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 Of Swag and Boy Bands.

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Carter Kensington


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PostSubject: Of Swag and Boy Bands.   Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:00 am

I hope you enjoy this! I haven't read over it so prepare for mistakes <3 This is why I was listening to Justin Bieber by the wayyy heheh I heard this song on my iPod the other day and for some reason I couldn't stop picturing Carter doing thisss ><

Misery glanced at his lover with one eyebrow cocked upwards ever so slightly as he took the DVD from Carter’s hand.
“Happy five year anniversary.” Carter smiled brightly.
“Should I be scared to watch this?” Misery smirked softly, twirling the disc around his finger. “Oh is it a porno I didn’t know you filmed? That’d be amazing.” He winked.
“Watch and find out.” Carter chuckled, kissing the boy’s forehead and moving to exit the room, leaving Misery on their bed.
“Wait! You’re not going to watch it with me?” Misery questioned, frowning at his lover.
“Hell no. It’s… embarrassing.” A light blush rose to the man’s cheeks.
“Oh hell, now I’m really excited to watch it.” A Cheshire grin spread onto Misery’s features as he popped the disc into their DVD player, hooked up to the flat screen TV on the wall, watching as words came onto the screen.
First of all, happy anniversary! <3 I wanted to get you a present but I could buy you the world’s most expensive piece of jewelry and it wouldn’t mean anything to you. So I wanted to give you something I made myself instead. So here you go. I wrote this myself. Don’t laugh at me. Love, Carter.”
And then the words faded out, the beat to a song beginning in the background, slowly getting louder. It was a dark room, sort of looked like Carter’s parents mansion actually. He could see Carter’s silhouette, back facing him. When the music was loud enough, a voice began in a husky whisper that Misery recognized as Carter’s.
“If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go
I can take you places you ain't never been before
Baby, take a chance or you’ll never ever know
I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow.” An amused smirk was on Misery’s face as he watched his lover on the screen. The lights slowly got a bit brighter, showing that Carter was flanked by about ten men. Backup dancers. Of course Carter couldn’t just sing a simple song for Misery. Leave it to Carter to make it into an entire music video.
“Swag, swag, swag, on you
Chillin' by the fire while we’re eatin’ fondue
I don't know about me but I know about you
So say hello to falsetto in three, two, swag.” At this point, where he would have said the number one, Carter spun around to face the camera, his voice getting higher, no longer a whisper as he sang, pointing directly at Misery.
“I’d like to be everything you want
Hey boy, let me talk to you.
If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go
Keep you on my arm boy, you’d never be alone
I can be a gentleman, anything you want
If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go, I’d never let you go.” Carter finished the chorus, going back to the husky voice.
“Tell me what you like, yeah tell me what you don’t
I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe
I don’t ever wanna fight yeah, you already know
Imma make you shine bright like you’re laying in the snow
Boyfriend, boyfriend, you could be my boyfriend
You could be my boyfriend until the w-w-world ends
Make you dance do a spin and a twirl and
Voice goin crazy on this hook like a whirlwind.”
Carter continued the song, as pictures of him and Misery flashed across the screen, just like an actual music video. He finished the song off with him dancing with the backup dancers, complete with typical boy band moves, of course.
Misery tucked his lower lip in between his lip to keep from giggling at his lover as the video faded out with Carter pointing at him again.
“Carter!” He called and seconds later, the man’s head nervously popped into the doorway.
“Is it over?”
“Mhm.” Misery hummed, standing and tugging his lover over to the bed by his tie, pulling him down on top of him.
“And what’d you think?”
“I think that was the most ridiculous, atrocious waste of money I’ve ever seen.” Misery began. Carter opened his mouth to interrupt but before he could, Misery finished. “And I loved every second of it.” He leaned up to peck the man’s lips deeply.
“Of course.” Misery nodded, his arms snaking around the man’s waist.
It was stupid, tacky, cliché and many other terms, but it was the most thoughtful gift Carter had ever given him and he’d adored it, even though he was totally never going to let Carter live this down. He’d make fun of him mercilessly every chance he got.
“I’m so glad you liked it.” Carter beamed proudly.
“I loved it.” Misery corrected, slipping off his lover’s shirt, pressing kisses down his chest.
Carter grinned as he saw where Misery was going, leaning in to nibble on Misery’s neck softly.
Misery purred softly as he straddled Carter’s waist.
“Oh, before we do this, there’s one more thing I should tell you.”
“Yeah?” Carter inquired, an eyebrow arched.
“If you ever say the word swag again we are SO over.” Misery shook his head as if disappointed as Carter blushed.
“I was trying to be hip!”
“You sound like an old man.” Misery snickered softly.
“I have so much swag you can’t even handle it.”
“You, my love, are the opposite of swag.” Misery clicked his tongue at the man.
“Say I have swag or you’re not getting laid.” Carter whined softly in Misery’s ear, his tongue tracing the boy’s lobe.
“Oh fine.” Misery rolled his eyes, a teasing smile on his lips. “You are just dripping with swag, babe. Why else do you think I’ve stayed with you this long? I need someone with enough swag to keep up with me.” He winked.
“Much better.” Carter kissed the boy passionately, fingers combing through his hair.
So maybe he didn’t have swag, but he must be doing something right to have this amazing man by his side.
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Of Swag and Boy Bands.
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