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:05 am

This is the Luca fic I've been working on. I was planning on adding more little ficlets to it but I don't have any ideas right noww and I wanted to put sometihng up before I left for youu. I stopped this because like I've said, no clue how Killian shall respond heheh If you write anything with Killian while I'm gone at school I shall suffocate you with huggles I'll be so happy Razz hehehe I need to get his character down so I can write him myself soon >< But I hope you enjoy this, I haven't proofread it or anything soooo

Luca glanced down the sidewalk in front of him, hands in his pockets as he leaned against the wall of a shop along the side of the street. He eyed several people as they walked past him, examining each of them. He could only get away with this once or twice a day so he had to make it count. It’d do him no good to con someone who had barely any cash on them.
Finally, a woman with bleach blonde hair caught his eye. She wore a low cut shirt and designer jeans that showcased her perfect curves. A prissy looking Chihuahua jogged to keep up with her on a leash at her side. She looked sure to have a nice amount of money on her at the moment, probably on a shopping spree or something. He made his move, moving in step with the woman, acting casual for a moment before he cooed in adoration.
“That is the most adorable dog I’ve ever seen.” He smiled charmingly at her. “Could I pet her?”
“Oh of course.” She flashed her dazzling white teeth as Luca bent down, running his palm over the dog’s soft fur.
“She’s so cute! What’s her name?” Luca smiled, standing back upright.
“Diva.” The woman responded.
“This is going to sound a bit strange but my little girl at home just loves puppies. Could I take a picture of you two together for her? Please?” He gave a hopeful grin. No he didn’t have a daughter. Or a home for that matter. But she didn’t need to know that.
“Sure!” She nodded, lifting the dog up close to her face and grinning brightly so he could snap the picture with his phone. As he lined up the camera, he quickly scanned over her form, noticing the bulge coming from the left side of her jeans. That must be where the wallet was. He snapped the picture and as he held it out to her, asking her if she thought it looked okay, his hand moved forward, fingers ever so carefully snaking into the pocket over her left hip, sliding in until he felt his hand wrap around something. He grasped it quickly as she examined the picture, smirking softly as he retrieved it, slipping it into his own pocket before she nodded in approval.
“Looks perfect.” She grinned.
“Thank you so much.” Luca nodded and with that he head off on his way, unable to wipe the grin off his face as he felt the new weight in his pants pocket.
He made his way to a secluded park, plopping down on a bench and pulling out the fancy wallet made out of what felt like silk. The name Chelsea was embroidered neatly on the front. He may be able to sell that for something too. He pried open the clasp before looking at the contents. After counting up all the cash, which was nearly two hundred dollars, he felt even prouder. This was the most he’d gotten in a while. Although he knew it would be smart to save up and use the extra for when he really needed it, treating himself to a nice dinner and maybe a movie sounded good right about now.
But first, he sort of felt like going out again. He was feeling very lucky tonight, maybe he could get his hands on some more money before the night ended. Then he could treat himself and still have some to save.
With that thought, he headed back out, looking for a different crowded street this time.
He was a pro at this. His father had taught him all the tricks before he’d passed away. Luca had known how to pick a lock with nothing but a paperclip, how to disable every security alarm known to man, how to take the wallet of any human being within twenty feet of him, all before he reached the age of ten. The hardest out of the three was definitely the pickpocketing. The trick was not just to grab it and run, but to distract the person while you did the snatching. It was surprising how much you could get away with if you were good enough at it. Luca knew just about anyone could do it if once they got the hang of it, but he himself was particularly good. And he knew it helped being as charming as he was. His looks were the biggest asset. His chocolate brown eyes gave everyone a sense of comfort, made them think they could trust him. How wrong they were.
As he arrived at his destination, he took a quick look around him until he found what he was looking for. He was immediately drawn to a certain boy. He wasn’t sure why. He wore nothing particularly spectacular but there was something about him… maybe it was the way he carried himself, like he was something special. But either way, Luca found himself taking longer strides to catch up to the man.
He’d been planning on just taking what he needed and then going on his way but the boy honestly was very attractive. He hadn’t even realized he’d been staring until the man turned to him, a smirk on his face.
“Ya know, s'not polite to stare at ah man like thah, but after all the while you've been staring me down I’d be in despair if you stopped.” The man grinned at him. “I’m Killian.”
“Sorry, I was just admiring the necklace you’ve got there. It’s gorgeous.” Luca flashed him a smile. He couldn’t help but notice how intriguing the man’s slight accent was. His own words had something foreign to them, although it was more from the other side of the world, obviously Hispanic.
“I know it is.” Killian nodded, holding out the charm on the chain that hung from his neck for the man to hold. Luca did just that, his hand reaching out to grasp the chain, running his thumb over it. As he did so, his other hand came across to slip into the boy’s pocket.
“It sure is exquisite.” He glanced up to lock eyes with the other, his fingers clasping around the boy’s wallet in his pocket, slowly beginning to withdraw it.
"Not just that love, it’s one of a kind." Keeping his smile just as impish as it had been during the entire conversation he added, "And if you don’t get your hand offa my wallet ah'll ave ta skin me a stranger." Killian found this insanely amusing, this man thought he could pickpocket him and he not NOTICE? Killian had been raised rough, and he, like Luca, had learned every trick. "Now ya wouldn’t want ta get off on tha wrong foot with meh would ya love?"
Luca froze, caught off guard by the boy’s words.
“Impressive.” He removed his hand from Killian’s pocket. “First time I’ve been caught. I’m Luca, Luca Lively.” He extended the same hand that had just been about to snatch the man’s wallet. “And you’re right. I certainly don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with someone as intelligent as yourself. What do you say, I make it up to you. Dinner tonight? On me.” He pulled out the handful of bills in his pocket, flashing a pearly white smile at the other man. He already respected this stranger more than anyone. He wasn’t just another victim who would never realize where their money had gone. He just wasn’t that easy. And Luca was definitely intrigued by him.

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Luca Lively
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